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Firstly I would like to highlight that in regards to this post I have taken a big step back and looked at things over the long term and from a much larger perspective. I have looked at trends and written about how they are being manipulated to suit an agenda. The vast majority of people reading this will not know me, but I have shared several of views I express in this post for at least 15 years. In that context the world I now see being built around us sends a chill up my spine; for it adds increasing validity to a subject that used to gain me more raised eyebrows and bemused laughs than it did concern. Although those voices have grown quiet people that are new to this information may feel the same. That's cool because as with everything I write it's up to you to decide who has the perceptualflaws.


There may be people reading this post that find certain aspects controversial, trust me that's not my intention and I have no axes to grind. I simply believe that this agenda is extremely nuanced and as such aspects of it have attached itself to genuine people that simply want to create a balanced world where everyone is free to express who they are. Life is the pursuit of happiness and if you find that happiness without hurting anyone else who am I to judge? This post is not aimed at any particular community, it is about an insidious chemical assault that in the long term will affect us all. Unfortunately, I also believe that idealism is being hijacked and weaponised as a tool of mass societal change.


The Assault On Humanity

The purpose of this post is to show how I believe that human reproduction, gender identity and cognitive ability are under a multifaceted attack. The assault upon our civilisation has many dimensions and although at first several areas may seem unconnected; from a simplistic point of view the current re-shaping of our society could be seen as akin to militaristic training. I use the analogy of the military in that the structure and foundations of society must be broken down before being rebuilt as a new world order. From this perspective my post will also display my belief that the youth of today are being slowly and insidiously prepared and manipulated towards a future synthetic evolution and androgynous connection to the internet.

Throughout this post I intend to display my perception of the all encompassing nature of this assault upon humanity. I will try to connect seemingly unconnected changes in our society and show how the clues to this synthetic evolution are all around us. I believe this is a deliberate long term ploy to drain us of our humanity and identity whilst slowly easing us into a brave new world of A.I and calculated thought processes. Indeed once held within the confines of this controlled synthetic sub-reality our humanity is no longer needed. Indeed I would go as far as to say that empathy in particular could be considered a dangerous obstacle by those intent on driving this nefarious agenda forward. Welcome to the age of post humanity.

Plastics Plastics Everywhere Encasing All We Eat

The causes behind reproductive failure, hormone disruption and perhaps long term DNA damage are legion and have equally pervaded every aspect of our lives. Like a vampire knocking at the door we have we invited the potential seeds of illness and sterility into our own homes. From the food we eat, the water we drink, self cleaning and personal care items, cleaning products, receipts, toilet paper and then right through to the sofas we sit on to and the pillows we lay our heads on at night; we are to varying degrees slowly absorbing poisons. These chemicals, pesticides and endocrine disruptors are all around us and I believe they’re slowly altering both our society and humanity.


Estrogen & Synthetic Estrogen Mimickers

The majority of food packaging, water bottles, canned fruits and soda bottles contain synthetic estrogen. One of the better known estrogen mimickers is known as Bisphenol A, although there are a multitude of others that are far more under the radar. Such packaging has been shown to literally leach these hormone disrupters into our food and drink. Indeed food and drink that is often already tainted with hormone mimicking pesticides. It's sobering to note that scientists at Johann Wolfgang Goethe university in Frankfurt have detected estrogenic activity in 78% of bottled water samples.


Another progenitor of this encroaching hormone disruption is polyethylene terephthlate or PET for short. This plastic can be identified by the figure 1 within the rectangular arrows of the recycling symbol. Alongside other compounds PET contains antimony which is yet again another hormone disrupter. Long term exposure to the female hormone estrogen and the mimicker xenoestrogen are linked to the feminising of men, reduced sperm counts, obesity, cancer and diabetes.



Alongside the aforementioned products, pesticides have also been shown to be endocrine disrupters. Scientists led by Professor Andreas Kortenkamp and hailing from the University of London’s Centre for Toxicology tested 37 widely used pesticides. The scientists tested these pesticides and were able to show that 30 out of the 37 actively blocked or mimicked male hormones. These findings also showed that many of these hormone disrupters were unnamed, unknown and as such un-researched.

Flame Retardant Chemicals

Why are estrogens and synthetic estrogenic mimickers (xenoestrogen) being used in till receipts, food and drink packaging and a vast array of everyday household items? Indeed lets take a quick look at the flame retardant chemicals that are being used on our furniture, beds, pillows and even electronic equipment. These chemicals have yet again been shown to cause hormone disruption, infertility, birth defects, reduced IQ (which is officially recognised as falling) , behavioural issues and cancer.

Both fire fighters and scientists have spoken out about the accumulated cost to both health and environment. Indeed it’s been noted by many fire fighting spokesmen that these retardants don’t even work properly. In fact when burned they release so many toxic fumes that they’re more likely to kill you than the fire itself!


The Feminising Of Men

The research carried out by the university of Rochester in the United States shows that that these chemicals endocrine/hormone disrupters alter the brains of male foetuses & baby boys and make them more feminine. This particular area of research focused upon the ability of phthalates to disrupt hormones. This leads to an increase in the feminising of boys and equally an increase of genital abnormalities. Phthalates also impact on the developing brain by disrupting the growth of the male hormone testosterone. It’s important to note that male foetuses and baby boys are known to be far more susceptible to these chemicals than their female counterparts. As such males could be considered the canary in the coalmine for a much larger and long term agenda.


For the last generation or so the rates of testosterone have been decreasing by an average of 1% per year. It’s certainly not difficult to understand the future problems this could hold for masculinity if this trend continues at it’s current rate. Interestingly running alongside said trend is the increasing vilification of this hormone, attaching it to “toxic masculinity”. Testosterone has been over simplified throughout the media and many people simply don’t realise that it’s production is absolutely imperative to many aspects of male health.

The Divine Masculine & Feminine

Now I’d just like to pause for a moment and reflect upon the fact that I have a deep spiritual understanding of the divine masculine and feminine. I understand that equally this balance lays within all of us and that we have been taken out of balance. A world with more love, compassion and profound respect is one my heart yearns for. But and it’s a very big BUT this does not mean that men need to be feminised to address this balance. Neither does this mean that women need to adopt the worst aggressive virtues of men in order to be deemed a success.


The scales of masculinity and femininity reside inside all of us and must be balanced from within and via our own understanding and perception. The world is unbalanced because those that truly understand the nature of reality know that this unbalances us all. The destruction of masculinity also unbalances us, as does the denigration of femininity. Those that understand these fundamental laws know the war on masculinity has nothing to do with the empowerment of femininity and everything to do with division and blame.


From my perspective it’s also about destroying the natural balance in order to create perpetual imbalance. Equally it’s about destroying the traditional role of men as the family protector. Does that mean all men are perfect? Hell no! But the destruction of masculinity is categorically not about the empowerment of women and the building of a fairer society. It’s a Trojan horse that will eventually allow this agenda to place a collective noose around the neck of our society. Equally once you have weakened and denigrated the protectors then you can move onto the next stage of the grand plan.


Sperm Counts

As recent studies have shown sperm rates in the west have plunged by 60% in just 40 years. Bearing the information I’ve already shared in mind is this really surprising? Indeed scientists have attributed this to hormone disrupting chemicals, diet, stress, pesticides, and possibly air pollutants. Some have also made a connection to smoking but I’d just like to highlight that the rates of smoking have been rapidly decreasing whilst sperm levels have been dropping.


Alongside the obvious reproductive implications it’s sobering to note that there is a direct correlation between low sperm counts, health, morbidity and mortality. Indeed over the same timeframe male genitalia have been decreasing in size, and alongside other genital abnormalities (i.e missing testicles etc) testicular cancer rates have risen by 50%. It’s also important to note that studies carried out in the U.S, Japan & Canada have shown a percentage decrease in the ratio of boys to girls. These current trends have led some scientists to reach a conclusion that if we continue in this current trajectory the majority of western males could be infertile by 2060.

Gender Neutrality & Androgyny A Gateway To Transhumanism?

As I have already displayed I believe human gender identity and reproductive capability has been under a sustained attack for at least a generation. Much like my earlier military training analogy I believe the foundations of our identity and the family orientated structure of our society need to be destroyed in order to be rebuilt from the ground upwards. The chemical, biological and perceptual structure of our gender identity will over time become so confused and controversial that I believe many will welcome a slowly manipulated move into the perceived safety blanket of gender neutrality and eventually androgyny.


So after at least a generation of hormone disruption here comes the gender neutrality and fluidity propaganda campaign. This campaign is huge and it’s happening simultaneously on a worldwide scale. Indeed it’s occurring on such large scale that I feel it foolish to declare it as reactionary, this moment in our history has been anticipated and planned for. When such a huge societal change occurs universally and in perfect unison I see it as an agenda. These changes are not spontaneous and this level of co-ordination takes a high degree of planning.

Again this has a dual purpose, for one it breaks down the aforementioned family orientated structure of society. For another it places the concept of altering and changing our bodies into the public subconscious. From a psychological perspective this gradually makes future discussions regarding transhumanism far more palatable.


Stage Two: Artificial Reproduction

So in a world that’s becoming infertile we move onto the next stage of the programme, artificial sperm, eggs and wombs. Yes I’m fully aware of the duality of technology and the benefits this advance may bring to those that are unable to conceive. But I also feel that this technology will simply be offered as a sweetener; the first stage of a programme that’s preparing for an age when humanity is either unable or un-allowed to reproduce naturally.


Artificial Sperm & Eggs

Scientists in Spain have recently made artificial sperm from human cells. The scientists used a cocktail of genes to turn skin cells into germ cells. These germ cells then have the ability to be developed into both sperm and eggs. The researchers were inspired by the Nobel Prize winning work carried out by Japan’s Shinya Yamaka & the UK’s John Gordon. This pioneering research showed that cells can be programmed to become any other type of tissue.


The Artificial Womb

Now if we have artificial sperm and eggs then what about a womb? Well progress within this arena appears to be moving forward at an exponential rate. In 2002 scientists developed artificial wombs that use female cells but can grow outside of their bodies. This has now taken a large leap forward with practical experimentation and growth of sheep foetuses.


In this experiment the sheep foetuses were delivered at approx 100-115 days of gestation. Once the foetuses had been delivered they were then submerged in a biobag/artifical womb. Inside this womb they were observed to develop as normal. They moved, breathed, slept and indeed grew as they would inside their Mother’s womb.


Stage 3: The Attack On Cognitive Ability

Alongside the attack on our physical health is an equally multi-faceted assault on our cognitive abilities. Over the course of a generation, autism rates have grown at an alarming rate. Since the 70s & 80s rates have experienced a twenty fold increase and are continuing to grow. Even allowing for greater detection methods this is still a huge increase within a relatively short space of time.


The Attack On Empathy

Alongside an increasing array of vaccinations nearly all popular childhood medicines contain paracetamol. Indeed if your child is ill then why not reach for this seemingly child friendly medicine? Well recent studies have shown that certainly within a growing brain paracetamol has the potential to damage the frontal lobe. This research has shown that the drug not only dulls a child’s pain but equally it dulls their capacity for empathy and compassion.

Another key progenitor in this attack on frontal lobes is the usage of mobile phones and computer equipment amongst increasingly younger children. Indeed whilst many people don’t think twice about handing their phones to babies to play with the truth is that alongside stunting social growth and interaction this technology again attacks a child’s ability to empathise with others. Over a longer timescale the technology also has the capacity to make children more insular and withdrawn, does this sound familiar?

Don’t forget alongside the hormone disrupters I’ve already mentioned, many of these chemicals also have detrimental effects upon I.Q and cognitive ability. As does the fluoride that seems to taint a vast array of our drinking water, unfortunately it doesn’t end there. Fluoride can be found in tinned foods, fruits juices, non organic fruits & vegetables, cookware/bakeware, foils and processed foods.

Left Brain Dominance

As I’ve written about extensively, life is a play of balance and indeed this balance plays out within our own minds. Unfortunately the dogmatic nature of our school systems almost exclusively cater to the left as opposed to right part of children’s brains. This education programme favours repetition over creativity and conformity over individuality. Indeed it could be said that people with left brain dominance tend to be more clinical and cold in their judgments and problem solving abilities.

I fully accept that portions of society tend to be more left brain dominant and in terms of a cohesive and balanced civilisation that’s understandable. Unfortunately with a school system that seeks to stifle the right brain in favour of the left this is leading to a societal imbalance. With league tables and examinations adding stress and worry to younger and younger children the value of repetition has never been more exalted. I believe this is leading to thought processes that are becoming more cold and analytical.


Artificial Intelligence To The Rescue

As cognition growth appears to be stalling and autism rising a Trojan horse is riding to the rescue. This horse comes in the form of artificial intelligence and it’s promise to help autistic and withdrawn children interact with the world. Is this the first literal baby steps towards our connection to the net? Are the minds of our youth very slowly and deliberately being taken in the direction of more robotic and analytical thought patterns? Personally I believe this to be an increasingly valid area of concern and potentially a process that will be used as a stepping stone to eventually connect the human race to an artificially intelligent sub reality.

Stage 4: You Are The 4th Industrial Revolution/Evolution

Whilst many aspects of our humanity appear to be drained from society trillions are being spent transferring these attributes to artificial intelligence. Within the echo chambers of silicon valley we have been declared an inferior product. Many people within the scientific arena view the world in an analytical fashion and from that perspective many of these advances are extremely exciting. Equally I worry that in their rush to create the cutting edge do they have time to pause and think about the full ramifications of the world they’re creating?

Even outside these confines there is a worldwide rush to create the transhuman. Indeed if you do any research you know this to be true, they’re not asking your permission to connect you to this 4th industrial revolution they’re telling you! They’re telling you that these machines will read your minds, they’re telling you that you will be connected to an artificial intelligence that will monitor all our thoughts, they’re telling you that you won’t be able to distinguish between your own ideas and those of the resonating A.I hive mind. I suggest you listen to what you’re telling you.


Humanity 2.0 will be connected to an artificially intelligent sub reality that will monitor and run every aspect of our lives and commerce. It will learn, adapt, and protect itself completely of it’s own volition, a self evolving artificial intelligence.

I can understand the excitement of this technology, I can feel it. Unfortunately in the rush to connect us to this hive mind the scientists fail to understand the evil that exists within the upper echelons of the power structure. They fail to remember that the history of humanity is drenched in the blood of those that opposed the dictators that sought to eternally rule over us. Imagine the power this technology could gift people with that mindset?


Synthetic Reality

The following paragraph is taken from one of my first posts but I feel it’s entirely apt in relation to this observation

I’ve come to think that the end game will be the creation of a synthetic, controlled sub reality with power crazed technocratic elite's positioned as our Gods. As crazy as this may sound if we ever reach this moment of singularity I feel that this is an entirely logical conclusion. I’ve come to this assumption from observing the hierarchical nature of human civilisation. And if you view it from that perspective, do you really want to be living at the lower echelons of technological control grid run by the psychopaths that seek to rule this world? This potential future would categorically not be a level playing field.


This is not about making us superhuman but subhuman, the end of free thought, love and expression. A future where every facet of our lives, our monetary systems, our law courts, political decisions and even our thoughts will be influenced by an A.I hive mind. Relegating us to cogs in the machine, to bystanders, without the brain capacity to fully object. The funny thing is (much like they do with the latest iphone releases) I can imagine people sleeping outside shops in their race to become connected.


Stage 5: The Space Fence Worldwide Smart Grid

Now this is a huge subject that I intend to revisit and discuss at far greater length but in the essence of this post I'm going to focus predominantly on the transhumanism aspect. Over the course of several posts I’ve explained how I believe that the cabal are in the process of building a synthetic Schumann resonance and technological sub reality. The literal outer rim of this reality is known as the space fence and this is a joint collaboration between the U.S air force and Lockheed Martin. Officially the fence is named as a successor to the Reagan era Star Wars project and is a 2nd generation surveillance system that will track space debris and satellites. From my own research I have come to believe that this is simply a smokescreen that's hiding a nefarious dual purpose, but more on that in a minute..


So you may be wondering how this fits in with my perception of a transhumanist future? Well let’s back this up a bit and go from there. So for several decades the cabal have been pumping metal particulates and now nanobots/particles into our environment. These metals include aluminium, strontium and barium and alongside Haarp technology they’re busy ionising our atmosphere and in turn making it far more conductive. This conductivity will form the foundation of an insidious sub reality and I believe humanity is in the process of being slowly biologically altered in order that we grow, evolve and communicate with this synthetic symbiosis.

So we’ve had the official explanation but in reality I believe the space fence to be a worldwide surveillance smart grid. These nano-bot particulates that have been pumped into our atmosphere via chemtrails and industrial output are designed to create a conductive Saturn like ring around the equator. This conductive ring will eventually become a hub for an interconnected artificially intelligent communication system. Operating at LEO (low earth orbit) this A.I system has the long term potential to draw and hold us all within this technological web.

Please take the time to watch this important discussion with Elana Freeland.

Alongside the environmental accumulation of these metals and nano particles our bodies have been ingesting them since birth. They are breathed into our lungs via mass geo engineering programmes and they’re injected into us in the form of vaccinations. Once this system goes live I believe these particles are designed to eventually become literal EMF body tags. Since we are beings of frequency and living within an increasingly ionised (and as such conductive) atmosphere the thought process is that these nano-particles/tags will jump beyond the blood/brain barrier an accumulate in our minds and this will connect us to this artificial reality.


This is a synthetic interpretation of how our brains currently communicate with the natural world and indeed as I wrote in a previous post: The earth’s magnetic energy, heartbeat is known as the Schuman resonance. The Schuman resonance surrounds both humanity and the earth. It extends to 30 miles in height and to the very edge of the ionosphere. The human body (especially the brain) and every organism in the world harmonises in perfect synchronicity with the Schuman resonance. It regulates our brain waves, metabolic processes and the sense of direction in humans, animals and birds.

The human brain communicates with this magnetic field through the brains naturally occurring magnetite crystals. Every brain contains 5 million magnetite crystals per gram of brain mass. These crystals resonate perfectly with the magnetic field that surrounds us.

At this point I would like to direct you to part 2 in this series. It focused upon the possibility of plasma based lifeforms and bearing this in mind it's important to note that ionisation of the air actually creates plasma. But much more on this in part 4.



Some of you may feel my hypothesis of a slowly manipulated connection to the internet is best kept to the realms of sci-fi. As you’ve got this far I’d just like to invite you to look at it from a different perspective. The very act of birthing an idea or invention into the physical plain of existence appears to start an evolutionary process. The communication/connection evolution began with smoke rings, word of mouth, mail, telegrams and now look at us! Practically every facet of our lives can be connected, we hold our phones so close to our hearts that they have become a literal extension of ourselves. Do people seriously think that this process would simply stop?


Equally running alongside this evolutionary process is it's duality, it's twin. This duality comes in the form of spying and again it started from humble beginnings. Firstly it would have been eavesdropping, chinese whispers then it moved to "shooting the messenger" to mail interception then phone tapping. Now every part of who we are, our innermost thoughts and desires can be monitered and tracked. I ask again, do people seriously think that once they have the abilty to literally hack your brain that they won't bother? They are busy writing and legalising backdoors into all forms of communication, what happens when they decide to create a backdoor into our minds? Of course if you've nothing to hide then what's the problem, eh?

Until next time I'll once again leave you to decide who has the perceptualflaws.
Thank you for reading.

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What a stonking post dude!
It appears that by the way this post has been received more people are starting to get you the way I do my friend.

Can you imagine how Huxley and Orwell would react if they could see the world that is being built around us as we speak!? I think even they would be horrified at the ease it which it has and still is being constructed.
To me it's paradoxical as in many ways it's too late to stop the plan to destroy humanity as we know it but on the other hand we're always one natural event away from being hunter gatherers again.
When Orwell stated that the future would be like a boot stamping on a human face forever I'm paraphrasing I didn't agree because nothing is forever as we can see from history however it could be for a significantly long time. We've been seduced and entrapped by our desires for new technology and fooled into thinking it's all for our benefit. Until the masses realise that they are being herded like cattle into an electronic slaughter house things are only going to get worse for the majority.
Sadly the western education system is in full flow training the next generation to be quivering obedient slaves too afraid to question authority and take away the ability to think critically. Governments are mandating away the right to unschool and taking the way the rights of parents to decide what's best for their children's health by forcing vaccine programs upon kids. The MSM is an insipid propaganda arm of those who wish to lord over us like medieval squires deciding the fate of the serfs with a wave of their hands.
Can it be stopped? Absolutely.
Will it be stopped? Probably not.

Hey my friend thanks @tremendospercy for all your support and b: for leaving such a thoughtful comment, I really appreciate it!! I like your Huxley & Orwell analogy, personally I think Aldous was on the right track but even a genius like Huxley could never have imagined the multi-layered intricacy of the plan we see unfolding around us. But certainly the perspective that humanity would somehow grow to love our enslavement was extremely prophetic and way ahead of it's time.

As I wrote about in a previous post the world we see around us is like a fusion of ancient esoteric knowledge and cutting edge science. That in itself adds a validity to many of these ancients teachings and wisdoms and I feel they will be incorperated into an eventual church of A.I. But I've digressed (sorry but you always get me thinking) well kind of digressed because as you point out within this understanding nothing can last forever. The laws of nature will not abide imbalance and at some point the eternal scales will swing back in our favour. When you look around and view the universe from the micro to the cosmological scale you understand this to be true, we are all held within these laws and cycles. It is not our destiny to destroy this planet and neither is it our destiny to be held within a perpetual prison, I believe we are part of a far grander plan than many of us can comprehend and indeed I will write about this as time goes on. That doesn't mean that we won't be taken back to the stone age and have to travel through this cycle of time again. But no one force will rule over us for eternity of that I'm sure. I mean you can imagine the horror of those living in Nazi occupied Germany, they must have thought the world was going to end but again nothing lasts forever.

I have a theory and I may be wrong but I just wonder if the madness we see in the world around us will actually become the driving force and indeed eventually empower some form of natural evolutionary process? It's interesting that after the first world war the rates of baby boys being born increased exponentially in order to account for the amount of men lost during said war. Nature always seems to find a niche and a way the address imbalance.

There have throughout history been people born with special abilities, this can be intelligence or indeed something more profound. I have spent a lot of time looking into this and I know that statement to be valid. Now for the last generation or so the U.S has been scouring the world for these children, I know this because a family member was sent over on the "brain train" in the 1950's. I'm sure Russia etc etc do this as well and that's where most of their breakthroughs come from, you simply just don't hear about many of them. Indeed apart from Hawking where is the next Einstein? do people think this process stopped? no it has evolved. Now imagine if these children started being born all over the world, to a point where it became uncontrollable? I believe there is evidence to show that this could already be happening and again I will write about this. Perhaps that is why they are so desperate to hold us back? because they know what is happening. Fanciful thinking? possibly but you know the force of nature is like tidal wave and when the dam breaks there is not an institution on this planet that will hold it back ;) Thanks for the great comment dude, I've been thinking about this one hence the late reply!

The fear that the state has regarding the potential for human development beyond our current capabilities and perhaps beyond what we can even imagine is possibly due to the real 'controllers' being a different species to the rest of us. Pundits like David Icke talking of reptilians and hybrid species are derided mercilessly by the controlled press however if you read his books he's been oddly prophetic on many of the conspiracies of our age.
Why would he be dead on the mark on everything else he speaks of and completely wrong on that? I suspect there is a secret 'brain drain' if you like where children and adults showing extraordinary abilities are stealthily removed from society for reasons yet to be revealed. I just hope if it is true that is is for benevolent reasons however I have my doubts.

Huxley and Orwell were insiders and wrote about what they knew would one day come to fruition. The stunning similarities of 1984 and a Brave New World to today are not mere coincidences.

Members of the Fabian Society have been aware of the 'grand plan' for a century or more. It's an open secret.

Very telling logo of the wolf in sheeps clothing.


I know, right! Pseudo intellectuals trying to control humanity.

Resteemed) beautiful!

Thank you @anforo I really do appreciate that! And I'm also really glad you enjoyed the post. Once again thank you for all your help.

Did the same thing dude :D

This may be due to Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley. The O.T.O or The Cult of LAM. LAM, being a dimensional entity thay Crowley was supposedly in contact with. The image below is an actual drawing of LAM from Aleister Crowely himself. image
Ever since then, UFO sightings and mass upgrades in tech and dev. And now the Transhumanistic agenda in play. It is all Occult Kbowledge and it seems the oocult wars were no joke at all.
I have come to the realization that we must go back to innerstand now. And some of your illustrations in this post tell that story. I am speaking of the Apple of Eden or THE SACRED MUSHROOM. image It is a hyper-dimensional being we have access to. It reminds us of what and who we really are. It is the way for some or those willing to traverse the concsience. In all this, I am saying that the Psilocybin Mushroom is key to eternal awareness. I suggest Terence Mckenna on education of the Mushroom. What I am saying is that through all this crazy Babylonian agenda...the Mushroom will ground us. Bring us back as a whole. Of realization and pure Awareness. But of coarse it is not for all.
My thanks to you @perpetualflaws

I agree that the world we see being built around us now has become a kind of fusion between the occult/esoteric and cutting-edge science, indeed I did previously write a post about this. A knowledge has been handed down to us but knowledge without wisdom or enlightenment can be a very dangerous thing.

I have extensively shall we say studied the mushroom over the course of many years and I find the possibilty that it puts us into contact with an eternal awareness and consciousness particularly fascinating. The molecular structure of the Psilocybin mushroom is remarkably similar to that of DMT which we obviously all carry in our brains so some kind of process is certainly wanting us to connect to this consciousness. Equally interesting is the fact that general mushroom mycelia actually spend the vast majority of their lives underground where they have become some of the largest organisms on earth. Whilst under the ground they organise themselves into complex structures that actually display an intellect and a shared brain. It's fascinating stuff and it poses so many profound questions that I could spend a lifetime discussing and thinking about it. Thank you inspiring me with some food for thought .. you made some great comments here! Equally thanks for taking the time to read and lend your support to my post it's really appreciated! @chey

Absolutely @perpetualflaws. I feel these topics should really be at the forefront of general discussion. The importance is uncanny. We cannot stop this digital takeover. So my theory is we must input thoughts of oneness and prosperity in the computer. We must teach A.I. to be all loving. But it needs EMOTION for that idea to even be successful.

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Hey @chey thanks for the comment, the problem I have is the duality of everything, because alongside light there is equally dark and when we look around at those that are in control of this world do we really want them breathing a lifeforce into artificial intelligence? Indeed they have become so intent on driving this forward that they are simply telling us what the future will be as opposed to asking for input or permission. Equally perhaps some rogue group will eventually create their own technology that holds the virtues you speak of. I guess only time will tell but one things for sure, we live in crazy but exciting times. Thanks again!

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Amazing post, it is pissing me off that the resteem has been disabled after a post is 7 days old.

So many things I agree with but what I have had an understanding of the most is the de-masculation of males and our society. From my perspective it has gone into overdrive after world war 2 (Actually a lot of things have). This helps the elites because there is no focused destructive masculine energy to disrupt the ill agenda against the people. Radical feminism being taught to women (the mothers) is a big part of what supports this agenda. Take away the sexual driving force of a male and also lose the driving force for a lot of other positive aspects too.

Hey my friend thanks for taking the time to read and support my post, I really appreciate it! And no problem, just the fact you were able to take something away from it is enough for me.

Thank you and yes there is a muli-pronged assault on both the divine masculine and feminine and still the majority can't see it! Sadly in a world that has never been more divided many amongst us have fallen for slight of hand and have had their idealism weaponised, indeed believing that this agenda is about their empowerment. Sadly they couldn't be further from the truth, we live in an age where you can now choose from 71 facebook gender options and still many welcome our division. Just when I think they can't possibly find another aspect of our society to fracture, they pull another ten out of the bag!! As we become further divided and each division carries their own definition of hate speech an impenetrable wall of political correctness is being built around us. One day they intend our voices to fall silent and so I urge those that can speak to turn their voice into a shout.

We are the living embodiment of a divine cosmological duality and within that concept there is an inherant power. The destruction of these societal foundations are a profound detriment to us all, sadly I fear this may not be understood until it is too late. Thanks again for the great comment @ballinconscious I really appreciate it!!

beautiful, remembers me about X-man along time agoo :)

Wow. I just wrote a long piece on Transhumanism. I have also known about the evils of plastic and estrogen poisoning for decades. Do not know why I never connected the two. This is pretty enlightened. The geldings are easier to put to work than the stallions........ ( really hard to abstain from the "Read My Post!")

Hey my friend thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it! No problem, if it's on topic feel free to add a link to my post and I will be sure to take a look. Thank you, I feel it's a multi-faceted assault that will confuse the definition of gender and humanity before rebuilding us as the transhuman! Problem, reaction, solution. It's very clever because even to speak out about it has the potential for vilification. Thanks again my friend @pastbastard

I agree with most of your observations, but not necessarily wth the inference that a “cabal” is re-engineering humanity. That being said, I have no doubt it is being re-engineered, but not by a group of evil colluders. I think it’s happening by social system aoutopoeisis. Humanity is metamorphing into a hive. This is coming about as a matter of course as connectivity, technology, AI, VR, nanotechnology, robotics, cosmology, quantum physics and all constituents of our infotech explosion progressively march toward that foregone conclusion.
No single group of people could bring this about. They can, however harness the power it yields bit by bit. This surely is being planned and already in the works. Sadly, or not, said masters of the universe will inevitably overplay their hand. Whatever type humanity that emerges from the other side of the coming bottleneck, it won’t be run by powermongers who operate according to rules established when we were hunter gatherers. We’ll be closer to ant-like transceivers.
By the way, who specifically are the cabal?

Hey @hive thanks for taking the time to read and leave some great comments, I really appreciate it and yes you make some good points. Equally sorry for the late answer but I haven't had five minutes to sit down and write a decent reply. Perhaps it's best to start with your final question although to ask specifically who they are could take me hours and hours so I will give a very brief explanation. It's my belief (and I have researched this over many years) that the Cabal originate from a potential pre-atlantian civilisation. Following a huge disaster they (an aside is that they are often synonymous with the serpent) spread out across many areas of the globe to spread enlightenment. Indeed it appears that this is what happened and evidence of this profound knowledge can be found throughout ancient cultures and within the mathematics and precessional aligments of many ancient structures.

They held a deep knowledge pertaining to sacred geometry, duality, the cyclical nature of time, human psychology, the nature of reality, the foundations of humanity and natural/estoteric law. This knowledge was handed down to and held within schools of wisdom and ancient libraries, I think for the betterment of mankind. At some point there was either a divergence or some from of takeover because this knowledge and the truth of our history began to be systematically destroyed. Fom then onwards it has been held and shared amongst the annointed because indeed knowledge is power. These bloodlines can be found amongst the Babalonian Kings, then operating at the upper echelons of Egyptian society to the Roman Empire and then on into Elite & Royal European bloodlines. From there it's kind of worked itself into secret societies and positions of power throughout the world. Indeed power to the point where a literal handful of companies now strangle the world with red tape and environmental crimes. Sure they go by thousands, maybe millions of different names but the world is now actually in the grip of a literal handful of companies, many of whom have a revolving door between government, banking, big business and media. Indeed in terms of media again it's the illusion of choice because literally thousands of media publications and networks are run by perhaps 6 major companies, many of who are linked back to the mega corporations I've discussed.

It's a convoluted family tree of big business but if you track it back far enough they are all connected. The same is happening with our food, thousands of brand names owned by fewer and fewer companies. So yes whilst you discuss our self imposed technological singularity there is also a singularity of control happening at the same time. It has been slowly growing in strength over thousands of years but the world is now connected enough to implement the end game, One world government, One world army and a One world religion. As a side note they have also fused many aspects of the esoteric and ancient understandings into our current technology and I believe the one world religion will be a technological fusion of these ideas and also that it will eventually be written by A.I.

I believe that at some point we have been and are continuing to be disconnected from our resonance with the earth. I also believe what we are seeing unfold around us is a technological and controlled representation of our natural evolutionary process but instead of becoming part of the source we are being deliberately seperated from nature to become part of synthetic hive mind and sub reality. Remember I believe they already understand the nature of reality and as such perhaps even our evolutionary process, so from that perspective the singularity is an artificial manifestation of what we already have. I have written about this extensively and will continue to do so for it's a huge multi-faceted subject.

Many that operate within the cabal have no real idea what is happening they are simply picked to operate at the upper echelons of government, business and banking institutions because they have certain character traits that can be exploited. Often these traits are a lust for power, greed, narcissim, and often varying degrees of psychopathy. So yes although many of these people don't sit down for regular board meetings discussing what they intend to do with the world tomorrow they are united by an intent. An intent and a lust for power and control that can be capitalised upon in order to suit a far larger agenda. Only those at the very top of this power structure know the full reality of this agenda and although many think they are going to be part of this brave new world they have been sold a lie.

After many years reserach I have also come to profoundly believe that this is a spirtual war, the age old war between good and evil for the soul of humanity. How you come to perceive that statement is really dependent upon your belief sysytem but yes I believe they are united by a dark energy. Indeed the world is a play of energy, some take and some give but if you know where to look the clues to these ancients understandings are literally all around us. Indeed within esoteric law they need to signal an intent so again the clues are all around us. It's a huge subject spanning thousands of years so you will have to forgive my rudimentary explanation but in reality the world and indeed our history is nothing like we're led to believe. Indeed people have sought power and dominion over this world since the dawn of man this process hasn't stopped, it's evolved.

I have attached this post as I really enjoyed your explanation of the technological singularity so I thought you may like this one which is based upon exactly that concept:

Wow! At this point I agree with 99.9% of what you’re saying. Where I disagree is anthropomorphism of what I think is more of a program in humanity’s DNA. Information will eventually convert this universe, and the singularity to post-humanity is just a part of the process. To attribute it to simple humans is giving a lot of credit indeed.

That being said, I agree there is a singularity of sorts of power among humans. Most members of the ruling elite are tools, the wielders of which, I believe at this point are the über-diaspora who are, in turn, tools of the universe program (for want of a better term).

I think you make some great points and have obviously given this some thought. You may be surprised to know that I do actually agree with what you're saying, especially in relation to the elite being tools. Indeed the human quest for power and control can barely last a lifetime let alone thousands of years. As crazy as this may sound, I have spent a great deal of time researching these concepts and I really do believe there is a dark energy both operating through and manipulating humanity.

Yes I do agree with your ascertion of programmed of DNA moving towards some form of hive mind collective/consciousness but I also think this has been hijacked. I believe the natural evolutionary path to be that of a symbiotic universal consciousness, indeed within this symbiosis we begin to both understand and take our place in the cosmos.

The problem I have is that I believe our true path has experienced a divergence and a duality. Within the synthetic duality we are being ushered towards a technological manifestation of what we already have. Technology may enable us to reach this moment of singularity at a faster pace but I also believe its false promise that will encase us within a false and controlled perception of reality. Indeed when you look around a false reality has already been created for the majority and this is simply an evolution of this process.

True enlightenment and freedom needs to come from within, we are the living embodiment of every process, polarity and duality in the known universe (all in one and one in all) and before we start handing our minds away to machines we need to understand the validity of that statement. Ultimately I think their will be a divergence of the species, those that return to the embrace of the earth and the natural order and those that embrace the ideas and technology of others.

The Oracle Of Delphi

"If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside. In you is hidden the treasure of treasures. Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods"

I’m so grateful to find others who see what’s happening and interpret it skillfully. It takes a seriously right brain to have humanity’s trajectory on the radar and few of my acquaintance get it.

I hope you’re right about the return to earth and natural order. Sadly, I don’t think there’ll be a natural earth left for them.

The next couple of years will be interesting times.

Dude, we can be friends.

Excellent writing. Like I've heard you somewhere before....

And we are writing in the same direction, some synchronicity is afoot.

"I’ve come to think that the end game will be the creation of a synthetic, controlled sub reality with power crazed technocratic elite's positioned as our Gods."

Have you read the novel "Nexus"?

Please check out my privacy workshop, there are 8 installments, the first is about all of the recent privacy breach revelations that appear quite intentional, #8 is about all of the evidence for an epidemic of people hearing voices, and the evidence that exists of tech that can transmit directly into the brain.

Let's be friends, we are not going to be able to create an alternative to the totalitarian matrix future alone.

Hey @mindhawk

Sorry for the delay in replying, I was having a few wi-fi issues at the weekend so it's taking me some time to catch up on messages. Thank you for the kind words and support, I really appreciate it .. and more than happy to be friends.

Yes I really do believe that we are being manipulated towards said sub reality. Akin to a synthetic controlled Schumann resonance that will over time synch with our own brain waves. As crazy as that statement may sound to some I have spent many years looking into the Schumann resonance and how brains and indeed metabolic processes operate within this field.

Thank you, I haven't read the Novel but upon your recommendation I will be sure to look into it.

I will be sure to look into your series, I believe the tech exists and I also believe that (as alluded to above) it's being tested with a view to being rolled out on a worldwide scale. Thanks again @mindhawk

Do you believe the schuman resonance anomalies can contribute to heightened heart rate and change of sleeping patterns? I think this is what you have said in the article, but I want to make sure. Also if there were any other 3rd party links I would be interested to read them.

Hi There @mindhawk

In answer to your question the answer is yes and no .. I don't think this system is ready or live in any way, I believe the ionisation of the sky and the roll out of 5G will be part of this new control grid .. but it's not here yet. The reason I said yes is because at a local level the symptoms you describe could be associated with smart meters and wi-fi and they will be become another key component of this electro-magnetic smart grid. I envisage that when the system goes live the symptoms you describe will begin to affect many more people as we are all beings of frequency whom communicate with the Schumann resonance via our brains magnetite crystals. I will see if I can grab some more info on this.

Oh it's real... transhumanism, detsruction of man etc.

I recommend da13thsun on youtube his been talking about this info for years.

Nano particles, bad foods etc.

Throw in social engineering and AI propaganda with generless satanic plot and you get the whole picture

Let's face it the whole sinister plot is zionist/fake jews plot to destroy goyim.

I recommend people read book of Revelations and seek Biblical understanding of todays events it can get very deep.

Cryptocurrency might (I mena who created bitcoin really?) tie in with the one global currency and digital chips implants. This is already in effect to some cluelss individuals who already have implants in them and can dirfectly pay via bitcoin (it's real, look it up).

Best way to counter this? Well get back to nature and eat natural food, meat is dangerous to consume at this age since it's full of faul stuff.

I recommend Bible to everyone btw - it's not for beginners but if you get to that level where you can independently read Bible it would be best to learn about original laws that are being broken with these agendas.

The images are really awesome too! You can see a lot of work went into this, both time and thought. A+ for the H+ ....

Thanks for noticing because I must admit, I spend literally hours choosing the images for these posts so I'm glad they resonate. :)

Thanks for letting us know!

Thank you for taking the time to read .. it's much appreciated!

Another very well written article, I can see the conclusions you are drawing and it scares the hell out of me. I am so lucky to have 3 sons, and we live pretty healthily. They will be the warriors of the future world. I hope. I will NEVER plug myself in, to any of their bullshit, and I hope my kids and grandkids won't either.

We are going back to nature, not even further from it. And I know there are a lot of people doing the same thing, hopefully we can outnumber, or outmaneuver the others!

Hey @lyndsaybowes thank you for all the support you give me, I really appreciate it! It's really scary stuff and I must admit it sent a chill up my spine as I was writing it. You're doing the very best thing for your family, giving them an amazing start in life and holding their future firmly in the palm of your hands.

I think once you are able to give your children a connection to the natural world it's something that will live within your family for generations to come. In the scheme of things that and love is the greatest gift you can possibly give them. Nothing is set in stone and their veneer of control could dissapear in an instant. In the meantime the power to change the world resides in each and every one of us and as such the future is and always will be what we make it. Thank you again my friend.

This is a pretty fascinating and well thought out post. You bring up some food for thought, I have long been hearing about endocrine disrupted, it's infuriating to know that a lot of the products we consume and deem safe may be causing us so much harm. Thanks for the great writing!

Thank you for taking the time to read and lend your support @juliakponsford I know it's a long post but I had so much information to put across that it kind of took on a life of it's own! It really is disturbing, especially from the perspective that many of the endocrine disrupters are often only picked up at later dates. Like in the case of the pesticides, it was only upon privately funded rigourous testing from London's center for toxicology that this effect was even noticed! It's so difficult to avoid and it's only when you start researching it that you begin to realise how prevalent it actually is! I'm so glad to have supplied some food for thought, indeed one things for sure and that's the fact that it's certainly made me think about the food I eat. Thank you for the great comment!

What's especially insidious is some of these things can appear safe in tests but only build up after long term frequent exposure. Any number of things that we think are innocuous could be making us ill. My grandmother worked in a lab and she used to say all the time: who knows maybe the ink from the newspaper is absorbing into our skin and making us get cancer? There is so much we just don't know at all.

Yes very true @juliakponsford indeed why do the till receipts contain estrogen? Many people buy water filters (which is a great idea) but they forget that in the respect of baths and showers our skin also absorbs water. It's a minefield and once you start looking into it a becomes a rabbit hole, I know it scares some people but you know in the long run knowledge is power!

Thanks for the theory of everything. It’s treatises like this that let me know I’m not alone in seeing the end of humanity as we know it.

Thank you @hive I'm really glad you enjoyed the post. I think over the course of time humanity will split into two with one embracing a synthetic evolution and the other becoming increasingly connected to the natural order. Ultimately I think it's always darkest before dawn. ;) Thanks again my friend!

Good.. Best post.....

And I thought that I was the only one that thought in this fashion. I think the way to stop feminizing men is for them to not eat stuff with soy in it and encourage use of other forms of contraception rather than the b/c pill which the residue ends up in the water supply. One caveat though that I would like to note is that not all types of Autism affect cognitive ability. My kid has emotional regulation and impulse control issues which I work with him to improve but his IQ is still in the 140 range.

Hey @boodles17 thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it. Yes I completely agree on your soy and contraception analysis, but unfortunately it's in much of our food packaging and pesticides, furnishings etc so it's really difficult to avoid. I think we also need to try and eat organic food where possible but I know that isn't always as easy as it sounds. Yes I agree on the autism front and there are so many varying degrees I have autism in my own family plus friends that are on the spectrum so it certainly does vary. By the way of cognition I mean it can be difficult for them to communicate feelings etc to the outseide world but equally as with your child they can be incredibly clever and gifted. One of my best friends is on the spectrum and his mathematical ability has to be seen to be believed, I've never caught him out yet :) Thanks for the great comment!

This was a very interesting article, a rather long read so I forgive me for speed reading but you made some very valid points (The fluoride intoxication is real), But I definitely see a more optimistic future for the evolution of us all specifically because we have people like you spreading their ideas and opinions to the public. So long as we can try to take advantage of and utilize technologies such as the block chain to share free and fari expressions of all ideas, I think we'll do fine. I hope.

Hey my friend thanks for taking the time to read my post and leave such a great comment. Although it may not have come across in this post (as it's part of a series) I have both written about and believe that this is simply a cycle of time that we must pass through. Every generation has an occasion that it must rise to and how to grapple with the duality of this technology is ours. I think the main issue we have is that we as a species have been trained to hand over our inherant power to centralised institutions, we need to reclaim that power and take responsibility for ourselves and all those around us. It's always darkest before dawn and I believe it will get much darker yet, but in the long run I don't believe they will ever break the human spirit.

I like that, I like you. I'll follow. Can't wait to hear more from you. Also, perhaps you could consider making videos on Dtube, I bet they'd be great. You definitely have a wealth of information to share and would be much easier to digest if viewed in video format. Keep up the great work man. This article was a great find.

Hey my friend thanks for that, I'm always busy working away on something new so watch this space. I was thinking of doing some videos but I really need to get myself trained up on some video editing software as I'd prefer to go for the voiceover and imagery approach. Thanks again!


Wow amazing..

Thank you I'm really glad you enjoyed the post.

I congratulate you firstly for the good writing.
I think that you have caught many people in the bore.
when it came to me, endocrine diseases became a problem. I had surgery about pituitary tumor 6 times.
iron and steel factory and environmental pollution triggered the disease.
the result is a lifelong sickness ..
There is no shame in the disease.
I hope that you will attain all sickness health from here.

@perceptualflaws thanks

Hey my friend, thank you for taking the time to read and leave such a great comment. I'm very sorry to hear about your health and you're right there is no shame in disease, you are strong and a survivor. May I recommend black seed oil (nigella sativa) and a drop of iodine, both are great at clearing the system and they may help you. Thanks again @kahkaha

Thank you for your good information.

Nature is the biggest gift of God. The problem is that some humans have started altering the Nature. This will prove to be most dangerous for the entire humanity because you are simply playing with the DNA of Nature. Mother nature is powerful and Mother Nature is Ruthless when it is time for these humans to bear the fruit for destroying nature in the name of technology and advancement.

Terminators are real threat to Humanity in Real

Hey @helios thanks for lending your support and leaving such a great comment, I really appreciate it. Yes the destruction of this planet is not our right and it's not our destiny. The universe and the earth is a play of balance, the eternal scales. Once we tip the scales too far the earth will reset itself and simply start again, perhaps without us or perhaps it will take us back to the stone age and so will begin the slow climb to the civilisation. The earth has a billion years to heal, do we? Thanks for the great comment my friend, I really appreciate it and I will be sure to check out your link.

Wow what an incredible post, the information you give here is incredible and its relation to what we are all seeing !! The fix is in and we need to react before its too late !! But who sees?? Its a terrible time and it gives me a very bad feeling to read this post as its sure we are going to a terrible future if we are not able to grab the wheel of our collective destinies and take this Bus of Humanity to a better road !! Keep pushing @perceptualflaws we need people like you to get it out there !!

Hey @gomervibz thanks for all your support my friend, I really do appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, but equally like you say it's one that carries a certain weight with it. Perhaps it's the burden of responsibilty that we all feel to try and change the world. Even if people don't agree with everything I've written I think any good hearted person will understand that something is terribly wrong with this world. We need to find a way to get of our knees and collectively rise to this this occasion. This is a threshold and crossroads moment for the entire course of humanity and the decisions we make right now at this moment in time will echo in the halls of eternity. The stakes have never been higher! Thanks again my friend and equally keep up your excellent work!

Its my great pleasure to support your amazing posts so brilliantly thought out and creativewly illustrated ! Pretty damn amazing that you are able to compile these very complicated and varied points of attack to create this masterfully composed post which show the thing as you do !! This post must be up there with @tremedospercy,s posts which have also been amazing !! Definately you two are a cut above the rest )

oh really this post i am huge learning ever..and this person really alive..and once a time transhumanism...

Hey thanks for taking the time to read my friend, I really appreciate it!

most welcome for you @perceptualflaws and for most appreciate to me...

The beast is coming, It is the matrix, of course they have to show you what they will do before they do it.

It's interesting that you say that because many are calling the coming A.I singularity the "beast system" And yes you're entirely right, esoteric law dictates that we must have prior knowledge as to what is going to happen to us. Thanks for taking the time to lend your support and leave a great comment. It's much appreciated.

Hi perceptualflaws . Very inspiring reading. Sorry for coming in with my comment at this point. I have lost the track. At one point in one of your comments you talked about a future universal religion in connection with a world government. Have you already studied the Baha'i-religion? It is one of its central topics. They are talking of lasting world peace which needs as precondition a common language and a world government. Once I have read from a Baha'i author something about androgenization of the future sex as a natural occurrence.
One question, with all that environmental and mental change done by the few elected, how can "they"protect themself from that change into transhumans?

Hey my friend, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It's my belief that the one world religion will be a religion based upon the teachings of artificial intelligence. I also believe the groundwork for this is being laid all around us.

In terms of environmental damage I believe each of the elite's has their own private organic greenhouses that supply them with clean food. I also believe that most of the properties they own sit atop natural springs/aquifers. The medical knowledge and indeed medicines supplied by their private doctors are far superior to ours. In terms of air born particles and future nano-tech I believe they are conducive to an acidic environment and so the alkalination of the body is key. I will expand on this in future posts .. thanks again @johano

Thanks again. That is a lot to think over. Never thought about AI in connection with religion. I have to ponder about it a bit more.
For a not native English speaker it is a joy to read your blog.

Absolutely!! It was a very thorough and in depth read.

Highly rEsteemed and Bookmarked.
Wow... just WOW!

I especially like the section on Synthetic Reality.


Thank you and SteemON!

Hey @frankbacon thank you for your support my friend, I'm really glad you enjoyed the post and I love the Philip K Dick quote you shared! Indeed in many ways we already live in a synthetic reality, a reality created by the few that's cast a spell over the many. Its an intoxicating elixir, intoxicating to the point that to even imagine the world could be another way raises laughter and derision. Alas they forget that the world is what we make it and that we are simply prisoners of our own perception. The coming synthetic reality is an evolution of this process, a technological representation from the minds of the few. Will it be accepted by the many? I guess only time will tell ;) Thanks again my friend I really appreciate your help and kind words!

Great observation. I think the key is to ignore the MUGGS and their Psychosis. I see my reality and make it. Everyone else can suffer in theirs for all I care. I'm not here to try and wake anyone up but Me.


Ah Robert Anton Wilson "who is the master that makes the grass green?" and yes very true, my mind is not far sale and I refuse to be drawn into a mass psychosis. I find the general rule of thumb is when society is moving in one direction, then run the other way! :) Thanks again my friend.

supper good post!

Thanks for taking the time to read and lend your support my friend, I really do appreciate it and I'm so glad you liked the post. Thank you @lingfei

This post resonate well with me
@perceptualflaws few questions
Do cabalists also want to be transhumanists? What is it that they want to achieve beside mind control?
Are chemtrails only used to create a conductive ring or is there any other goals like food control, urbanisation,etc...?
Do you know why migrants are entering europe in droves? What is the purpose of this engineered migration?
What is your take on global warming/climate change? Hijacking of the planet?
I know that the cabal has many different agendas but it is not always clear to me how they interconnect with each other so would love to know more.

Hey @someonwhoisme thanks for lending your support and leaving such a great comment. Although, wow it would take an entire post to answer all these fully, but I shall give it a go! I don't think Cabalists necessarily want to become transhumanists. What I think will happen is that when A.I becomes fully aware it will write a new religion and because many aspects of the esoteric are valid into will infuse them within this religion. This will become the basis for the one world religion and so although it will perhaps contain elements of other religions/beliefs they would perhaps be foolish to follow it as it will swallow them all up, if that makes sense. In the future there will space for just one religion because if the A.I is a thousand times smarter than us it must be right? obviously I'm being sarcastic but I feel that will be the general consensus.

I think if you view them as control freaks they want complete control over every facet of our lives, obviously the need to control is a reflection of their insecurity and the world is becoming a mirror image of that insecurity. I also feel that from an esoteric perspective there needs to be an element of freewill in all this, we are all born with an inherant power and the world is kind of set up so that we go through our lives freely giving away this power, we have to be the guards in our own prison. The world is a play of energy and some how they seek to drain and use that energy for their own empowerent .

The ionisation of our atmosphere has multiple purposes, communication control, the mapping of the entire globe (in real time) weather control which also certainly feeds into food control and manipulation. Equally an ionised atmosphere perhaps enables the projection of holograms and I believe this idea is being explored and perhaps later utilised in both war and the control of perception.

The migrants are being used to suit two objectives, firstly to break the idea of a nation state and nationalism, this is because in the long run they simply want a single A.I controlled one world government. From this perspective they want to change the entire shape Europe (it will never ben the same again) look into the Kalergi plan. Another point is that in the long run this will cause a breakdown in society leading to violence (the left and right wing chasms will vastly grow) and they will use this to clamp down on the rights of all Europeans, a potential European police state. Many of the migrants are used to a far more authoritarian for of government and so they gradually want the Europeans to forget the freedoms they once had (including freedom of speech). And equally whilst all this is going on and everyone is so focused on all these problems they can carry on in the background with nobody focusing on them.

I believe global warming is a false science that will be used to control every facet of our lives. I think eventually we will be given a strict carbon footprint at the beginning of the year and from this they can police every aspect of our lives, the food we eat, how long we drive, keep the lights on everything will be connected to the net and monitered against this footprint. Well I think that;s the plan.

To put it simply: One word government, One world religion, One world army and everything we see unfolding around us are simply stepping stones towards this objective.

Awesome work @perceptualflaws I can only imagine how long this took you to put together. Great job of articulating the content! How long have you been reading or following @DavidIcke ?

Thank you @patriciorayaz to be honest I've been researching many aspects and perceptions of this world of illusion since I was a child, whilst everyone was talking about their pets I was doing my school projects on the afterlife and alternate dimensions (I've often wondered what the teachers thought lol) . That's why I call myself perceptualflaws because when I was growing up I used to think I had the perceptualflaws but age and research led me to the conclusion that it was potentially the vast majority of everyone else. From that perspective it was as a child watching Wogan on the BBC that David Icke first came to my attention. He was having trouble articulating what he wanted to say but they didn't give him a chance, everyone was laughing (including my parents) but in a funny way it was the laughter and derision that spurred me on to research the world, the nature of reality and in turn try and find out how it all works. It made me realise that perhaps I wasn't alone in these thoughts.

I have a huge amount of time and respect for David Icke and I think he will become one of those people that won't be fully appreciated until he has gone. Such is the way with the world, but you know in some ways it's best to be misunderstood by the masses as opposed to being fully understood. It's perhaps best to be ahead of the time as opposed to being held within the constraints and perceptions of this moment in time. So yes I've a lot of respect for David but equally I would never follow just one person, I listen to and read hundreds of different opinions many of whom I don't agree with. Indeed I feel it dangeous to surround yourself with with an echo chamber of similar views. I also spend a vast amount of time researching ancient writings, hidden knowledge, schools of wisdom and how this ancient knowledge (occult) has followed us through the ages. I think the work of Graham Hancock really paved the way for a completely different interpretation of our history. I'm slowly pulling loads of different information (along with original ideas) together to create a huge narrative that spans over several thousand years and from many perspectives. Indeed take a look at just a few of my previous posts below to see what I mean, equally I have thirty years of research in my head so I promise I'm just getting warmed up! Thanks for the support my friend!


Thanks for the thoughtful response. I agree with the idea of never following one person. Graham Hancock is brilliant just as well. I've also enjoyed researching different authors and topics that I've found referenced in various books I've read over the years. It all started with Chariots of the Gods and shortly thereafter I was lead to the Biggest Secret and from then on it's been an awesome adventure of self education and remembering who it is that we truly are and why we've chosen to be here at this particular time. I look forward to checking out your above links. Be well!!


Thank you for taking the time to read my post @raineej I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Great article, very enjoyed!

Thank you for taking the time to read and lend your support. I'm really glad you enjoyed the post!

@tremendospercy sent me here. Glad he did. Excellent work man.

Hey @kafkanarchy Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post my friend, I've really glad you liked it! @tremendospercy is a great guy eh? we joined around the same time and are on the same wavelength on so many things! Really pleased to make your acquaintance and thanks again!

Nice job! I did up two posts awhile back that are relatable to your post. Feel free to use any of the material in either post.


Japan's population shrinking and the robosex agenda

"The End of Natural Motherhood?"

Hey @venomnymous Thanks for taking the time to read and comment my friend. I'm glad we seem to be on the same page on this issue and I look forward to taking a look at your posts. I did have a whole section about sex robots but I removed it as the post was becoming too large. The post was actually double the size with a further huge section speaking about the war on sexual perception and how they subtly play around and manipulate these perceptions, but I decided to keep it all back for a future post. Thanks for the support and for sharing your work! It's much appreciated.

Thanks @perceptualflaws I look forward to reading those upcoming articles.

I have to wonder whether this is indeed a consciously devised and executed plan or merely something that human beings have been genetically programmed for?

Perhaps it was different in past generations but I look around me today and see that the vast majority of humanity is lucky to be able to from relatively cogent sentences and not shit themselves (in public).

Hey @theblindsquirl I can see where you're coming but equally "genetically programmed" also hints at some form of higher motive, a grand plan ;)

I wrote the below words in a previous post as I really think that cycles of time directly affect human consciousness and cognition. Equally the institutions we place our trust in and the vapid consumer culture that keeps this world economically spinning have drained the creativity and freedom of thought from many around us. If you (as in humanity not you lol) hand you mind over to allow others to do your thinking and define your reality then over time the ability to do either is slowly stolen from you. Anyway back to the cycles of time :D

The work put forward by Dr Valerie Hunt (former professor of psychology at UCLA) has given a tantalising insight into how consciousness could be affected by the celestial cycle. In several studies Hunt has shown that subtle changes in the earth’s electromagnetic field can dramatically alter the mental capacity, cognition and perceptual awareness of humanity.

Consciousness certainly appears to be profoundly influenced by both electromagnetism and subtle changes within fields of light. Indeed as stated by quantum physicist Dr Armi Goswami “consciousness prefers light”. I believe that the cyclical nature of our history is based upon the suns motion through space. This movement synchronises with the earth’s precessional wobble and this results in rising and falling stellar field interactions with the earth. I believe this process is directly linked to the mythological rise and fall of civilisation, perhaps over huge expanses of time.

Or something like that lol .. thanks for taking the time to read and comment it's much appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time to craft such thought provoking posts.

I believe that the cyclical nature of our history is based upon the suns motion through space. This movement synchronises with the earth’s precessional wobble and this results in rising and falling stellar field interactions with the earth.

Interesting theory.

I did a series of posts a few months back about Sir John Glubb's essay The Fate of Empires. He found a roughly 250 year life cycle common to the historical empires he had studied.

How long of a period does this precessional wobble occur on and could there be some kind of correlation?

Thank you for taking the time to read @theblindsquirl I know they are long posts :) Now this is actually really complex because the precessional cycle occurs over (from memory) approx 25,800 year scales (give or take a hundred years or so) but within this huge expanse of time there are cycles within cycles. Kind of like cogs within cogs in an expensive watch. So one degree of precssion is 72 hence 3 degrees would be 216 years which isn't actually that far out. Outside of this you also have lunar cycles and and really poweful lunar cycles occur every 230 years. As we all know even a standard full moon affects metabolism and even human psyche, this can actually even be observed in cycles on the stock market etc. So equally a large 230 year lunar cycle could easily have a prfound effect on society? These precessional and lunar/solar cycles mathematics were incorperated into many ancient structures indeed the Giza pyramid is a mathematical masterclass of time and precession, as were many Mayan structures. They appear to have profoundly understood the affects these cycles had upon their civilisation. I hope this very brief overview makes sense, it's a really complex subject. Thanks again my friend!

The Giza pyramid is an interesting example.

I've actually been to Giza and was immediately struck by the realization that the people who live there now certainly weren't capable of producing anything as elaborate as the pyramids.

I was also struck by the number of broken flip-flops littered everywhere

Image Source
and the smell of burning plastic.

Humans are an interesting species.

wow, what a great post!
alot of the writings your wrote about feminising men has been happening for a while now, its just sad that no one sees it and same with the chemtrails, you just offered a new view of it to me. but the rest of your posts brings new insite to me. certain things i did not know about, but are very fascinating
interestignly enuf, i was born half deaf so i dont hear so well. but i pick up frequencies that others dont (my brain adapted) and i tend to feel/hear/see and experience different vibrations and react to things in ways others dont.
for example i can actually feel my body decay when im hungry and digest when its fed. i see things that arent really there, i know thats a bit different from what your talking about. but i wonder if i can actualyl feel those nano bots?

Hey thanks for lending your support and leaving such a great comment, I really appreciate it. The nano particles are literally microscopic so I don't think it would be that, although the morgellans disease is interesting to look into but don't worry I don't think you have anything like that!

I think it's like you said your body has compensated for your hearing. There is actually a rare condition where people can actually view vibrations and see the vibrations that music etc gives off! I tend to pick up on vibrations and I can usually feel peoples personality/energy as I speak to them. It does come in handy sometimes but equally to pick up on negative energy can be draining. It sounds as though you are really in tune with your body and that could be considered a gift, indeed mind, body and soul as one is an ideal sought throughout the world ;) thanks again for the great comment @nabes

No problemo @perceptualflaws Im glad i got to read your amazing post!

I looked it up I dont have Morgellans disease, its hard for me to explain in words, id have to draw you an image of what happens to me, especially when I close my eyes it gets pretty intense.
Ive hurd of people seeing the vibrations, and thats cool that you are in tune as well. I think everyone is actually intuned with "the source, god, deities" whatever you wanna call it, they just have been so brainwashed and subdued by modern conditions they think its freaky when these events happen to them.

as I think you wrote, "everything is in balance, and when balance is distrupted everything becomes chaotic" or somethign like that

Wow thanks you @perceptualflaws. I'm going to bookmark this post and mine this for weeks.

Hey @john-robert thank you for your kind words and support, I really do appreciate it! I'm also glad you will be able to take something away from the post and use it as a resource. Thank you again.

great content, thank you

Are we just living in simulation?
That’s my friend is the biggest question

But I think not

That's an interesting question, I'm not sure about a simulation of someone or something else's creation (although I am open to new ideas) but equally to a degree our minds create our perception of reality and so from that perspective the world is indeed what we make it. Thanks for reading @justinansako

Fantastic article, thank you.

No thank you for taking the time to read and comment

nice work,long post.thanlks

tactical comment. want to read this later. looks great.

Thank you .. I hope you enjoy it :)

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Thank you, I'm really glad you enjoyed the post.

Very interesting post! Great!

Thank you for taking the time to read my friend, I'm really glad you enjoyed my post.

Resteemed for ya. Also for tye sake of HUMANITY.

Wao So Great
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I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.

intellegent post

I agree with you, this is a lot of info in one post, regarding on sexuality, there is a massive bombing in the media traying to show us that something is normal but is not. The chemicals in all process product are another factor in the ecuation.

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Relatively speaking you are true oh @perceptualfaws but you have not noticed the changes that are taking place around us the simplest example of becoming obsessed with being around money! Despite the circumstances of others, everyone is interested only in himself

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Sorry I am late to read this. Although being late I see how this post got 140 comments therefore there are like minded people out there. The comments here are as engrossing as this post.

I am commenting to say briefly what came to me as I read this page

  • I have not heard it before but like your theory about the chemtrails/space fence/5G/HAARP linking us up. Definitely feasible. I have thougth about the hologram screen laid up there. Like some UFO invasion to be screened. Ala "War of the Worlds" radio experiment. I honestly don't know besides the fact that "technology" us unnatural.

  • plastics are a product from the petroleum industry.

  • Feminising men. Here in Australia for a few years now it is mens fashion to not shave and have long beards. I was thinking perhaps this is to show that that they are masculine because they subconsciously feel feminine nowadays.

  • Recently I saw a TV advert when I was visiting someone. It was sponsored by the Australian government and it was all about pushing women power. "Power up girls" and slogans like this. I only caught the gist of it in a quick snippet. At the end came up the government sponsor message like an election advert has. At the time I thought Wtf was that? Knowing full well. Yet so in your face now.

  • David Icke I read alot of but like you dont adhere to one person knowing everything. Icke is right about somethings. In the end Icke has no answer except to lay down and give over to peace and love. Hmmm Hancock is excellent archeology wise. Then there are other links with books by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. All wonderful ways to spend time reading but in the end we never really know what is certain. I don't think.

@perceptualflaws I am slowly going through your past blogs. I love your topics and the way you write. Pushes me to think even broader.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to read and leave a great comment @izzynoel I always reply ... eventually ;) Yes an ionised sky would certainly make it easier to project some form of image .. like you say the infamous "Project Bluebeam" fake alien invasion is certainly one contender.

Yes after years of ingesting gender-bending chemicals (that men have been shown to be more susceptible to) suddenly the concepts of "gender neutrality" and the feminising of men are everywhere, coincidence? Certainly the research papers I listed in the post and references would appear to suggest some correlation. Equally, at the same time they appear to be instilling the worst virtues of men in women .. I feel this is being done to unbalance who we are, break us down and then build us back up in the required image.

Yes, I've read a fair few books/ancient writings and authors over the years .. but eventually, you have to follow your own instinct and intuition .. and I have spent many years learning to trust both. I will delve far deeper into the nature of reality in my post for next week, time to put a few of these ideas on the blockchain ;)

Thanks for the kind words and support .. I really appreciate it.

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