The Weekly Airdrop #8 – An EOS focused research report

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At EOS Detroit, we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the EOS ecosystem. In an effort to keep the community up to speed on the latest breaking news and updates we produce The Weekly Airdrop, an EOS focused research report.

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EOS News

Arbitration Order Filed Against Non-Compliant Block Producers:

Ben Sigman from shEOS, along with the support of 23 other block producers including EOS Detroit, filed a request for arbitration on the issue of block producers who are not in compliance with the regproducer agreement. The regproducer contract states that block producers must have a public website and a public endpoint.

The following BP’s have not been found to meet the criteria of the regproducer contract and have been paid to conduct a job which they are not doing:

  • greencapital
  • strongmonkey
  • eoschaintech
  • cochainworld
  • eossixparkbp
  • eosorangeeos
  • volemoreteos

According to the research group, the above BP’s have not operated any public node, most do not have a website, they have no ownership disclosure or statement about ownership whatsoever and they have not communicated with any other BP. This information can be verified by visiting their website and/or bp.json. BP.JSON is not required by regproducer, but it’s a standard that almost every BP has adopted to make it easy for everyone to find their nodes and disclosers. Various attempts have been made to contact them including on-chain transactions.

Note: This post originally included jrrcryptoeos on the above list. However they have since provided the necessary criteria and were removed.

When EOS from the community’s block producer vpay pool is being paid to BP’s who are not in compliance with

  • The entire community of paid BP’s is financially damaged - since vpay rewards come from a pool, that pool is being made smaller by paying BP’s who are not doing their job.
  • It weakens the integrity of the community’s DPOS system by non-compliance, such that the reputation of the entire community is damaged and in particular price of the EOS token suffers.
  • Taking a spot that could be held by a BP that is in compliance with the contract, and thus denying that BP the amount paid.

Other Relief Sought:

  • Immediate freezing of outward bound payments from these accounts.
  • All EOS paid to these accounts be reverted back to a public benefits fund to be determined.
  • Clarification for future BP’s that non-compliance with the regproducer agreement will result in only pro rata payment for BP services for the proportional amount of time during the period in question that the BP is in compliance.

Proxy “investingwad” Appeals to Community Regarding Vote Decay:

Raman Bindlish, the individual behind the well known proxy Investing With a Difference, posted a video to Youtube appealing to the EOS community to change proxy vote decay rules in an effort to improve the EOS network. The idea behind voting decay was to prevent “set it and forget it” type voters who are not paying attention to all of the block producers within the EOS ecosystem from having a large impact on the end voting results. His argument is that EOS token holders that are designating their voting rights to proxies shouldn’t have two different angles of voting decay.

More info:
Check out Raman Bindlish’s Youtube channel. Link.
Join the discussion in investingwad’s Telegram group. Link.
EOS Authority built a new Voting Decay Analysis tool. Try it out.
Aloha EOS built a Vote Proxy Research Portal. Try it out.

Chintai Launch:

Chintai, a token leasing platform for sharing network resources, was scheduled to launch on August 21, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the launch date for the Chintai platform has been officially delayed until the 28th August. Although excellent progress has been made, more time is required to complete final tests and checks, in order to ensure that the platform launches as smoothly as possible. This delay is in the best interest of the platform and its users to ensure an efficient and secure platform is launched on the 28th August.

Here is a sneak peek teaser of the latest version of the Chintai front end:

EOS Alliance Announces a Constitutional Referendum Series:

The Constitution Referendum Series will be a twelve week organizational framework for the community to help shape the future of EOS. The goal is to curate an open process ensuring broad community participation in drafting, discussing, revising, and publishing at least two Constitutional drafts for consideration by referendum. Interested community members may start by attending one of the open video conference calls offered during Week 2. The EOS Alliance is encouraging community members to self-organize into 5-7 person working groups in preparation for Week 3 to break down individual constitution articles to their design principle level. Read more.

Additional information from the EOS Alliance:
EOS Tri-Weekly Update 8/20/18 - First Mobile Dapp, Paid Accounts, BP Vigilance. Read more.
EOS Tri-Weekly Update 8/22/18 - From Eth to EOS, ECAF and Events. Read more.

Brock Pierce and Unico Team Up for Charity:

Unico and Brock Pierce announce that they will be creating a UNICO limited edition digital collectible on the EOS blockchain with sale proceeds going to charity.

“A billionaire is not someone with a billion dollars, but someone that’s positively impacting the lives of a billion people.”
-Brock Pierce

Worker Proposal System Plans:

EOS Core WPS Working Group proposed an Emergency Committee is to pass on approvals to the community for voting. It is to manage the input of ideas and defer projects that do not fit the emergency criteria. Read more.

September/October - Execution of the first Referendum which will authorize the following actions:

  • A transfer of 1 million tokens from the eosio.saving account to a newly established eosio.wps account.
  • Establishment of the Emergency Category along with the Emergency Committee. The Emergency Committee only exists in order to help review and prevent non-legitimate proposals and frauds from going on vote. This category is based on urgent needs rather than a specific type of project. This is the only category included in the first referendum but it will be used to help launch other categories.
  • Financial support fort ECAF and EOS Mainnet code repository management.

November/December - A governance competition:

  • The Emergency Committee announces a competition for governance design of each category of works. This concept is to allow for experimentation with governance without risk to the entire system.

January/February/March - Referendums for each category, along with a party responsible for overseeing it, will be held within the community. Proposed categories:

  • Oversight - This category is for WPS portal maintenance, quality control and oversight of other categories. They also help validate the vote tallies on the databases as well as supporting any proposals that go through direct referendum instead of applying to one of the categories.
  • Infrastructure - This category is for supporting the underlying code base of the blockchain. This includes security audits, DDOS protection, bug patches and mainnet repository maintenance.
  • Community - This category supports the resources and spaces that bring people together. This includes meetups, educational content and platforms, public relations, lawyers, advocates and lobbyists.
  • Development - This category is for supporting developers and ideas. This includes support for decentralized applications and applications that may be necessary for underserved minorities.
  • Miscellaneous - This category is for swag, burning, and projects that may not fit in other categories.

Block.One News

Block.One Brings in a New Chief Legal Officer:

Alex Erasmus, a senior partner at leading international law firm Clifford Chance, will join Block.One as Chief Legal Officer later this year. Erasmus will be based in Hong Kong, where he will serve as a member of the company’s Executive Committee and will be reporting back to Block.One Group President Rob Jesudason. Read more.

An Update from Block.One’s Head of Relations:

Serg Metelin, the Head of Relations at, recently spoke about the current standing of blockchain technology, how smart contracts can be used effectively, and how to bring cryptocurrencies to the general public. Read more.


EOS Hackathon - London:

Dan Larimer and Brendan Blumer are set to attend as judges in London September 22-23. Dan Larimer has suggested several times that London will be the time that Block.One releases a lot of the things they’ve been working on such as their mobile EOS wallet. Link.

EOS Hackathon - San Francisco:

Block.One announced that the 4th EOS Hackathon will take place in San Francisco on November 10-11. link

New Interview with Greg Simpson from EDNA:

If you haven’t already heard about the EDNA project, we definitely encourage you to check it out. Greg Simpson and his team at EDNA are extremely active working towards their mission of protecting DNA data rights through the use of asymmetric cryptography. Watch the latest interview with Greg Simpson.

Uncloak Aims to Outsmart Hackers:

Uncloak, the world’s first blockchain-powered cyber-threat solution, is a web-based software solution that acts as a virtual cyber security consultant, helping companies to secure their computing equipment simply and cost-effectively. It allows businesses to monitor, protect themselves against and eliminate cyber threats, staying one step ahead of malicious hackers through a global and secure decentralized network of cyber security scanners. Unlike centralized cybersecurity solutions, Uncloak incentivizes registered cyber security experts and white-hat hackers to seek and solve pending cyber threats and rewards them through a fully automated system. This collective global effort makes the process of discovering security issues significantly faster, cheaper and more effective. Read more.

Taking a Deep Dive into the Token Economics of HorusPay:

Jarib Figueredo wrote a post detailing the token economics of HorusPay and how they will be using a USD fiat pegged stablecoin called the Horus Dollar to let business interact with the payroll platform without having to worry about cryptocurrency price fluctuations. Read more.

New Releases

EOSIO 1.2.2:

Please note that the EOS Mainnet repo is only recommending an update to EOSIO 1.1.6 at this time. This release provides bug fixes and non-critical security fixes such as:

  • Fix Null-pointer Dereference for Stalled Producers
  • Fix for MongoDB action filtering
  • Fix for
  • Fix incorrect JSON field expected by cleos
  • Remove deprecated support for code_as_wasm parameter
  • Return data even if ABI deserialization fails
  • Consider delays when determining keys


Price of EOS: $4.84
EOS Voter Turnout: 23.9%
Market Cap: $4,385,867,854
Price of RAM: 0.11707585 EOS per KiB

Note: The numbers above are accurate as of 11:00 am EST on 08/24/2018.


Telos Launch:

Telos is a separate blockchain network that is a variant of the EOSIO code. The first “go/no-go” vote is set to take place on September 28th.

Scatter Adds Support for the Telos Network:

Multiple chains have always been part of the EOSIO vision, but until now, no one has created tools that work across them. Scatter lead developer nsjames (Nathan James) explains, “Multi-chain support was always baked into Scatter from the start, but until Telos there wasn’t actually a chain to test that code on.” Scatter does not support or endorse any single blockchain over another, nsjames notes. “For Scatter it’s all about finding the best way forward for blockchain as a whole. Every individual implementation of a blockchain teaches us something new, and following that same logic every fork or sibling chain does as well.”

Telos BP’s to Be Bound to a Human Language regproducer Contract:

Block Producers on the Telos network will be bound to a set of basic pre-established rules that are in place to ensure the health of the network as a whole. Read more.

EOS Detroit Events

Defining Wealth for an Alternative Economy:

On August 21, EOS Detroit hosted and live-streamed another event in Detroit at Red Door. This event was really incredible as 45 Detroiters gathered at Red Door Digital community center to discuss how we collectively define wealth and how blockchain technology could be used to develop new pathways to a type of wealth that doesn’t rely on the exploitation of humans and the extraction of resources from communities. Our Chief Community Officer Ingrid LaFleur led the discussion as Detroiters participated in an exercise in future visioning in the form of a co-creation session to architect new alternative economies for a just society. Watch the livestream here.

EOS Tribe and shEOS to Visit Detroit in September:

On September 15th, Jessica Houlgrave from shEOS will be flying into Detroit just in time for a Blockchain Babes Who Brunch meetup in the afternoon with our EOS Detroit Chief Community Officer Ingrid LaFleur and other women visionaries in Detroit. Later on in the evening, EOS Detroit in partnership with shEOS will be hosting a live event at Red Door Digital community center and live-streaming it on our EOS Detroit Youtube channel.

Just 3 days later on September 18th, Steve Floyd from EOS Tribe will be presenting “The State of Blockchain Usability” to Detroiters at Red Door Digital community center which will also be live-streamed on our EOS Detroit Youtube channel.

Featured Airdrop of the Week

Airdrops are additional tokens that are distributed to EOS token holders. New projects can bootstrap a user base for their DApp while avoiding the complexity of selling tokens via the traditional ICO method. Projects may withhold founder tokens that can provide a runway for the development team. Market participants then decides the fair market value of airdropped tokens for themselves.

EOS Bet:

EOSBet is building a commercial-scale casino and innovative gaming platform on the EOS blockchain that offers a fully feeless, trustless, and permissionless gaming architecture, allowing users to place bets in EOS at zero cost and have absolute certainty all games are 100% fair. EOSBet addresses the shortcomings of both traditional online gambling companies and other cryptocurrency casinos, mainly: high fees, lack of trust and censorship resistance, and an inability to scale and provide a fun player experience.

What problems are EOSBet Solving?

Problem with other online gaming sites:
Difficulties and problems with withdrawals.

EOSBet Solution:
EOSBet offers instant withdrawals and deposits. Their website will conveniently integrate with our partner Scatter, the leading browser-based EOS wallet. To start a game, the player calls a function on the contract and sends EOS. The game will instantly process and if you won, the funds will be send directly from the contract to your EOS account.

Problem with other online gaming sites:
Games are not verifiably fair and are sometimes outright rigged.

EOSBet Solution:
Every element of their platform, including all their games, is fully transparent and verifiably fair. Their source code is openly viewable on their GitHub page, and will be audited by multiple independent parties before full release. Their games are immutable smart contracts operating on the EOS.IO blockchain, fully viewable beforehand and entirely verifiable during and after gaming sessions.

Problem with other online gaming sites:
Burdensome sign up process and verification.

EOSBet Solution:
If you have an account with any EOS application you’re good to go! If not, or if you want to create a separate private account, sign up easily with just a few clicks. They will never ask for any intrusive information from their players!

Problem with other online gaming sites:
Platforms are highly centralized and trusted.

EOSBet Solution:
Operations take place on the EOS.IO blockchain, an entirely distributed and censorship-resistant network. EOSBet utilizes a decentralized governance system and puts decision making in the hands of their users and token holders.

The Tokens

EOSBet is taking a unique approach to their method of token distribution. They are hosting an ICO (initial coin offering) while also doing an “interactive airdrop.” BET tokens allow holders to receive dividends from game profits and serves as a voting mechanism for their decentralized governance protocol. 70% of all profit will be distributed to BET holders in proportion to the number of tokens they hold. The remaining 30% will be used for game development, RAM/CPU space, marketing, legal costs, and bankroll funding.

Players play with EOS tokens and could soon have the ability to risk other tokens such as BTC. EOSBet is live in beta right now and for every 5 EOS you risk, you get 1 BET bonus. They also have a referral program that lets you earn free tokens by referring friends.

For more information about airdrops, we encourage you to visit AirdropsForEOS.

At EOS Detroit, we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the EOS ecosystem. In an effort to keep the community up to speed on the latest breaking news and updates we produce The Weekly Airdrop, an EOS focused research report.

If you didn’t read The Weekly Airdrop last week, you can find it here.

You can also Subscribe to The Weekly Airdrop to receive them directly by email.

Please contact [email protected] to report inaccuracies.

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