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RE: The Pain and Struggle of an Empath Living in a Sick Society

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I can totally relate with you on this. I liken it to the psychologist who listens (and takes in) others problems all day, sometimes getting off works those stories/emotions stick with you. On the flip, there's much greater enjoyment when seeing or sharing the positive times (especially the Ah Ha moments) of others.

Def a double edged sword though.

In response to the other comment on how to block it...
I need 'me' time...something that I can fall into 'mindlessly' whether it be a game or meditate into my 'happy place' for a while. I view this more of me 'getting back in tune' with my surroundings/universe.


Thank you @sykochica. Funny you mention psychologist, that's what I wanted to do before getting into a design career path. But yeah, an empath would make for a good psychologist if they were skilled enough to healing through absorption and then knowing how to release it so that it doesn't destroy them. And yeah - I've personally been one who/when someone is with me and I am simply listening and taking in their pain - I can see the relief come and that alone really does have a good feeling.

Great comment. Thank you for that. :)