Constitution Referendum Series — Week 1

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Welcome to EOS Alliance! We serve under our mission - Empowering EOS For All - to help inform community members and provide a platform for collaborative decision making.

Our first initiative is the open Constitution Referendum Series - a twelve week organizational framework for everyone to help shape the future of EOS. Mission: to curate an open process ensuring broad community participation in drafting, discussing, revising, and publishing at least two Constitution drafts for consideration by referendum.

Week 1 involves outreach about the series, allowing all community members a chance to learn and understand how they can become involved.

What You Need to Know

Interested community members may start by attending one of our open video conference calls offered during Week 2. Each call will cover the same content; please choose and attend only one call to leave room for other community members.

Initial call schedule:

Monday August 27 at 1300 UTC:
60 minutes in English and Mandarin Chinese.
Zoom conference link:
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Tuesday August 28 at 0100 UTC:
60 minutes in English and Korean.
Zoom conference link:
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Video conference goals:

Show participants how to take an article of a constitution and break it down to: values, core beliefs, and design principles. See current constitution design principles here.
Encouraging community members to self-organize into 5-7 person working groups in preparation for Week 3, to break down individual constitution articles to their design principle level.

Learn more about EOS constitution options:

Current v1 constitution:

Proposal v2 constitution by Daniel Larimer:


EOS Alliance volunteer form for anyone who would like to do work with the Alliance.
Want to stream video calls and write summaries on your own channels?Sign up here to volunteer — we will publish your broadcast information on our channels to help community members find all summary options.
If you are unable to attend a video conference call, please follow along through summaries and videos. Further opportunities could come available at certain checkpoints throughout the Constitution Referendum Series.

If you are unable to attend a video conference call, please follow along through summaries and videos. Further opportunities could come available at certain checkpoints throughout the open Constitution Referendum Series.

Full Series Tentative Schedule:

Week 1: Announce series, distribute information about Week 2 video conference calls.
Week 2: Open video conference calls multiple times per week in English, Chinese and Korean languages, help form working groups of 5-7 members.
(From this point forward the schedule is speculative)
Week 3 Goal: break down individual constitution articles into their design principle elements. Publish summaries of findings in multiple languages.
Week 4 Goal: discover common values, design principles, and core beliefs across current v1 constitution, v2 proposal from Daniel Larimer, and other offerings and suggestions from the community.
Week 5 Goal: Establish design clusters - the most important 2-3 values and principles to work from for later building articles of either a unified v3+ constitution, or two (or more) internally consistent alternative constitutions.
Weeks 6 - 9 Goal: “Articles and Explanations” - working groups build candidate constitution drafts from design clusters. Alternative perspectives on what the constitution should say and do are respected. Each is given its best possible articulation.
Week 10 Goal: Revise, publish and distribute candidate constitutions. Ideally, these are in a form where they could be voted on in a referendum.
Weeks 11 - 12: Community members openly campaign for their constitution of choice.

After this process, it will be time to VOTE for our EOS constitution. All draft versions will be put up for token holder vote after week 12 via the referendum system.

Winning constitution is the first to receive 15% token holder vote for 30 days, within a 120 day window.

Coming soon — professional translation of this announcement into Chinese and Korean.

Want to help? Please share or translate this for every member in your community — let’s work together to promote an open and inclusive process. Everyone should have a voice in EOS.

Questions? Please email [email protected] or chat with us on the following channels:

Telegram — Twitter  Website — Steemit

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