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From my artistic phase that I like to call "Scare the Neighbors" way back in the early seventies, comes this painting, called DETERIORATION OF MIND OVER MATTER:

Some time ago, it inspired the editors of List 25 to put it into a video about "25 DISTURBING Art Pieces That Challenge People’s Sanity" - what is particularly flattering is that not only did the use my painting as the title image, but I am also the only "unknown" artists among giants of art history.
Check it out on YouTube here:

You can find this work on my website here: with links for available prints. On Pixels/Fine Art America it is my best selling print!

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This is totally freaking me out! Amazing art...


Thank you - at the time I painted it, this was supposed to be the purpose ..... but I am not so sure about someone that had it tattooed on his leg (sent me the pic on Facebook), that I think is a bit extreme, lol


I'm not so sure I would sigilize myself with that... lol

Nice to meet you here with your great art