Dear steemians, Can you help a brother out?

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Recently I've been chilling around, not doing much work. I came to the decision to give myself some self-time. Its been almost one month now and I'm doing some small amounts of work to get by.

I'm a bit stuck on something, so if I can have your feedback at the end of this Article it would mean a lot to me <3

I did this in order to align myself towards something I really want to do in life. Of course, that something is related towards income, not that I want it to be, rather it is necessary. Heck if I could go to Tibet and be a monk I'd do that but I don't envision that as a life goal.

The thing is that I'm looking for a job opportunity if it can even be named as such.

And these are my two options at the moment being.

Option 1 [The "Normal" path/way]

Currently, I have the option to move out of my city and find a half decent job that pays good enough to support my life. Although, the thing is that I've done that a lot of times and working on a job with a repetitive work cycle block a lot of mental functions. For example, my last long-term job was in a Call Center, back then I used to talk to more than 50 people per day, doing the same stuff, telling people the same things, over and over again.


At one point I started to realize that the junk I was telling people had started predominating my mental space.

Therefore, the off days were days for me where I used to rejuvenate and ground my ambitions back into place. Only to have them wiped out for the next week.

Also, my employers wanted me to obviously lie to the majority of people in order to not lose clients and income. That went against my morals so I ended up quitting in the end. Just because I didn't feel good knowing that I lie to people.

This would be the main reason I dodge most job offers, I hate it when I have to be dishonest from the name of someone else. And in the end, get treated like a sack of potatoes.

I'm just stating this as an option, although my aim is more at Option 2.

Option Two [The "Not-Normal" path/way]


For the past two years, I've spent almost every day of my life studying philosophy, psychology, hermetic alchemy, inner engineering, shamanism, Buddhism, Mysticism, Empiric Philosophy spiritual traditions and more, whilst going through a right of Awakening [Shaktipat/Kundalini]. I've learned so much about the world through different eyes that at points everything started to lose sense.

I've had many opportunities to help people, although I never set that as a main agenda/goal, even though I knew I could do good for others.

Mainly because I didn't feel ready to do that.

Even my writings on steemit aren't orientated towards that, most of them are just scribbles to keep some consistency that takes me no more than 20/30 minutes to write nowadays.

The thing is that I love helping people in my own special way, I know I can do that because I've done it many times. And there is nothing more priceless than seeing how someone turns blissful, just because they found a way to go beyond a block in their life. The feeling you get in return goes beyond gratitude.

But never have I ever asked for money, Most of the times I've never even told people that I'm helping them. I just say things that fit the issue and let them connect the puzzle by themselves, afterward watching from afar like a ghost. And I have my reasons for doing that.

The thing is that Its hard for me to tell people "I want to help you", "pay me". Directly or indirectly. That shifts the WHOLE thing, it shifts the perception within people and is almost impossible to do your job properly, just because money starts to be criteria and the focus of people gravitates around/towards it, rather than looking at salvation.

I wanted to be a psychologist, yet I don't have the permit for that. The only thing I have is a history of suffering that is backing me with experience that goes beyond learning things through summarizing blocks of text.

A friend of mine went to a psychologist several weeks ago and shared with me that the guy told him to buy a Car in order to boost his Ego. Also giving him some pills.

I'm sorry, but I can't accept that as proper advice.

I also can't tell people I'm a Shaman or a Guru or whatever, just because I know that I am only human like everyone else. The prefix itself is only used to align people towards seeing a person in a specific light, therefore eliminating a lot of back though.

So My Question to you lovely people is

I know that Option Two is my calling, but my calling goes against social regulations and it goes against money.

I'd love to work with people and help them find themselves but I cant live without money, even If I wanted to.

So, my question is, given the aforementioned, how can I make option two work out for me ? I've been thinking about this for quite the time now and can't seem to find any descent approach.

I'd really appreciate any feedback <3

Much Love to you All !

Thanks for reading!

I try to keep my content as Original as possible, also I never use up voting automation. If you get an up vote from me, then I love what you do !


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I’m not sure what’ a the best solution to your worries, but I do hope you can follow your heart and find the answer! Pray for u! 😘

Nice post bro <3 @vangelov

This is extremely hard question. There is no definite right or wrong answer.
For the rest I will swich to bulgarian.

Както казах, няма правилен отговор. Ти познаваш най добре ситуацията в която се намираш и какви са приоритетите ти – дали комфорта и сигурността са важни, дали други зависят от теб, колко е важна тази мечта за теб и колко болка и несгоди си готов да понесеш, и ако има хора които зависят от теб те готови ли са да търпят несгодите заедно с теб заради мечтата ти ?
Както казах няма правилен отговор но ако тръгнеш по този път ще си заслужава само ако имаш сила да го минеш целият, Набоков го е казал добре:

I really respect why you donot wish to charge people when you are helping them/ offering healing. I don't think you should do option 1, cos life is too short, I say do option 2 and ask for donation, or only charge what people can afford to pay, as some people do have more money than others. Come to agreement with the people you work with, give yourself a time frame and see how it goes.
You'll be surprised what will come your way.
I hope this helps x

This is a really tough question without knowing your credentials in business or credentials in helping people in the context that you're eluding to. There are so many variables to each option as I'm sure you are aware. In general I would say that you may be able to find something that you like and you might be able to browse online the options for that before you makes the move regarding option 1. Maybe check linkedin or For option #2, that may be a bit more difficult. When I had an undergrad class on eastern religion over half the class dropped out because they either didn't get the material or just weren't interested. When I stayed in an ashram they were going broke because they didn't have much interest either. What there is an interest in is yoga postures without the yoga (along this income context.) Some writers made out pretty good like Ken Wilber and echart tolle so that may be worth a shot. Or, I would look into NLP training in your area which may allow you to circumvent some degrees in therapy and open a practice integrating their therapy methods with some ideas of your own?

I wanted to be a psychologist, yet I don't have the permit for that. The only thing I have is a history of suffering that is backing me with experience that goes beyond learning things through summarizing blocks of text.

What you said above, I can 100% relate to that. I love psychology too and I wish I had studied it in my bachelors so I had a proper certification and degree in it now and could work as a psychiatrist. For a long time, I was dismayed by this and regretted not understanding what I really wanted to do back then when I had the time to get a degree related to what I wanted. However, sometime back I found out that it is never too late to pursue what you really want to. There are lots of diplomas and certifications you can do now that will help you become a certified authority in psychology. Since people look at the qualifications instead of seeing the person's knowledge, havigna certification in an area is somewhat necessary. You could get a life coach training because it aligns with your calling. This way you could help out people and even make money. Also, you don't always have to charge people for the help you offer them. You can do some free of cost work too and meanwhile you can charge for some of your sessions and help too. If you live alone, you can turn a part of your house into an office where you can meet people. Also, create a website related to your work where you can talk about how your work can help people in different areas of their life. There can be a separate category/ page for shamanism, psychology etc. You can promote it here on your blog on Steemit and in your social circle too. I am trying to do the same nowadays so gave you all the tips I am using.

I want to be a motivational speaker and writer. While the writing part I do here on Steemit, I need to start making my videos too and actually speak in seminars, workshops too. I took a baby step towards this goal by doing a free of cost workshop in my son's school on his open day. It was a success. There, I gave my business cards to all the interested mothers and women who work so they contact me if they want a speaker to give a session in their office. My husband and I have also turned a room in our house as our little office in case someone drops by to talk to us and that office mainly serves as his office. We live in a 2 room house so it is tough for us but we manage :) Hope this helps.

MMM< that is a tough one.. yes its hard to help and feel intergrous when you need to charge.. the same can be said for healing! \

My BEST advice, which has worked well for me with my healing work is to just work on DONATION.. That way when they feel helped they will give, maybe more than would have charged.. and everyone is happy..

Removing that pressure makes all the difference, and you can say if they don't feel helped that they don't have to pay anything

Best of luck with this!


I think you made a great point here. And I want to add something too. Maybe working as a healer can give you the best of the two paths, I've been a healer since before I realized that even existed, and after that never even asked for a donation, because it's true that the mixing of money and healing can be a tough call, specially for people who don't think they have to pay what you ask for, instead they want to make that choice for you. So it's indeed a hard choice and I'm going to speak about my experience doing so. I never asked for money neither get paid a donation (I didn't ask for it), but I made more money when I realized the work I was doing was worth it and as I became better at it my other works started to bring more money to the table, so it ends up being a "comic superhero" kind of job. You can't rely on it to pay your every bill, but its earnings go way beyond a paycheck. I don't hink I'll ever charge for my work as a healer, because it's the most genuine way I have to help people "change", and if I don't change first, it would be maybe not useless, but not that integrous as Alex said.

My final thought for you has to be to give you my story. I've been working more as a coach than as a teacher since 2010, and I find it more real and integrous because I can truly take the time to help one person or a couple at a time, never 30 people at the same time, it's not that I think it's better for anyone, but I learned that for me it's just a way of truly passing my knowledge and helping instead of just trading my more precious time for money. I have been working without a paycheck or regular job for 8 years and it gets better with time if you aim at big things. Trust me. I live in Venezuela, where the minimun wage is about 1usd a month! The communist government also has like an integral "for food money" that is mandatory for all legal jobs an it's about 5 $ plus the one for a month of work... so, most people here are getting paid 6$ a month, I'm talking about teachers, doctors, and the mayority of the population that doesn't want to succeed more than in their given job, and it's not even 9 to 5, but sometimes 7 to 7, and believe me, because of the crisis we're currently in you can't buy much with that. The reason I'm telling you this is that maybe you would think that you need a regular job to get some kind of a money income, but the truth is that if you're ambitious enough you could receive more in one day than in an entire trimester working for someone more than yourself (ethically and economically). I realized this when I was 21, but I had given it a lot of thought before I decided to quit my regular job for a life full of art and owning all of my time. I'm not teaching since 2014 (only taken a few people for basic english, most people here doesn't learn by choice) because in 2011 I realized that the garden I was working on in my parents house had more than 500 plants (I started it with my mom and we barely had 50) and the reason for that being that as I quit my job and spent more time working at home, I put more energy on that garden and started to learn that many plants propagated themselves without the need of seeds. I picked no more than 20 plants that I liked and took them to my back yard. Less than three years later, my plants stock surpased the 1000. I started to make my own compost, by not throwing away food scraps in the trash. I made a comittment to the environment, because in Venezuela people don't separate their trash nor stop the pollution in any way or law (They don't think they need to), so by trying to do something that didn't get me a paycheck I started to sell my plants as well, because they were beautiful, and because I was good at propagating them without buying seeds or spending money which I didn't had (still don't, the money I make barely helps me to take care of my family). Now the crisis is getting worse every day. If you have a regular job and get paid let's say 6 bucks, only a regular pizza costs 2, so, you can figure out that we cannot afford much here.

That is the reason why I think that even though you live in a better country and can get paid well for a regular or 9 to 5 job, you're always going to have the possibility (or choice) to earn a lot more than just that. I currently have more than 10.000 plants and I don't only sell them at the lowest price, I travel to schools and start projects of environmental awareness and climate change, I give speeches and I don't even charge the cab bills (we have even a crisis with cars, we cannot afford even one tire, because it costs more than one can make, besides not even the supermakets have every product you need, the situation here is really hard, it has been for almost 20 years). I regularly give new flower plants to all of my neighbors and the entire community (when I have the time to propagate that many), and I'm currently working to be spotted by the elected major to see if they can help me to get to more people and to raise and achieve more development on my entire region. I know I'm on the right track and if I tell you about this, is because I think you can be inspired by knowing that you can not only help others, but get the best rewards by not charging at all for some things. There's always going to be those people, like Alex said, noticing you and giving you a signal (or a donation) that you're following the right direction. I want to make a change in people's minds, and I think you guys are in the same page. You can own your time and own your work. We have a choice now and it's about time that we change things around.

I now started to experiment with growing food (I only grew to sell flower, ornamental plants) and have been for at least 3 years. I realized that in the arid zone I was living the trees were dying, we had big droughts because of the crisis (Many people don't have access to water or electricity, taht all caused by the government and people itself depending on others), there could been three to four years without even one rain season. But I always knew I was meant to fix that. So what I'm up today? I do what I already told you (plus now I'm on stemit, made almost 100 usd in my first 21 days and thats A LOT here in Vzla, now I'm 23 days old on the network and really grateful for doing so, there are people here really turning things around), I'm an apprentice at a tattoo shop, and I grow seeds until they grow to engineering beasts called plants (I make tons of oxygen per year, all gardeners do and don't get recognition for that). But the most important part being: I own my time. I have three beautiful children, I work from - and in my home. I make murals, I work for commisions because I'm also a creative person, I can say that I sketch drawings for a living and get paid well (never enough, that's for sure), I'm also a musician and I always try to invest and learn what could be the next best choice for me, both finantially and psychological. I'm sure that you can commit and relate to my story too! There are also new options like upwork, online jobs, etc. Cheers and kudos to both of you. We can be heroes!

Hey, dear @vangelov. I think what you write about most of the people have experienced in their life. I know how it feels from my own experience. At the same time I bet you know it already - the answer is to this question is for you to make. If you ask me I would consider more options than just 2 you mentioned - there is always something in between. Maybe you can start with sort of compromising - having a part-time job for having money coming +extra time dedicated to the soul passion. For example - just register on the freelancing or remote jobs web-pages. There are multiple options there starting from,, workingnomands etc. - that will give you the opportunity to choose the work you want to do and avoid something you are not agreeing too. At the same time as Sherry writes - start promoting yourself as someone who helps people. If you do not think comfortable getting paid for this - set it up on a donation basis. The most important I think - just start doing something. Decide one thing and start going, if with time it shows it is not something you want - just change it. At least as how I did it (which doesn't mean I did it well%)) but something to consider. Be blessed dear!

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I totally understand. I can't live that "normal path" either. I have tried a lot of ways to get around that. I have found that starting my own business was a good middle ground.

However, I want to say a little word about what you are saying about asking for money when helping people with emotional and spiritual issues. I had a really important spiritual teacher in my life, and their thing was always that we would gift our teachers what we could. Consider just putting it out there that you are wanting to put your time and heart into helping people but would really appreciate gifts that help you eat. It's important for you and the people you help to value what you are doing because it's good and important work.