EOS JRR's Code Of Conduct and Ownership disclosure

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EOSJRR is the block producer(BP) on the EOS main net,now we are publishing the EOSJRR Code of Conduct and disclosure information.

Code Of Conduct

We are committed to build the EOS ecosystem, enhancing the value of EOS through technology innovation, community governance and education.

Holding a neutral, balanced worldview.
Neither radical nor conservative, keeping a balance between diversity and consistency.

All of our BP decisions and actions will be open and transparent.

We protect the interest of all EOS token holders.
We follow the EOS constitution and the decisions of the community.
We obey and enforce all published arbitration decisions and avoid commenting on reasonable arbitration.

Keep financial independence and never controlled by any outside investors.
Be independent in decision-making and management, never interfering or seeking alliance with other BP(s). We will try to promote community autonomy and maintain community
We oppose vote buying, cheating, manipulation of multiple BP accounts, and support for voting promotion neutrally.

Investing for the future
Committed to long-term investment in EOS, instead of short-term benefits.
Investing in education to creates a new future for the young generation.

Ownership disclosure

EOS JRR is jointly owned by JRR Crypto and Shanghai Magic Orange Network Technology Co.Ltd. And the Chief operation manager is Mr. Alvin Chan.

Chinese version

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