Top 100 EOS Hierarchy Update June 25th 2018 (The Whale Impact)

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Top 100 EOS Hierarchy Update June 28th 2018 (The Whale Impact)
by @controllinghand
Updated 6/26/2018
Updated 6/28/2018

Back two months ago I did a study on the top 100 EOS wallet holders.

Also, here was an article I wrote for a comparison to other coins to get a perspective on different distributions.

Now that the EOS main net is live here is an update. I used the data from this site

I did a little more digging using these two site tools.

16 wallets are exchanges

38 Whales voted

Image of Whale

We should require that all exchange have to name their wallets after their exchange name for transparency.

  • Everything in orange is EOS related like BlockOne, Unregistered EOS and eosio.saving whatever that is I have no idea?
  • Everything in blue are exchanges a far and I can tell from my investigation
  • Everything in yellow are Whales that have multiple wallets that are related and in the top 100.
  • Also, I created a column for whales that have voted. if they voted for only 1 BP then I list the BP otherwise I put the number of BPs they voted for.

Whales don't always get their way

Here is a list of how many top 100 whale votes each BP received.

  • zbeosbp11111 received the most whale votes but is only 8 on the current BP list.
  • stateosiobp and eosbixinboot both received 8 whale votes but didn't break into the top 21.

Moral of the story Your VOTE counts! So VOTE!!! "Whales don't always get their way"

However, if you want to be in the top 21 as a BP you need at minimum 1 Whale vote.

  • eosgenblockp is ranked 16th but only received one Whale vote.

tks for your studying. need time to digest. Once the voting can be improved. the situation will be better. Most of us dont want to release private key for voting..

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Hi o/

Thank for your time and work to make the list and share it with the rest of community/s

who is this jedaaaaa ranked 3rd with just 2 votes?
any way to check who voted for jedaaaaaa and if those 2 whales voted for more BPc?

did a resteem, will be following you for updates :)

keep it up :)

that's a great question. I'm not sure?

Also, here was an article I wrote for a

A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus. Martin Luther King Jr

* Also, I created a column for whales that have voted

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Winston Churchill

I used the data from this ![] I did a little more digging using these two site tools

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net/analytics https://eospark

Maybe I'll include this part in my post, which I periodically compile on the basis of studying blogs.