The Pain and Struggle of an Empath Living in a Sick Society

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I'm an Empath - I've known about my abilities for a long long time, but the struggle of having this "gift" is something to be said.

Last night I think I made a mistake by electing to go grocery shopping for my very old father who I take care of. I went to Walmart...

I usually don't go to Walmart, but it's where he likes to shop and his list had specific items from there so I braved it. As soon as I walked in I sensed everyone right away. The pain in people filled me, and I had no way of stopping it.

I know of ways to try and block things out, but it shot in me so fast that I couldn't do anything but absorb.

The pain in peoples eyes are the worst. They're struggling pretty bad. I could see that it was a generation by generation thing too - parents were spreading the disease to their children.

I saw other Empaths too - we recognize each other right away, and the two I saw smiled at me. I don't think they know about what they are, however. It might be best because I've never really found a good use for having this.

So, now I feel it all this morning. Doing everything to get it out of me - I felt it last night too, but it's like being in a car wreck and you don't really feel it until after awhile. I feel it now. I feel sick, depression, anxiety, unbalance, and etc.

I will be ok in a few more hours after I perform some techniques that sends away the disease I absorbed, but really it doesn't help the problem.

The problem is our society. And this isn't anything new - we live in the realm of suffering, but it doesn't have to be this way is what bothers me. If each person recognized their illness, and participation in the continuing process of this suffering then the world would change.

LOVE is the foundation of the Creator/Universe - it is within everything - and this suffering has been the nudger to get us off our butts to move towards the Light.

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” - Lao Tzu

I'm not a perfect person. I try to rid myself of the disease as well, but I feel that if people just understood these things then the effort would be a beginning, and we would see things change fast.

The powers-that-be who perpetuate things like poverty, war, and etc would lose their power, or at least desire to do those things if they too tried to be healed, because they're sick too.

Here are traits of an Empath

  • Random mood swings even though you have no idea why. You search for possible reasons why you may be feeling the way you do and attach labels that don't really fit.
  • In crowds, your emotions run high and change often--you get anxiety-ridden, panicky, frustrated, angry. You may want to be in a large crowd, but every time you do, you end up feeling tired (and it's because you emotionally run a marathon of different emotions).
  • People seek you out to confide in you
  • People like being around you, but every time they are, they end up talking about their problems/issues and yet, your problems/issues are rarely spoken of, if at all.
  • You have a need to make everyone feel better/feel happier and take steps to make it happen
  • You somehow just "know" what people need to hear in order to feel better about themselves
  • You have difficulty expressing your own emotions and much prefer to focus on someone else
  • You often ignore people's bad treatment of you--explaining it away because they need you, and on some level, that's enough for you.
  • You are the natural healer, helper & you always sacrifice for others. You NEED to help people.
  • You are a magnet/receptacle for negative energy. Not because you started out feeling negative, but because others need a place to put their negative energy (and there you were, ready to receive it!).
  • You don't like feeling bad/down/negative/sad, but you feel resigned & believe it to be part of your lot in life
  • You are the natural animal lover! You love animals--they make you feel happy and a love that feels like pure innocence.
  • You are a "nature baby." Being in the country, by the water, at the beach, a good rain storm, etc.--anything to do with nature brings you a sense of peace that you just crave.


Anyway, one technique I'm going to perform today is painting. I haven't painted in years, but after I got back last night I realized I should paint something positive and put Love/Light into the world. Perhaps this is why I am an Empath. :)


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I very much relate to this, having been given a sense of hypersensitivity, empathy and other unusual qualities. The state of the world is very difficult to be in right now. For me it has felt like walking a tightrope with the dark abyss on one side and ecstasy on the other. I’ve found this to be incredibly hard but also in a way a great blessing. I’m not sure if I can really explain why. Best wishes.

You might try mindfulness meditation. Eckhart Tolle's audio book "Practicing the Power of Now" is an excellent resource

Have you tried imagining a bubble of white light around you, before you go out and are around people? I'm curious to know whether that helps.

I have! I forgot about that one. From the heart - I've imagined the Light within expands beyond and forms a sort of force field. I actually did that back in 2005 when in Mexico on my honeymoon with my ex, and hurricane Wilma came through and hit us. As the storm was howling and tearing the building apart I was one of the men in the room full of people sleeping that was holding up mattresses against the window to protect everyone, and in the night I did this and that room was the only one that was spared any damage. I know this isn't the example of how to protect one from the people in everyday life, but it was powerful enough to push off a deadly hurricane, so it would work for every day empathic living too. Thanks @kiwideb for bringing this up.

I feel some of this myself. How do you block it? It's very draining.

If out and about I found music, and breath work helps the best.
If I'm sitting somewhere then crossing legs seems to help.
Repeating mantras in the mind like saying the word "love, love, love, love" helps me.
Also, just eating well and taking care of one self helps arm up.
Taking along a positive friend helps.
These are some things...

Exercise works well as well.

I can totally relate with you on this. I liken it to the psychologist who listens (and takes in) others problems all day, sometimes getting off works those stories/emotions stick with you. On the flip, there's much greater enjoyment when seeing or sharing the positive times (especially the Ah Ha moments) of others.

Def a double edged sword though.

In response to the other comment on how to block it...
I need 'me' time...something that I can fall into 'mindlessly' whether it be a game or meditate into my 'happy place' for a while. I view this more of me 'getting back in tune' with my surroundings/universe.

Thank you @sykochica. Funny you mention psychologist, that's what I wanted to do before getting into a design career path. But yeah, an empath would make for a good psychologist if they were skilled enough to healing through absorption and then knowing how to release it so that it doesn't destroy them. And yeah - I've personally been one who/when someone is with me and I am simply listening and taking in their pain - I can see the relief come and that alone really does have a good feeling.

Great comment. Thank you for that. :)

Nice article. I believe way too many empaths are suffering from their gift. We really need to find ways to protect and even more important to empower ourselves. I believe once we managed to do that we can really change the world. I know myself How hrd it is, but I managed.