Daily green give away #297. Win a huge upvote!

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To help the smaller accounts with promoting quality content I decided to make a contest. I'm not really against the voting bots because they add to the Steemit economy. It is just that it also creates a situation where people with less money are more affected.

So I decided to daily give away votes to the best 3 links posted in this thread. My vote is roughly half a dollar and I'm planning to increase it. So if you get chosen...
I will upvote your post and put a link in my daily post so others can upvote it too! You can also recommend someone else, of course, it doesn't need to be your post!

If you like one of the posted links in the comment section than give that entry a like. This can help me a bit.

Qualifying makes you a winner!

If you qualify with your post I will upvote your comment in this post! To qualify you need to follow the rules below:

  • Needs to do something with green, nature, homesteading, repairs of anything or how-to's
  • A picture needs a good story, not just a picture.
  • Post doesn't need to be yours, it just needs to be good!
  • Upvote this post & follow me.
  • Needs to be English.
  • Resteeming helps to win a vote!
  • Post needs to be max 3 days old.

Yesterday's top posts

Permanent list of great content creators:

I'm sure I'm missing a lot of great accounts but this are the Steemians I regularly check out for good content! If you think you should also be on this list than just comment here. The rules are the same needs to be green etc!


  • Wonderwop won 10 times! This guy for sure loves resteeming and if you dig through his posts you will find allot of great posts.

The other winners with great blogposts!

https://steemit.com/@porters 9x
https://steemit.com/@craigcryptoking 6x
https://steemit.com/@nateonsteemit 5x
https://steemit.com/@mariannewest 5x
https://steemit.com/@mr-greens 5x
https://steemit.com/@Porters 4x
https://steemit.com/@artofwisdom 4x
https://steemit.com/@thegreens 4x
https://steemit.com/@avtoledy 4x
https://steemit.com/@aOi 3x
https://steemit.com/@jmjolivet 3x
https://steemit.com/@mhm-philippines 3x
https://steemit.com/@enosh 3x
https://steemit.com/@ecodesigns 3x
https://steemit.com/@anikys3reasure 3x

Delegation to the Gogreenbuddy project!

The extra Steempower will be used to increase my vote on the winning articles and to plant more trees! So how do we delegate? Delegation is very easy with the Steemplus app. Just go to the wallet and push delegate.

The second way is also easy. You can read it here.

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