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It has been an exciting week with many great minnows posting on the #ecotrain tag to get a chance for an up-vote worth up to $4 USD! I've been busy every day this last week selecting the best posts that I can find with low rewards, and up-voting people who write great articles. I have spent almost 12 months on Steemit, and during those first few months I know first hand how deflating it can be to put so much effort into a post only to be completely ignored! Ouch! That's why I created the @ecotrain, and now the minnow support project!

This last week I have up-voted 28 minnows which I know from the comments has made many people very happy. It is a real joy to be able to give money away every day, and I have only been able to do this because of your up-votes and support. I would like to give a HUGE thank you to the supporters of this project, especially @canadian-coconut, @jerrybanfield, @kennyskitchen, @adamkokesh & @tribesteemup. They are what make this project possible, and it's Steem Ambassadors like them who add real value to Steemit and ensure it will have a healthy and long life!

This week the following Minnows have been supported! Congratulations to the following Steemians!

$1 SBD UP-VOTE TO @rainbowrachel

$0.75 SBD UP-VOTE TO @rainbowrachel

$1 SBD UP-VOTE TO @dearjyoce

$1 SBD UP-VOTE TO @ojap02

$1 SBD UP-VOTE TO @ameaningfullife

$2 SBD UP-VOTE TO @promo-steem

$1 SBD UP-VOTE TO @herryazmi11

$2 SBD UP-VOTE TO @thegreens

$0.5 SBD UP-VOTE TO @sherylneil

$2 SBD UP-VOTE TO @mountainjewel

$1 SBD UP-VOTE TO @buzz.lightyear

$1 SBD UP-VOTE TO @holisticmom

$1 SBD UP-VOTE TO @edave

$0.5 SBD UP-VOTE TO @selfi

$0.5 SBD UP-VOTE TO @mutiarahmi

$0.4 SBD UP-VOTE TO @stortebeker

$0.5 SBD UP-VOTE TO @munizarjuve

$0.5 SBD UP-VOTE TO @rijal8466

$0.5 SBD UP-VOTE TO @digitaldan

$0.75 SBD UP-VOTE TO @astralliam

$0.5 SBD UP-VOTE TO @mustafa1989

$0.75 SBD UP-VOTE TO @marverick984

$0.5 SBD UP-VOTE TO @ojap02

$1 SBD UP-VOTE TO @poodai

$0.6 SBD UP-VOTE TO @tonybless

$1.1 SBD UP-VOTE TO @marverick984

$1.1 SBD UP-VOTE TO @kilbride

$1.1 SBD UP-VOTE TO @punjolife

$1.2 SBD UP-VOTE TO @offgrid-online

You have ALL been whitelisted to use the @ecotrain bot, now giving 11% ROI.

Please read this post if you need help on how to use the voting bots


I am proud to say that the @ecotrain bot is now dedicated to helping minnows! It is the first bot on to only allow approved / whitelised people to use it! Many thanks to @yabapmatt for making a lot of effort to get this working for me and iron out the bugs! Not only that but I have set the ROI to give 11% returns to all whitelisted users. This means that the @ecotrain bot only up-votes great posts, and will give minnows a great return on their bids. It doesn't get much better than that!

The @ecotrain is ALL about quality and engagement, and so this is a great change for everyone!


1. Up-vote This Post!

By up-voting this post I can use the rewards to PAY IT FORWARD net week to some more great Steemians.

2. Please follow my @eco-alex curation trail

Please visit to add me to your up-voting. That way all the votes I make will be boosted by you and bring even more attention and rewards to our amazing ecotrain passengers! This includes my voting on the @ecotrain and @tribesteemup who are an amazing group of Steemians. Your support goes a long way to making so many people's day brighter and full of joy and you will also make great curation rewards as a result.

3. Delegate Steem Power To @ecotrain for 65% ROI

You can delegate to the @ecotrain voting bot which is is the first whitelisted bot on that only upvotes and supports great posts! Not only that but I give a fixed 11% ROI to anyone using the bot so everyone is happy and we add great value to the Steem blockchain! This is a unique opportunity to get involved and support a bot that is so ethical and supporting such great steemians. Just visit and delegate any amount of Steem Power in one minute.


If you write great posts on the theme of THINGS THAT MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, and want to have a chance of receiving our up-vote please use the #ecotrain tag first in your posts.


Supporting People Who Help
Make The World A Better Place

Discover previous ecoTrain magazines at @ecoTrain



If you are new to Steemit, love to write, and would like to join the ecoTrain community as an official passenger please email me on

** Click Here For More Information on the ecoTrain **



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Great initiative!
Might mean the difference for quite a few quality people on steemit, encouraging them to not give up and keep posting.
Is ecot a new tag you are trying to establish for the ecotrain minnow support?


ugh.. i hit enter by accident.. and boom.. its forever tagged wrong!
thanks the likedeeler! <3

Great initiative, and made possible by the blockchain technology.

Thank you for helping minnows like us. Such an inspiration and honor to write @eco-train.
Thank you @eco-alex. Blessings!

The work you do here is 100% of value Alex!!

Great initiative. For us minnows it means the difference between quitting and soldiering on. Count me on @eco-alex.

Thanks so much stellar human! Your efforts make a difference for so many lives❤️❤️❤️Ours included 🌈☀️

Thank you Alex, great work. You're initiatives are a benificial force of positivity - on and off of steemit :)


thank you Jack, much appreciated!

It always feels good to be appreciated. Thank you so much for this awesome project and all behind it. Cheers to all of you! 🥂

this is a fantastic initiative @eco-alex, so important to reward all these amazing authors and motivate them to keep writing, What a great job you are doing for the steemit community xxx

Thanks for your support and for this project. This is a great help to a lot of steemians.

Its really great initiative.

@eco-alex, you are just amazing! Such a great initiative and so much efforts from you to make Steemit and this world a better place. I love people who live by the principles they preach and I admire you a lot!

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thank you sasha.. im Far from perfect but i do my best! <3

thank you for your help. I did not even know about the promotion. Just thought I'd tag the awesome people of the future in my thoughts :D

I love this!
Im still.. Very slowly learning how @eco-train works!

Thanks @eco-alex. It's great to get this support. I'm loving being part of steem even though it's dishearting when there are so many bots up voting junk content. Thanks for supporting us minnows and working helping quality content rise up.