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After the EOS main net came online, many people asked questions about account creation, resource query tool, EOS wallet and BP ranking.
So I try to sort out the common tools involved in EOS as follows, maybe there is something you have always wanted:


How to query account resource information?

  1. https://eosflare.io
  2. https://eospark.com
  3. https://eosmonitor.io
  4. http://scaneos.io
  5. https://www.myeoskit.com
  6. https://explorer.eoseco.com (Query results only show EOS usage)

First, go to the homepage of the above website, second, enter the name of the account you want to query in the search box in the upper right corner, and then you can see the resource information of the account (including the use of resources such as EOS, RAM, CPU, and NET).

(eospark query results)

How to check the account public key?

  1. https://eospark.com
  2. https://eosmonitor.io/
  3. http://scaneos.io

Similarly, enter the name of the account you want to query in the search box in the upper right corner of the homepage of the above website, you can see the corresponding public key of the account (including the active key and the owner key), and you can also judge whether your account has been stolen according to the query result.

(eosmonitor query results)

How to check account transfer information?

  1. https://eosflare.io
  2. http://scaneos.io
  3. https://www.myeoskit.com
  4. https://eosmonitor.io

Go to the homepage of the website, enter the name of the account you want to query in the search box in the upper right corner. The first three websites can query all the operations of the account (including EOS transfer information, deployment contract, etc.), but on the fourth website eosmonitor.io, only account transfer information can be queried.

(eosflare query results)

(eospark query results)

In addition to the above two super-practical functions, eospark can also view the entire network data (such as real-time production to fast-familiar, transaction number, and voting proportion, etc.), super node rankings, account auctions and so on.

How to create an EOS account?

Different from the Ethereum wallet, all actions on the EOS wallet are based on the account number, and each new account requires other EOS accounts to spend a certain amount of EOS to create, so to create EOS account cost a fee. If you have a friend who already has an available EOS account, you can also ask him to create an account for you through the wallet.
But if you do not have such friends, and you don't trust others to create an account for you (because there have been similar hacking incidents before), you can choose to create through the following paying methods:

  1. https://account.mytokenpocket.vip
  2. https://eos-account-creator.com
  3. http://signupeoseos.com/

(TP wallet provides a paid creation service for EOS accounts)

What should I do if I encounter insufficient resources and cannot transfer funds properly?

  1. https://res.mytokenpocket.vip (Stake EOS resource for free)
  2. https://eosfavor.com (EOS Mutual Help Community)

For users who are not anxious to make transactions, you can choose to wait patiently for 24 hours after the used resources are restored or the number of mortgages on the main network is reduced;

For users who need to use an account urgently, you can query the account resource status information in real time on eosfavor.com (EOS Mutual Help Community) website, including activate the minimum EOS amount of the account, then find someone to help staking to solve the problem, or log in to the TP wallet official website to find The " Stake EOS resource for free " option, fill in your account name, you can complete the stake for free.

How to check whether my personal account is safe or not?

PeckShield was founded in 2018 by Dr. Jiang Xuxian, the former 360 Chief Scientist and a tenured professor at North Carolina State University.

How to query the BP ranking?

  1. https://eosmeta.io
  2. https://eospark.com
  3. https://scaneos.io
  4. https://eos.host
  5. https://www.myeoskit.com
  6. http://eosnetworkmonitor.io/ (supports viewing the main network TPS)

Through the above five websites, the BP rankings can be queried. Until now, the top 68 BPs will receive certain EOS rewards (of course, the higher the ranking, the higher the daily reward). In addition, the last eosnetworkmonitor also supports viewing the real-time TPS and highest TPS of EOS mainnet.

How to participate in the mainnet voting?

At present, most wallets support participation in the mainnet voting, and I hope that everyone can always support the EOSUnion (eosunion1111) and vote for us;

How to check the RAM real-time price?

  1. TP wallet, supporting both mobile and PC: https://dapp.mytokenpocket.vip/ram/index.html
  2. http://ram.southex.com/
  3. https://eos.feexplorer.io (the website opens slowly)

In addition to being able to view the real-time K-line trend of RAM, they also support information inquiry functions such as large single transaction and large RAM ranking.

(TP wallet web page RAM K line chart)

How to view EOS airdrop information?

  1. https://airdropsforeos.com
  2. https://eosdrops.io
  3. https://imeos.one/airdrop

(airdropsforeos homepage)

How can I check the latest EOS news?

IMEOS (EOS Eco-Information Portal), currently only mobile.
Meet.one & TokenPocket wallet also has news sections.

How to find an EOS community organization?

In addition to the well-known knowledge planets, WeChat groups, etc., there are the following big families waiting for everyone to join and participate:

  1. https://forums.eosgo.io (EOS GO, EOS Blockchain Community)
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/eos/ (Reddit, EOS Vertical Forum)
  3. https://eosfans.io/ (EOS Chinese Community)
  4. https://eosio.stackexchange.com (DAPP user and developer Q&A platform based on EOS.IO operating system)
  5. https://bihu.com/?category=hots&code=EOS (EOS column for the currency, EOS Knowledge Community)
  6. https://eos.live (presenting the most popular products and the latest quality information in the EOS community)


As for the choice of wallet and exchange, I will not make too many recommendations. But you should know that TokenPocket is very practical and user-friendly.

Finally, EOSUnion sincerely hopes that this article will be helpful for more community friends. let us contribute to the EOS eco prosperity together.

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