EOS Voter Distribution using @EOSTITAN new Explorer

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EOS Voter Distribution using @EOSTITAN new Explorer

by @controllinghand (Member of the EOS BP Compliance data/research group)

If you have been following any of my posts you will know that I have been looking into how EOS votes for BPs have been distributed with a special attention to how Whales have voted and to which BPs. And how the overall EOS is distributed.

Since, EOS voting is an ongoing process, this is an ever changing environment. Keeping up with these changes is near to impossible. That is until @EOSTitan came along.

@eostitan a BP Candidate created an awesome voter tracking tool. Please visit the site to see for yourself:

This tool gives you many views into how votes are distributed across the BPs. Here are a few examples.

1) Default view (Top 50 largest accounts, Top 21 BP, including Regular and Proxy votes)

2) What about the top 21 BPs and just small accounts?

This is where things get interesting.

  • Notice StartEOSIOBP has a low count of smaller votes
  • However BPs like EOSNEWYORKIO, EOSAUTHORITY, EOSCANDACOM, EOSDACSERVER have a large amount of small voters

3) OK how about the top 50 whales with no proxy or small voters

  • Notice that HELLOEOSCNBP have the least amount of Whales in the top 50

What about team EOSTitan? I mean they put this tool together after all?

Here is the top 50 Whale votes

  • Obviously they need some more Whale Love.

How about the small voters for team @EOSTitan?

  • This is where you and I can make a difference.

There are 100s of different views you can make with this tool. Things like:

  • what about BPs not in the top 21. Yep you can see that
  • what about the top 100 or 200 account that have voted. Yep you can see that
  • what about just the proxy voters. Yep.

No matter how you want to slice it and dice it to determine who you want to vote for, I recommend that you use this tool to going forward to collect the data you need.

Way to go @EOSTITAN



Apart from promoting a very useful tool - is this post an experiment in upvote buying bots usage?

It seems to be. I'm not sure how that happened? Not that I'm complaining. My guess is if you get one big Whale vote the rest follow? Not sure how to crack that code?

Hmm, that makes for some unpleasant reading. One party seem to have a great deal of control over the BPs, that same party are strongly suspected of some very shady dealings in the recent past....

Which whale are you speaking of?

Bitfinex unless I'm misreading your charts....the bitfinex proxies appear to be casting a large amount of the votes for most of the top producers. Even if they are doing nothing dodgy and it's users allowing them to vote on their behalf I'd say that's ill advised to concentrate so much power in a single entity. I used the word party rather than whale, since there is no way to say who actually owns the tokens in question.

Yeah Bitfinex has a method where they consolidate all of their users votes into a handful of proxy wallets. I'm not 100% how it works since i'm from the USA we are not allowed to use Bitfinex. But from what I hear they have a voting page for EOS and they submit the votes on the users behalf. However, if I was a Bitfinex user I would transfer my EOS to my own wallet where I hold the private key. And then vote. Just to be 100% sure my votes were counted correctly.

That's interesting tool I didn't saw its before. Thanks for sharing.

No problem. But the real credit should go to @EOSTitan. please follow them.

really a good innovative tool to represent the eos votes

wow good information thanks for sharing

My pleasure. Look for more sharing on EOS world soon.

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