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What is Capitalism? Capitalism as a mode of production.

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A good intro post for any anti-capitalist to look at. One thing I would’ve added would be fictitious capital (id est debt and credit) wherein the thing stops being fictitious once actualized. The actualization happening as it gets circulated through the MCM’ cycle. Otherwise, interested in seeing yer insight on Capitalism qua ideology; here here to you connecting the two and showing the base-superstructure interdependency (or how the economy relies on its own creation, as politics, to live as does the creation, as culture, needs the economy to live) of Capitalism in a post.

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Thank you comrade. I'm hoping that the right wing people might read this so that can atleast get an idea of what the system that they so vehemently support is all about. Which is part of ideology I suppose. I'm hoping to start posting more here, both my music and my political writings. Hell maybe I'll post some of my crappy short stories I like to write.


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