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Check AirDrop Balances Added

EOS.IO Airdrops have inarguably become one of the most discussed topics among the community over the last few months. We are firm believers that the EOS Airdrop model will quickly outpace and outperform the ICO model. Presently, most Airdrops have occurred on Ethereums ERC-20 token, but now that the EOS mainnet is launched and stable we are about to see an influx of Airdrops occur on the EOS native token.

We have seen many requests within the community for ways that EOS token holders can check what Airdrops they have received on EOS.IO. To help the community we have added this feature to our

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  1. Head over to
  2. Click Find Accounts tab
  3. Enter in your 12 character Account name or EOS public key
  4. Hit the Search button
  5. In the Token Balances section underneath the eosio.token you will see your airdrop balance has many other features check out this article to get an overview!

About US

GenerEOS is a social enterprise block producing candidate with a mission of promoting and supporting scalable and highly reliable block production whilst giving back block rewards to the community.

Based out of Sydney, Australia, GenerEOS is founded by a team of like minded blockchain enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds and a passion to make a difference in the world and fostering the spirit of generosity by giving back.

GenerEOS: Helping EOS Change the World

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Thank you for this tool. Could you add a feature that tells us what the tokens are or points to their website? I have EOSDAC and ADD and I don't know what ADD is and when I search for it on the web I can't find anything because the search engine thinks I am searching for the word "add".


Thanks for you feedback. We will certainly look into adding more features on the airdrop section.

For EOS ADD I was able to find this thread on Reddit that may help you :)

Hi guys, love the new look.

Just a heads up, it does not show ALL airdropped tokens (at least for me). I know I have a total of three different airdrops but the tool is only showing two (ADD, EOSDAC), it is missing CETOS.


Hey @aclakuk82, it should show all airdropped tokens on EOS. I will speak to our developer and check the issue. Thank you!

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it is really good tool, needs to add few functions to be a perfect tool:
1- Add the ability for tokens transfer (now it allows only eos transfer)
2- show the total eos balance (staked and unstaked, now it shows only unstaked eos)
3- show the balance in the transfer menu.
Best of luck.


thanks for all the feed back mate. We are certainly working to include these features as quickly as possible for the EOS community :)

· thats why it only shows that I have like 5 EOS? Because its only the unstaked EOS? Do one receive airdrops based on staked + unstaked eos or just staked?


Airdrops received based on both staked and unstaked, and most of them already depending on snapshot of early June.

Am I doing something wrong with my staking or something? It says I have 5 and 200 eosdac...but I have 195 eos staked in my wallet.

Am I not getting airdrops for my staked EOS? Something Im missing here?

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@agom has answered you question. Both Staked and unstaked depending on airdrop


Allright. Thanks @genereos. Has something changed with the account creation btw? I was able to create 12 letter accounts, but all of a sudden my method did not longer work. It just says transaction failed. I have liquid EOS and I am checking if the accounts are available.

Great feature, however, why isn't there a name auction in the updated design? Also, your old name auction tool doesn't work.


Thanks for the feedback, Yes we are working to move that feature over soon :)

@genereos great tool thx a lot. I managed to create one account before , now when i try creating one i get this message bellow.

[-]popsfish (25) · 1 час назад
The important Airdrop will be 16-Oct-2018 15:00 GMT
EOS and WISH holders will receive EOSISH tokens

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