Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric #7: Charged Planets (Outer Solar System) | Space News

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Charged Planets in the Outer Solar System. Jupiter's magnetic fields are much stronger than they thought...

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I am not part of the thunderbolt project I just really like what they are doing and decided to share the research with our STEEM community. This is the most current video in the series so as soon as they post number eight I will share it here with you.

Here are the other posts so you can catch up on the subject.

1 Cosmic Magnetic Fields

2 Filaments in space

3 Cosmic jets

4 Light bulbs

5 Pulsars

6 charged planets inner solar system

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Man! That's really cool!
Happy to see people fascinated like me about astrophysics and astronomy!
Thanks for joining my stream today!

@svdsdragunov I am glad it found your stream... It is indeed an interesting subject.

Its electric and magnetic ask Nikoli Tesla...1525397553298.jpg

great shot there really shows the scale from the small the the vast.... The electric universe is what Tesla observed and tried to share with us... We will overcome the silly need to pay for electricity soon.

Sir, I hope you are well, I liked one more video today, Sir, there are really many things to learn in videos. I liked one more thing. That is the point: I am not part of the thunder project, which is really They have decided and have decided to share research with our STEEM community.
Thank you Sir, for further research.

I am well thank you for asking :) I found the thunderbolt project a few weeks ago and found what they are sharing to be so amazing and I feel compelled to share it with others in the hopes it opens some eyes to the abundance of electric energy that freely flows through out the universe. With this much abundance of flow it is a crime that we must pay for electric use here on this planet.

Thank you for the reply to sir. Yes, Sir, just talking.
I want Apna's research successful.

i have read all of your post about electricity. i think you have a great knowledge about it. i learn many things from your post

I am learning also, it is indeed an interesting subject and makes one think about how we can harness that abundance of electricity and stop paying for it.

outer solar system is a great cause of earth being electric

indeed it is all connected, I am curious to visualize the connections what do it look like.

Do you happen to know Ben D. or the Thunderbolts? Suspicious0bservers??

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Almost all cosmic plasmas that have been studied seem to be penetrated by magnetic fields.
Thumbs 003.jpg

That's really cool!!!