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RE: Securing a Decentralized and Prosperous EOS

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I am Ovi, I am writing on behalf of EOS Romania, we are small but we worked endless hours to learn about EOS and to help launch mainnet; currently we have a BP up and running: eosromania22.

Our next plans are to:

  1. get enough votes to let us earn the income to extend our current infrastructure (we are running in google cloud mostly because it was the one that won the tests for DOS)
  2. continue to be a EOS supporter, by having the BP running 24/7 and by helping with tools building that will help monitor the chain health and BPs performance. After these tools are secured we will re-evaluate and support dApps development.
  3. put together a full fledged website in which we'll explain our values which align with EOS values; so far we piggy backed on EOS Romania facebook page cause it was the way we could reach the most people with our resources

we are small, we are fully independent, fully transparent, and we have a big heart.

thank you for your vote
EOS Romania"


Salut. Cine sunteți? Sunteți membri pe Discord steemromania ? Poate dacă v-ati face publicitate acolo v-ar vota lumea

salut, pe discord nu am ajuns :)
pe telegram @iamveritas,
pe twitter,
pe FB

avem nevoie de support pe PR sau orice alt domeniu. portile ni-s deschise :)

De "support" de un fel sau altul are nevoie orisicine.

Personal imi place foarte mult steem, mi se pare cel mai bun blockchain (dintr-un punct de vedere "holistic", nu neaparat pe fiecare segment).

Deci ca sa-l parafrazez pe JF Kennedy, "nu va intrebati ce suport pot altii sa va aduca, intrebati-va ce suport puteti voi sa aduceti altora"