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RE: Securing a Decentralized and Prosperous EOS

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What problem is EOS solving ? Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system allowing people to transfer value across the globe quickly and cheaply. Ethereum allows projects to raise money thanks to the ERC 20 standard. Steem offers direct income to content producers.
What type of user should care about EOS ? What is in it for the tens of thousands of normal "Joe" who bought in the EOS ICO and hold 10 - 100 - 1000 EOS tokens ?


EOS is basically Ethereum with 0.5 second block time and few thousand times better scaling. Just check Ethereum is already congested while EOS is only at 0.04% That's what EOS is doing. It's broadband internet instead of dial-up internet.

So EOS is another platform for projects to do ICOs, this is what I should understand ? I would like to find an easy way to just stake my tokens and forget about them for the next 2 years :)

What is Steem solving ? From creative quality content network with a lot of initial development rewarding its authors to Power and Whale abuse, bots shitshow and spammers society with witnesses such as yourself or Jerry Banfield representing what is so called future of crypto (graphene) ? On the chain that will never delete these posts ?

Amazing. And you are proud to BE FIRST even if you are WRONG.

Have no comments on this. Seriously.


Steemit is solving a very clear problem: direct monetization of content for creators. I know of several non-geeks who have no clue about blockchain and no interest in it but who are bloggers or youtubers.

They used to struggle to monetise their content and had to rely on Google for SEO or for YouTube monetisation and now they are making about as much or more thanks to steem. Problem solved. You cannot argue with that. What you can indeed is to choose to focus on the very real imperfections of the platform.

As in: you need to go from point A to point B and someone offers to rent you a BMW for a price you can't afford. And someone else is lending you a Renault Clio for free. And you come and say: "Yeah, but what problem does that solve, it's not a BMW!"

Why, it allows you to move from A to B which was your initial problem!

Jerry has left as witness and is probably leaving for good. Whale abuse is real but ... "whoever has never sinned, throw the first stone!" The fact that there will be no whale abuse on EOS (when it will start offering any service at all) remains to be proven.

I don't see what the "chain that will never delete posts" comes to do here ... personally I think that is a useful and powerful thing, but you can argue, things are not black or white ...

With that, I cannot help but notice that you chose a petty and despicable tactic. Don't wonder that my respect for you is not increasing. Instead of answering the clear and direct questions I asked, you've tried to snap back with "what about steem?"

I'm asking again: What problem is EOS solving ? If you do not answer I can only infer that EOS is not solving any problem. For which I'm sad, since I do own some EOS tokens, so I would very much like to see EOS come up with something .

On my side I reiterated the problem Steem is solving, it's undeniable, clear and tangible.

So, here it is, I hold a bit upwards of 200 EOS. Please do tell me what is in it for a normal "Joe" like me ? I would love to learn that my investment is not in something that "helps block producers to produce blocks" because I see no point in that (at this moment).

ICOs on Ethereum became a thing because of the broad distribution of "quasi free" ether. Because at first everybody could earn ether by mining with a gaming PC, a whole crowd of young people had ether. This was instrumental in making ICOs (a type of crowdfunding) on Ethereum a thing. But this model cannot be simply transposed to EOS because here only the BPs get "quasi free" EOS. And not even them, I believe the EOS earned by BPs requires heavy specific investment, unlike the early ETH which could be mined with a gaming PC which the miners had anyway already.

So if EOS is very dear, because you either bought it in the EOS ICO or "mined it" following heavy investment, then ICOs on EOS would be more like "Venture Capital" investing than "crowdfunding". What do you think?