International Forest Day 21st March | Please Join Us For A Steem Challenge!

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To Get In The Mood Please Start By Listening To This Video Whilst Reading This Special Poem:

Forest Hymn, Deep Forest

Farewell, now, my sister
Up ahead there lies your road
And your conscience walks beside you
It's the best friend you'll ever know
And the past is now your future
It bears witness to your soul
Make sure that the love you offer up
Does not fall on barren soil
For the wind cries of late
In the whispering grass
Our way of life is held
In the spinning wheels of chance
I believe in a way of long ago
And the sounds I believe rose our glow
And we're changing our ways
Yes, we are taking on different roads
Tell me more about the forest
That you once called home
For the wind cries of late
In the whispering leaves
And the sun will turn to waste
The heavens we build above
Father, teach your children
To treat our mother well
If we give her back her diamonds
She will offer up her pearl
We must sing her creation song
Jeune du monde
Invoke the spirits that feed us
This dreaming takes too long
But I'm not bitter, no, I'm surviving
To face the world, to raise the future
So why don't you tell me, come on and tell me
About the world you left behind
Can you tell me?

Songwriters: Eric Mouquet / Michel Sanchez Forest Hymn lyrics

WELCOME Steemlings!

Thursday 21st March is the International Day of the Forest to promote education to Learn to Love Forests and we at @ecoTrain, @tribesteemup and @Earthtribe want to put it smack bang on the steem blockchain's agenda by throwing down a challenge. @ecotrain are offering 20 steem in prizes – 2 x 10 steem for the best entries, and upvotes from the @ecoTrain and @tribesteemup accounts.The prizes are just to make it a bit more fun, because I hope we all get into the mood and enjoy taking part even more.

The challenge is simple, to post about something related to forests. I would like to encourage us to get out there and do something, but you can also stay at home and write or be creative. Below are some ideas, but please feel free to let your imagination run wild.


- Your art and/or memories about the world's forests.
- Poems or short fiction.
- Tell us about your forests in your neighbourhood.
- Post about the plants and animals who thrive in your forest.
- Or tell us about your forest activism or why forests are important to you.
- GO on a Forest Foraging walk and share your bounty with us with photos or videos.
- Photograph some interesting animals that you discover in a forest near you.
- Forest Facts? Amaze us with your knowledge about Forests and things we may not know.
- Photograph yourself passionately hugging a tree and wishing it a happy Forest Day!

Give us your BEST ORIGINAL ENTRY Sunday 24th March.
TAG IT with #ecotrain, #earthtribe and #tribesteemup then post a link to your entry in the comments of this challenge post.

Monday 25th of March we will publish the curation of the winners.

Ready? Set? Go!

Thank you to @artemislives for her inspiration for this idea and help with the post!

The 8 Pillars of @TribeSteemUp


Supporting People Who Help
Make The World A Better Place

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Oh so cool!!! Yes to the forest, and the jungle day! I really should get on this post... I mean I just spent some wonderful time in several different "forests" these last few weeks!


You have. NO excuse!! :).. yes tell us about your forest experiences!


Oh man... maybe I shouldn't have said anything!!! You're right, I have no excuses. Jumping on a plane right now, I can start writing then!

Wow...that is cool initiative after long @eco-alex ...a forest or a jungle.hope there won't any issue. I am living around a jungle....🤔 Or a forest🤔....seems now I get confused. Anyway I would definately bring something for this day. Hopefully it get accepted....Steem on ?

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Well i think a jungle qualifies pretty darn well! Yes!!!

Nice to see you steemflow, hope u partake!


I will try too @eco-alex's holi festival on 21 so pretty occupied at home with relatives and some preparation....let see if I can make something interesting

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A small review of my jungle, though I am pretty late about my submission....

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I am automatically disqualifying myself from winning the contest, but I think it is still important to share. BLessings everyone:

Awesome initiative! I love it. I post about forests and trees very often and I actually did today too :) Let me add one of those tags to the post and sumbit it here as my entry. I just wished I discovered this challenge earlier, I would prepare a special post for it.

Ok here is my today´s post about Ficus Macrophylla

The synchronicity with all of this continues to astound me... here is my entry, I hope you enjoy it:

This is right up my alley. Will have to think of something fun to do. :)


Phe don't forget!


Oh man, I totally did and I'm so tired right now. I wonder if I can still post it tomorrow, or is it UNTIL tomorrow?


I think you can post tomorrow! But don't put it off :)

I love this initiative, not least of which because our place is 3/4 heavily forested, and I already post about it fairly often.

Unfortunately, the previous owners logged the land right before the bank foreclosed on their property, so according to a neighbor and good friend, they pretty much raped the place, taking the most valuable trees and dumping the tops on the barn fence. Dweebs had no respect.

But it was vacant for two years, and we've been here for 7.5 years, so it is recovering slowly. And I have a lot of plans for it that will give it all the respect that was denied in the past.

Count me in. ;-)

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Oh yes!! Artemis wandering barefoot around the forest is mighty pleased to see this!!

Wow what a great idea! This will give me an excuse to go a-forest wandering! 💜💜💜💚💚💚🌿🌿🌿

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i know totally! me too,!!!!!


Shared in NM Discord too...

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coool, thanks [email protected]


Dooo iiiiiit!!!!

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Better get to work on an awesome design! Goodluck all 💯✌️

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This need to be happen for earth and our life
Good move in right path
This gonna make steemians way of forest


Yes! Hey do u like my new term for us, steemlings ;) like earthlings, lol


Steemlings feeling like "We are now landlord"

Beautiful. Off to read other's posts now. Forest me up, baby!

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I need to find a forest!!
I love this, resteemed!


You see,’thats the whole bloody problem, there none left! ;) only jokin, im looking a
Eucalyptus forest right now ;) .

Thanks for the resteem!


LOL, but joke aside, I really agree with you, it's getting harder to find one now!!


THANK YOU for including the Dead Can Dance lyrics . . . one of Brendan Perry's most heartfelt songs.

I was listening to that album in the car a couple of days ago. ;-)

I'd still love to see them in concert, in one of their rare reunion performances. Some of the finest musicians alive today.

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You were right... I have no excuse for this one!!! So here it is:

Thanks for this, it was fun to write 😁!

I like to see people like you who care about environment, especially the forests which are the base of our lives. thanks

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Yes lets Celebrate the trees, awesome challenge Alex, here is my entry


I done another one, I do not know if that is allowed but I was so inspired xx

Not an actual forest, plus one day late, but as close to it as I can get:

Here is my entry for this wonderful challenge on a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

Here is my entry!

I am so grateful I saw @eco-alex's entry in my feed this morning!