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RE: Securing a Decentralized and Prosperous EOS

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Conspicuously absent from this post is a link to a web page listing the BPs with a link next to the name allowing one to vote with one click. I haven't voted yet because I'm lazy, I don't feel like doing hard work to vote.

I run a steem witness and when I ask people to vote for my witness I do not expect them to scour the web and spend hours trying to find out how to do that. I offer them a simple link to approve @lux-witness with one click :

Give me a link like that for whoever you want me to vote for and I 'll consider. Don't expect me to care more that that.


I dont remember SteemIt had SteemConnect API when mainnet had launch and initial witnesses had to be voted... You as a witness being arrogant this much with so little bit respect towards past and beginning of a Graphene based dPoS chain, is for me critical as much as EOS BPs having not enough votes.

If nothing less, respect towards Author of the BP right here on Steem that gives you every months 7k STEEM and help him by voting BPs on co-related project, would be at least what you can do.


DL the Asshole.

Who gives me every month 7K steem ? And more crucially, where are those because if someone gives me every month 7K steem I'll gladly do my part and vote for them with both hands even if I had to use a CLI ... We are currently around position 110 and making about 25 STEEM a month, not even enough to pay the cost of renting the server.

I checked the list of @lux-witness voters and I see no @eos.detroit among them. Nor do I see @murda-re among them. Start by voting for our witness, it costs nothing and it takes one click and then I'll feel obliged to do you a favor as well. That is what I call respect. Reciprocity is one of the most powerful drivers of human society.

Note that I used "me" in the previous post as an illustration - "I feel too lazy to jump through hoops in order to find out how to vote in EOS" should have been read as "the reason EOS BP candidates struggle to get votes is that many people feel exactly like me - if you want something, better start by giving something."
I don't know why you talk about respect (or lack thereof) but nevermind.

You must be losing a lot on being a witness if you are only getting 25 Steem a month. I guess it is less demanding than a "public RPC node" but maybe you could tell us. How much RAM does your server have and how much hard disc space does the blockchain currently take up?

You can find the exact specs of our witness server in the announcement post for @lux-witness. It's the top offering from (50 GB RAM) and it costs about 30€ / month.

Even if 25 SP < 30€, I wouldn't call that "losing a lot". As explained again in the various posts of @lux-witness the goal was not to make money (although making money is always a nice plus) but to learn