BOGOMIL VARIATIONS 11 to 15 (in a series of 15)

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Cooperative artwork by Otto Rapp and Michael Wolik

The final installment of this 3-part blog

Bogomil Var-11-web1600.jpg
49f5289ab2da4c560db41cafb35aabb8-2-small-80.png BOGOMIL VARIATION 11

Created in 2012, Bogomil Variations are a set of cooperative works by Artist Otto Rapp (Canada/Austria) and Artist/Photographer Michael Wolik (USA). Otto Rapp provided the original artworks, paintings and drawings, and Michael Wolik transformed them digitally into design variations.

The process of taking a scan from an original traditional artwork and transforming it digitally, as opposed to producing a digital work from scratch, is that it retains all the textural qualities of the original, that is, brush strokes and marks, and pencil marks. The finished product retains that 'handmade' look of traditional art.

Bogomil Var-12-web1600.jpg
49f5289ab2da4c560db41cafb35aabb8-2-small-80.png BOGOMIL VARIATION 12

Bogomil Var-13-web1600.jpg
49f5289ab2da4c560db41cafb35aabb8-2-small-80.pngBOGOMIL VARIATION 13

49f5289ab2da4c560db41cafb35aabb8-2-small-80.pngBOGOMIL VARIATION 14

Bogomil Var-15-web1600.jpg
49f5289ab2da4c560db41cafb35aabb8-2-small-80.pngBOGOMIL VARIATION 15

I just recently "re-discovered" these images in my files, so I thought I share them with my Steemian friends.

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Bogomil Var-1-web-thumb350.jpg


The entire set, consecutively numbered, consists of 15 images.
10 images are derived from black and white pencil drawings, and 5 images are derived from a acrylic painting.


“Collaborations work best this way; when there's a mutual desire to see what the other side adds. You know that what you're making on your own has value but the sum is more than the parts and every part knows it.” ― Questlove, Creative Quest

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thank you!

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Thank you!

I love your color choices! The detail is quite wonderful. I'm so glad that you brought it to my attention, I would have probably missed it otherwise. And your artwork is far too amazing to miss!

Thanks - glad you like it !
This is the painting from which the digital work is derived:

Strange faces of Bogomil * ___ * He goes into a spin through our eyes and refracted and reformed and becomes mystical <3

Let me suggest a name for the post.
I think the name “Experiences of visual aggression” is a good fit :-)

hmmm - I have problems with minimalism, am afflicted with horror vacuii, so am filling all spaces. Some may find this aggressive, because entering my world, there is no place to relax. Boring would definitely not fit - and that is what minimalism evokes in me: ennui . To each his own. But I sooner be excited than bored.

It seems my joke was not good :)

haha - I was definitely not trying to be aggressive, and these images, while quite busy, are not even comparable to some of my work that would indeed fit the label to some extend (for some), i.e. my early phase of "scare-the-neighbors" art. Like this one (surprisingly though the best seller on my print market):

It was just a play on words.
Let's call it "Experiments of visual impact"

Awesome art! :D


The first image reminds me of one of those bed-bugs you don't want to know about

but you would know them if they bite you!