How do you define Ascension? The Path To Enlightenment part 9 of 9 - FINALE!

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Why are we here, in this physical body? What is our purpose? If we are reborn time and time again then what is the meaning and goal of this great game of life? Are we all destined to reach the same place.. eventually.. or are there many destinations along our epic cosmic journey? We all have one thing in common, free will and the freedom to choose not only how we act, feel, and live, but also how we re-act to the many challenges and tests that life brings. It is fair to say that we are all tested in each and every moment, and we all make hundreds if not thousands of choices every day. For some people these are conscious choices that we give thought to with great mindfulness. For others they are simply the same actions and learned responses that we are used to making. What do you do when you wake up? Is life just a routine, or is every day and every moment an opportunity for change and self improvement? We are all blessed with our lives, and life itself is a great gift that is all too easy to take for granted. It is a miracle that each and every day we wake up, and we breathe, our hearts beat, and our body gives us the opportunity to be here in this physical world.

It is my belief that life itself is a path. The path of life spans many aeon's of birth and rebirth and we are here to evolve, to become more and better then we were yesterday. Life itself is a divine opportunity for us to know ourselves and discover who we really are. We are all at very different stage in our evoLution, and the ultimate goal for us as beings of light is to ascend ever closer to our source, to discover our true nature. Life gives us every opportunity to do this through Karma, and by living through our Karma and reacting to it. As we do this, we have the chance to ascend.

What is Ascension? This is a question that I have answered quite some time ago in a dialog with Drunvalo Melchizedek, and I would like to repeat it here in this post as the very last part of this quite special series I have been writing called "THE PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT". I had never finished this series that I started many months ago on Steemit, and so today I am happy to end this very deep nine part series today with a post that perhaps eludes to the meaning of life, the universe and everything!

How do you define Ascension?

Ascension is the movement of soul/spirit through to a higher vibration. To do this a being must refine itself so that its' vibration can raise up without disharmony, which simply pulls our vibration back down to where we are. This refinement is a multifaceted process that involves every thought and emotion that we live and react to. In short it is the learning that we impart from our lives experiences. The choices we make as we react to our Karma.

This movement takes a soul closer to the purity of highest truth that is The One, or God. There are almost infinite ascension levels for any soul or being. This movement is the purpose of our great journey, and looks something like a step by step refinement and purification process. It is also the only real choice that we have. There is no where else for a soul to go other than through ascension; though it may take a long time for some. In this way all beings evolve naturally and to a common unifying goal.

Please watch Drunvalo's Short Movie About Ascension

And there we have it! If you have a definition of Ascension I would love to hear it in the comments below, or as a post that is tagged #ecotrain with the title How do you define Ascension? I will be awarding generous up-votes to people who do this as part of my minnow support project. I am able to give you up to $4 USD up-votes using the @ecotrain voting bot which is a bot that is here to support great posts and minnows who write valuable content and don't get much in return.

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Pretty beautiful writing coupled with beautiful pictures. I think to your point that life isn't a routine, but it can be a routine of self-improvement. I am grateful to be given a heart beat every day and a chance to improve the world.

I want to ascend to enlightenment. You say we need higher vibrations? I believe you can get there by abstaining from alcohol and hedonistic sexual intercourse. By giving love to yourself, others, and a partner you will reach higher vibrations.

I look forward to more of your writing. Good job.


thanks mate!and a rather profound comment .. esp the part
" I think to your point that life isn't a routine, but it can be a routine of self-improvement. "

MM.. damn steemit is full of amazing people!
very nice to meet you.. look forward to seeing your posts in my feed!

This is the first time on Steemit I'm seeing a post about Ascension! I'm so glad to found a like-minded, spiritual person like you. ☺

I'm aware about the Ascension since my childhood as I remembered my multidimensional self and several different past lives on many different Star-systems and on starship/motherships, too. I'm not a Earth based soul so I incarnated here only 3 times before. Like many souls, I too volunteered to incarnate at this revolutionary time of Ascension and to assist mother Gaia in her process.

So much is happening behind the scenes. I wish to tell about some of them but I think many people are still not ready to hear them and wouldn't take a second to flag my post, lol.

Anyways, you asked to define Ascension... So here is my take.

"Ascension is about expanding our awareness, our consciousness to higher spiritual level/energy frequency by actively taking actions to connect within and aligning oneself to the Higher/Spiritual self, by doing inner work. It's all about knowing oneself, to accept, to forgive, to balance, and to open the self in love."

Much love, light and positivity to you! 💚 🌟 ✨


Thank u for this wonderful comment stargeeen!


You're welcome @eco-alex!

Always nice to hear to talk about spirituality!
Ascension for me is to get reacquainted with our own Divinity after having forgotten it a long the long, long partially descending road of our many incarnations on earth. Never to loose it again once we become consciously aware of it. At that point we will remember paradise has never been lost, it just seemed that way.


oooh Lovely comment ms bloom

For me, Ascension is pretty similar to what you have described here. It's the never-ending growth of my consciousness that is currently located inside a physical body.

I'm loving your concept that there's really no way out of Ascension for anyl of us. Perhaps in this lifetime you can ignore it (or fail to realize it is there). Maybe even the next lifetime (or a hundred after that). But eventually you are going to realize you are on this path of soul growth, and you will move on to the next step.

It's not anyone's fault if they don't know they are on this path. I was not born remembering any past lives, but my intuition is that I have had many, considering my level of interest in this topic.

Thanks for bringing this subject matter to the community!


haha.. NICE comment.. exactly what i feel.. nice to resonate with you brother! see u in the star dust one day!! <3

There is a lot to learn from your post.
You will use that philosophy to use that sounds pretty beautiful
Thanks for sharing such a teaching post.

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The realization that we are all connected and this universe wants to build more life and complexity. The source energy is the highest vibration which is pure love.

42 is the answer! I'm not sure what happens when we leave, but this is as good an explanation as any. I like the idea of infinite ascensions. I like for the game to keep going. Have you ever read about the possibility we are a simulation? That shit blew my mind. I do think we are here on this plane to love and have fun!


haha.. yes.. I wrote a post on this series that touches on the answer to the meaning of life..
actually my answer wasn't 42 but was 1+1=1 .. i Loved that post.. u might too

I have heard people call life a simulation.. but i wouldn't use that word.. as it misses the divine nature of reality.. this world is real.. but just not in the sense that many consider real.. thats my opinion! <3 xx


I did, indeed, really enjoy that, Alex. It's important to remember we are all the one. And we are nothing without contrast. I also like the hologram analogy. Apparently, you can take any tiny piece of a holographic image, and it will still show the entire hologram. I have no concept how that works, but it's certainly a great analogy for God.
I find the whole idea of living in a simulation as little more than mind candy. It's fascinating and also doesn't ultimately matter to me at all. Either way I see divinity, and either way I'm here to have a good time. <3

i like your definition and i'm glad i read this post, the final in your epic series!

i get triggered sometimes as people use ascension to mean something akin to "going beyond the earth", which i believe is just aligning with our escapist leading religions that hope for some "great hereafter" instead of really being here or realizing that this is it (and we must care for this IT!)! i may expand upon this and take you up on your invitation to write an article. we shall see. thanks, alex, i appreciate you and your perspective! :)


ooh yes me too! i also believe we ascend in vibration here on earth.. and yes when we leave our bodies we can continue that process.. or the case may be... thanks for stopping by the very end of this quite deep series.. <3