You know any good horror movies?

in entertainment •  2 months ago


I am a bit bored and in the mood for a horror movie

I am browsing through Netflix but nothing is really catching my eye.

You have any recommendations?

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Does it need to be a recent one, a particular subgenre? I know of dozens of ( mainly older ) awesome horror movies.

This ancient post of me might help: what's your favorite scary movie? here's my list of favs


that is quite the list :-)
I have seen a lot of them.

Some years ago I was really into horror movies especially the older ones I was not allowed to watch when I was younger :-)


Same here. Lately I'm less interested in horror, I am working hard to become a more positive person. Nevertheless, I can really enjoy some classics.

I actually included the wrong link. Here's the right one, a longer list:

Enjoy! ;>)

P.S. Not sure if you're into Giallo movies but Suspiria and Profondo Rosso are among my favorites. And if you want any more gialli tips, you know where to find me.

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I recently saw hereditary which was a decent horror flick, the review is up on my blog! I would also recommend checking out A quiet place and IT follows

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I saw that movie as well. It was...different in a good way imo. As it is more like a drama for a long time than a horror movie.

The Descent
The conjuring

All good horrors :)

You should watch some of the videos that I have uploaded here in the past. LOL!

If its still available, check out Train to Busan

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not full on horror... but i enjoyed A Quiet Place.


Hat aufjedenfall Atmosphäre der film, auch eine Empfehlung meinerseits 👍


Dont know this one but will give it a go


This movie is so so so good.

Since the Netflix catalog is not the same for every country I don't know if you could find these where you are but if you have not already watched them, give a chance to:
-Let the right one in
-The Babadook
-It follows
-The Witch
-Get out



I watched Get out and liked it but would not really consider it a Horror movie.

The Babadook I started to watch but the Internet disconected and I did not continue but I have to end it still.

The rest I will check out if the need for scary comes back :-)

if you want goo old 80s horror try Neon Maniacs
You won't be disappointed!


This looks really 80 :-)

The Village (Korean movie) was pretty scary. Not sure if Netflix carries it though.


They did not have it :-(

Guck Dir einfach das ganz normale dt. TV Programm an.
Als ich es zuletzt "genoß", war es ein einziger Horrortrip! ;) ;-)


hab ich gestern. War wirklich horror :-)


Glaube ich sofort! :-)

Somnia antes de despertar, una película realmente buena, tiene mezclado la fantasia junto con terror, la recomiendo, es un chico pequeño, que cuando sueña esos sueños se hacen realidad, el chico a pasado por varias familias debido a que cuando sueña pesadillas, esas pesadillas se comen a la familia que tiene en la actualidad, hasta que consigue una familia que realmente lo ayuda, y pues no tarda en pasar lo sucedido con las anteriores familias pero, su nueva mamà en verdad lo ayudará, es todo no dejaré màs spoiler, saludos:)

The ring or paranormal acitivity or something like that?
Or a good old 'the shining' as a classic!


I have seen all a couple of times already except Paranormal Activity I have "only" seen 1 and 2. I though it got a bit repeativ after that

Ash vs Evil Dead vom Großmeister Sam Raimi.


Ist ne Serie oder?

Ja, ist ne gute Idee


Jap, bietet wirklich alles, was das Herz begehrt.
Das ist wie eine Horror-Version von die nackte Kanone auf Speed.


Hab ich eigentlich bock drauf

My girlfriend suggest you:

Happy death day!

Haha. I just love steemit. How about human centipede. lol

I really don't like horror movies.....they scare me! lol

Hope you find what you're looking for. Enjoy!


lol no that is not my cup of tea :-)

I recommend Monsters, Inc. hehehehe has monsters so it is very scary. 😜


Had just watched it 2 weeks ago :-)

Ist zwar kein Horror aber spannende und teils blutige Filme sind "Mann beisst Hund" oder "Menschenfeind (einer gegen alle)" VG


Mann beisst Hund hatte ich vor ewigkeiten mal gesehen. Den anderen kenn ich nicht.


Wenn Du ihn jetzt wirklich siehst, verfluch mich bitte nicht. Für mich einer der unvergesslichsten, weil
schrecklichsten Filme. Trotzdem kein Müll.


Annihilation. May scare the poop out of you and mentally mess you up a little. May not be fully horror movie, but I know for myself and many viewers there is some very scary scenes you will remember forever. Really great film, go in blind, don't see a trailer, just watch it and thank me later.


Sounds good! Added it to the list for sure. Thx for the tip

One of my all-time favourite horror flicks.

s-l1000 (1).jpg

Ohhh I've got a bunch!! What kind of criteria are you looking for? I can go on and on. Two important things- 1. Are you strictly limited to Netflix? 2. Are you open to foreign films?


No not limited.

As long as it is not pure splatter and works with athomsphere is good for me.

I am open to foreign films but not the old italian ones


There is a French film called Raw that is absolutely amazing. It's so good I actually wrote a review about it here on Steemit. I have written a few different reviews on different horror movies in a series called Tapes From the Crypt, if that's something that would interest you. Anyways, yeah, definitely watch "Raw"

The Creep series are pretty good, Creep 1 and 2

It Follows is another great one that I'm pretty sure is on Netflix(I'm trying to just think of Netflix ones right now)

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil isn't really a horror movie; more a satire; but it's really good.

A Dark Song is amazing. I don't know if it's on Netflix or not though.

Lake Eden is a really good one.

I can go on and on. Let me know if you want more!


Also The Witch if you haven't seen that yet. and Get Out. Those are two recent really good ones.