Securing a Decentralized and Prosperous EOS

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  • Currently, EOS has a very top-heavy vote distribution.
  • Many highly qualified BP’s are not making the cut-off for Standby.
  • As a result, we are in danger of losing entire teams of Block Producers.
  • Voters must take action now to avoid a significant loss of talent and infrastructure which has been deployed to support the network.

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In EOS, voting is the critical first pillar of governance.

Stakeholders must select the best Block Producer candidates from a sizeable pool of contenders measured by several criteria such as competence, integrity, transparency, geography, benevolence, and other factors.

The current top 70 block producer vote distribution reveals a poor distribution of votes, resulting in a high concentration of voting power at the top.

At the time of writing, there are 21 elected and 31 backup BP's. EBP's average about 51 Million votes per BP, the backup BPs an average of 24 Million votes per BP.

As it stands, there are numerous unfilled backup BP positions.

The average number of candidates per vote is currently 13. Conversely then, the average number of unused votes per voter is 17.

"If you are not voting for at least 15 Block Producers, you are leaving the network vulnerable to attacks."

– Dan Larimer

Where We Are Headed If We Don’t Resolve This Soon

BP's are now having to face the harsh reality of shutting their doors permanently as a result of not making the minimum 0.5% vote threshold.

These are qualified BP’s that were involved in testing for many months and bringing EOS live; many of them have made considerable investment in bare-metal / hybrid infrastructure, and ultimately, all these teams represent vast amounts of talent and experience that we as a community simply cannot afford to sacrifice.

We believe in EOS and want to see it succeed for the collective benefit. We by no means wish to detract from the success of the BP’s that have garnered widespread support. The fact of the matter is simply that having more teams able to maintain and continue to run block producer infrastructure will make EOS a more resilient and decentralized network.

For the network to benefit from a greater breadth of development, bring more top talent, alternative visions, and a wealth of innovation to the ecosystem as a whole, to energize and draw from diverse populations around the world, we need to ensure that competent BP’s are occupying a greater number of the 100 backup positions.

What You Can Do About It Now

First and foremost, if you have voted for less than 30 BP’s, we as a group strongly recommend adding additional BP’s to your vote. This does not even require that you change your existing vote, but it will help add diversity to the network. Many BP’s and community members have come out in support of their top 30 picks.

Even better, you can look at the rankings and identify BP’s that are below 11 million votes, these are the BP’s that require votes the most in order to remain active on the network.
BP’s with over 44 million votes will not suffer from this rebalancing and everyone wins with a more diverse network.

Here is a list of top-quality block producer candidates under the minimum vote threshold for backup, that we urge you to consider voting for.

To EOS Community Members who;

Wish to improve the health of the EOS network;
Have not voted for 30 block producers;
Have not voted at all;
& Have already voted.

We ask you to please consider your votes, with a wider distribution in mind!
The long term success of the EOS Blockchain may well depend on it.


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Is it true that top EOS BPs are making up to $300,000 worth of EOS per month at current market prices? If so, why don't they distribute some of this manually to other BPs to ensure they can continue working on the project?

Well I only had 5 spare votes but they have all been allocated to BPs below the red line now.

Conspicuously absent from this post is a link to a web page listing the BPs with a link next to the name allowing one to vote with one click. I haven't voted yet because I'm lazy, I don't feel like doing hard work to vote.

I run a steem witness and when I ask people to vote for my witness I do not expect them to scour the web and spend hours trying to find out how to do that. I offer them a simple link to approve @lux-witness with one click :

Give me a link like that for whoever you want me to vote for and I 'll consider. Don't expect me to care more that that.

I dont remember SteemIt had SteemConnect API when mainnet had launch and initial witnesses had to be voted... You as a witness being arrogant this much with so little bit respect towards past and beginning of a Graphene based dPoS chain, is for me critical as much as EOS BPs having not enough votes.

If nothing less, respect towards Author of the BP right here on Steem that gives you every months 7k STEEM and help him by voting BPs on co-related project, would be at least what you can do.


DL the Asshole.

Who gives me every month 7K steem ? And more crucially, where are those because if someone gives me every month 7K steem I'll gladly do my part and vote for them with both hands even if I had to use a CLI ... We are currently around position 110 and making about 25 STEEM a month, not even enough to pay the cost of renting the server.

I checked the list of @lux-witness voters and I see no @eos.detroit among them. Nor do I see @murda-re among them. Start by voting for our witness, it costs nothing and it takes one click and then I'll feel obliged to do you a favor as well. That is what I call respect. Reciprocity is one of the most powerful drivers of human society.

Note that I used "me" in the previous post as an illustration - "I feel too lazy to jump through hoops in order to find out how to vote in EOS" should have been read as "the reason EOS BP candidates struggle to get votes is that many people feel exactly like me - if you want something, better start by giving something."
I don't know why you talk about respect (or lack thereof) but nevermind.

You must be losing a lot on being a witness if you are only getting 25 Steem a month. I guess it is less demanding than a "public RPC node" but maybe you could tell us. How much RAM does your server have and how much hard disc space does the blockchain currently take up?

You can find the exact specs of our witness server in the announcement post for @lux-witness. It's the top offering from (50 GB RAM) and it costs about 30€ / month.

Even if 25 SP < 30€, I wouldn't call that "losing a lot". As explained again in the various posts of @lux-witness the goal was not to make money (although making money is always a nice plus) but to learn

thanks for bringing this to the EOS community's attention. i'll try to look into how i can vote my tokens this weekend.

Hello Gooddaymate we have tools on our website at which can help you vote really easily, we'll even help you with tech support if you get stuck.

I am great fan of #EOS great team and project. Thanks!!

I am still super confused and grasping at the learning curve here.

I am Ovi, I am writing on behalf of EOS Romania, we are small but we worked endless hours to learn about EOS and to help launch mainnet; currently we have a BP up and running: eosromania22.

Our next plans are to:

  1. get enough votes to let us earn the income to extend our current infrastructure (we are running in google cloud mostly because it was the one that won the tests for DOS)
  2. continue to be a EOS supporter, by having the BP running 24/7 and by helping with tools building that will help monitor the chain health and BPs performance. After these tools are secured we will re-evaluate and support dApps development.
  3. put together a full fledged website in which we'll explain our values which align with EOS values; so far we piggy backed on EOS Romania facebook page cause it was the way we could reach the most people with our resources

we are small, we are fully independent, fully transparent, and we have a big heart.

thank you for your vote
EOS Romania"

Salut. Cine sunteți? Sunteți membri pe Discord steemromania ? Poate dacă v-ati face publicitate acolo v-ar vota lumea

salut, pe discord nu am ajuns :)
pe telegram @iamveritas,
pe twitter,
pe FB

avem nevoie de support pe PR sau orice alt domeniu. portile ni-s deschise :)

De "support" de un fel sau altul are nevoie orisicine.

Personal imi place foarte mult steem, mi se pare cel mai bun blockchain (dintr-un punct de vedere "holistic", nu neaparat pe fiecare segment).

Deci ca sa-l parafrazez pe JF Kennedy, "nu va intrebati ce suport pot altii sa va aduca, intrebati-va ce suport puteti voi sa aduceti altora"

hello @eos.detroit can you help me to grow in steemit?

What problem is EOS solving ? Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system allowing people to transfer value across the globe quickly and cheaply. Ethereum allows projects to raise money thanks to the ERC 20 standard. Steem offers direct income to content producers.
What type of user should care about EOS ? What is in it for the tens of thousands of normal "Joe" who bought in the EOS ICO and hold 10 - 100 - 1000 EOS tokens ?

EOS is basically Ethereum with 0.5 second block time and few thousand times better scaling. Just check Ethereum is already congested while EOS is only at 0.04% That's what EOS is doing. It's broadband internet instead of dial-up internet.

So EOS is another platform for projects to do ICOs, this is what I should understand ? I would like to find an easy way to just stake my tokens and forget about them for the next 2 years :)

What is Steem solving ? From creative quality content network with a lot of initial development rewarding its authors to Power and Whale abuse, bots shitshow and spammers society with witnesses such as yourself or Jerry Banfield representing what is so called future of crypto (graphene) ? On the chain that will never delete these posts ?

Amazing. And you are proud to BE FIRST even if you are WRONG.

Have no comments on this. Seriously.


Steemit is solving a very clear problem: direct monetization of content for creators. I know of several non-geeks who have no clue about blockchain and no interest in it but who are bloggers or youtubers.

They used to struggle to monetise their content and had to rely on Google for SEO or for YouTube monetisation and now they are making about as much or more thanks to steem. Problem solved. You cannot argue with that. What you can indeed is to choose to focus on the very real imperfections of the platform.

As in: you need to go from point A to point B and someone offers to rent you a BMW for a price you can't afford. And someone else is lending you a Renault Clio for free. And you come and say: "Yeah, but what problem does that solve, it's not a BMW!"

Why, it allows you to move from A to B which was your initial problem!

Jerry has left as witness and is probably leaving for good. Whale abuse is real but ... "whoever has never sinned, throw the first stone!" The fact that there will be no whale abuse on EOS (when it will start offering any service at all) remains to be proven.

I don't see what the "chain that will never delete posts" comes to do here ... personally I think that is a useful and powerful thing, but you can argue, things are not black or white ...

With that, I cannot help but notice that you chose a petty and despicable tactic. Don't wonder that my respect for you is not increasing. Instead of answering the clear and direct questions I asked, you've tried to snap back with "what about steem?"

I'm asking again: What problem is EOS solving ? If you do not answer I can only infer that EOS is not solving any problem. For which I'm sad, since I do own some EOS tokens, so I would very much like to see EOS come up with something .

On my side I reiterated the problem Steem is solving, it's undeniable, clear and tangible.

So, here it is, I hold a bit upwards of 200 EOS. Please do tell me what is in it for a normal "Joe" like me ? I would love to learn that my investment is not in something that "helps block producers to produce blocks" because I see no point in that (at this moment).

ICOs on Ethereum became a thing because of the broad distribution of "quasi free" ether. Because at first everybody could earn ether by mining with a gaming PC, a whole crowd of young people had ether. This was instrumental in making ICOs (a type of crowdfunding) on Ethereum a thing. But this model cannot be simply transposed to EOS because here only the BPs get "quasi free" EOS. And not even them, I believe the EOS earned by BPs requires heavy specific investment, unlike the early ETH which could be mined with a gaming PC which the miners had anyway already.

So if EOS is very dear, because you either bought it in the EOS ICO or "mined it" following heavy investment, then ICOs on EOS would be more like "Venture Capital" investing than "crowdfunding". What do you think?

I've set up a proxy account to vote for members who don't have the time to properly vett trusted Block Producers. If you want to contribute to the voting process but don't have time to check out who's the best and who's just a whale or exchange, then set your proxy vote to this account:

To EOS Community Members who want to improve the health and security of the EOS network, please consider voting for 30 Block Producers for a wider distribution of voting, or choose a proxy that you feel resonates with what you would want in a blockchain.

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