EOS Tri-Weekly Update 8/20/18 - First Mobile Dapp, Paid Accounts, BP Vigilance

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* First Mobile Dapp Coming to Apple App and Google Play Stores

* New Games - EOSBet Beta & EOS Knights Launch

* GreyMass Wallet 0.5.0 Release

* Worker Proposal Team Announcement


* Dan Larimer on Paid Accounts & RAM

* BP Compliance and Productivity

* New Video Series, EOS DevCon, Civil Society and More

Re-Voting for BPs

* Tool for Checking Vote Decay


* First Look - Constitution Referendum Series


TradeStuff Coming to Mobile App Stores

Built by OCI and EOSOCAL, TradeStuff will enable anyone to trade items without user fees, all from a mobile phone:

Read more about the announcement here from OCI or visit the website.

New Games - EOSBet Beta & EOS Knights Launch

Two releases by different companies, both among the first to release playable games for EOS.

Decentralized gaming on the first blockchain capable of scaling requirements - see EOS Knights and EOSBet websites to learn more.

GreyMass Wallet 0.5.0 Release

The popular EOS desktop wallet has been updated. Release note highlights from the GitHub:

Always download updates directly from the official GitHub.

Worker Proposal Team Announcement

Community volunteers have been building the process and software for EOS worker proposals since before launch. Should the WPS launch, or will some/all of the 4% inflation be burned? Learn more about potential projects and options in their announcement.


In EOS Telegram general chat, Dan hinted at paid accounts:

And discussed a community favorite topic:

Over in the EOS BP Compliance channel, Ben shared data:

In the Developers channel, EOS DevCon was announced:

EOS Voter Proxies channel saw more information about non-performing block producers:

Screenshot (452).png

And a new EOS video series released:

Knights and wizards made an appearance in EOS BlockPros:

Members of the new EOS Alliance channel continued their rigorous discussion on all manner of topics. On the Alliance and block.one:

Yasser posted his thoughts on a civil society:

Finally, in EOS BP Infrastructure, Aneta shared a BP contributions list:

Re-Voting for BPs

EOS Authority offers a tool to check account vote decay.

Reminder - check up on block producers periodically or find a good proxy who will, and re-vote to keep EOS healthy!

If voting for a proxy, full voting power isn't restored when the proxy votes - only when the account is re-voted for the proxy.


Now that the launch announcement is live, EOS Alliance is proud to release the first referendum series. Though the series had to be delayed from last week to make way for the Alliance mainstream media announcement, a first look video presentation was offered at the EOS Ignite conference explaining what the series will look like. Post with more information is coming within 24 hours.

Thank you for following the EOS Tri-Weekly Update - let's work together towards a better EOS!

Read previous update here.

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