What's your temperament? The ecoTrain question of the week is back!

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The ecoTrain question of the week is back after a long break and engine tune up! This week we have a very interesting question on a theme that is rarely talked about, but is something that affects our decisions and the way we interact with the world and others in every moment of our lives.

I can't remember the last time, if ever, that I really tried to understand my own temperament and pen it down on paper or in a post. I think it's a really worthwhile exercise to help know thy self, and to take ownership of all my facets. I would like to understand just what my temperament is, and where it comes from.

Are we born and predestined to be a certain way, or is our upbringing responsible for whether we are calm and serene, or feisty and dominant? Can our temperament change, or are we stuck with how we are for our entire life? Perhaps the saying that "A leopard cant change its spots" originates from the idea that our behaviours may change but our temperament will always stay the same. Do you know someone who really changed in their temperament, or have you gone through such a shift? There is plenty to think about for this week's QOTW!

This question of the week invites you to share with us what temperament means to you and how you see it. It is a great opportunity to delve into your own personal traits and character and understand the influence that your temperament has on you. If you can distinguish between what your character is and what your temperament is I would also be very interested to hear what you have to say. As always you are free to focus more on one thing than another, and if you have a hundred stories of how your temperament has effected your life then go for it. I’m sure I could write many very entertaining stories about how my temperament has gotten me in to all kinds of adventures and trouble!

If you've never joined us for the question of the week before then all are welcome to participate. Please follow the posting guidelines below to ensure you make it to the tie up post next week. Looking very forward to reading your posts, as well as writing my own. This ones going to be a bit like deep sea diving~!


"Describe in your own words what Temperament means to you, and what your own temperament is like. Share some positive and/or negative stories of how your temperament has affected your life."


- We welcome everyone to join us and post your answer to this question!
- Your answer can be a written post, a video, or any way you wish to express yourself.
- You can post anytime from now until Friday 15th February
- Use the tag 'ecotrain' along with any other tags you wish to use.
- Please also post a link to your post in the comments so that I will be sure to find it and add it to the weekly tie-up post.

Be inspired, dig deep, and let's get writing!



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Welcome back @eco-alex good to have these topic to judge ourself better....looking forward to make meaningful post out if it👍

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Yeah, @eco-alex is back! The QotW is back! So here is my idea of an answer: Exploring my Temperament Hope you like it!

I think temperament is an inborn thing. Some are born inherently nasty, whilst others have a naturally gentle disposition, for example. Just like if you exposed 10 different children to the same upbringing - good or bad - they would all react to the environment differently and find coping mechanisms based on their own temperamental tendencies. Hence, how you get siblings that are all so profoundly different from one another! No doubt external factors can alter someones behavior, and make them act differently to how they instinctively want to, based on previous experiences. But ultimately I believe people are what they are.

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It's an interesting question.Hope, I will inform you about my opinion by post.

Hello @eco-alex , I made a post dedicated to the planet and your beautiful community HERE

Oooh this is going to bw a juicy one... a lot of pressing and squeezing of the brain is going to have to take place just in fonding the difference between temperament and behaviour.

In deed a deep diving trip @Eco-Alex


i hear you! im gonna need a whole day for this post~


A whole couple days it turned out to be... !

Own temperament is inherit quality of the person can not define so easily.

I think temperament is a product of your environment and surroundings. I once read somewhere that in childhood, our personalities develop and as we age, it is tweaked based on our experiences. The body's chemistry is always changing, and we change along with it but despite that our core persona is always still there.

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