Does Everyone Have To Learn English?

in english •  5 months ago

English is spoken all over the world. If you have English skills, you can speak with anyone. It is an international language.

So does everyone have to master English?

I don't think everyone has to master English. You might not need to communicate in English in your personal or professional life. But if you just communicate in English, it will open new door for you. You can learn from anyone if she/he communicates in English.


For example, I see many people joining Steemit. They are good content creators, but they are not very good at English. For that reason, they cannot express everything in English. Sometimes they made post in their native language and get support from native Steemians. If they make posts in English, they will definitely get support from people all over the world. English just removes the barriers. You are free to express everything the way you want if you are good at English.

English helps you not only communicate with native English speakers, but also communicate with non-native English speakers because it is the most common second language in the world.

You can reach to the global audience if you master English. You can write, make videos or starts podcast. No matter where you live and what your native language is, everybody will understand you if you communicate in English. You can enjoy this freedom. You will find a lot of opportunity.

Ask yourself what you want. It is up to you whether you want to master English or not. This is your life. Do what you think is best for you.

Thank you so much for reading this so far. If you want to add something or express your thoughts, please comment bellow. Looking forward to connecting with you in the comment section.

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If they make posts in English, they will definitely get support from people all over the world.

True. English is not my native language but I see a huge advantage when you write your posts in English!


Hi @diabolika! Good to see you :)
You can get to know each other and keep in touch with people if you speak English. English gives you more exposure and you can express yourself to anyone.

Thank you for your feedback! See you around!

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