Introducing fixedbetwin , Experts in football prediction .

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Fixedbetwin is a group of games specialists who are ready to dependably give the best free games tips and expectations.

Our sole need is to enable a great many individuals to enhance in benefits utilizing the day by day wears forecasts from our regarded specialists.

N.B. Here on fixedbetwin, our tips and expectations are not settled but rather absolutely broke down by our group of specialists.

Games expectations on fixedbetwin covers different games markets which entirely infers that our specialists can anticipate or give tips on a wide assortment of games to guarantee a steady benefit for our esteemed adherents.

Fixedbetwin is one of a kind and straightforward in giving quality administration every day. We offer free administration in view of insights, examination and types of games apparatuses.


Fixedbetwin will give every day sports tips, expectations and short audits. Our picks are chosen by our specialists from assortment of games market to guarantee great day by day benefit. Least chances for each pick fluctuates from 1.4 to 2 and a most extreme of 10 chances in amassing for all picks.


  1. Get a bankroll or wagering capital

  2. Guarantee great administration of your bankroll

  3. Continuously guarantee to twofold check details of players and groups

  4. Never be enthusiastic in sports wagering, now and again, top picks disillusions.

  5. Emplore a wagering system. Our suggested wagering procedure is Martingale or Fibonacci. If it's not too much trouble dependably search up for techniques that works extraordinary and is reasonable for you, as there is no staking framework or wagering methodology that is totally effective yet at times tends to request more to you than others.

  6. Keep away from low chances which are synonymous with top choices. At times, they tend to put you on the drawback.

  7. Try not to wager or stake more than you can bear to free.


• All games tips and forecasts gave by the fixedbetwin group are viewed as useful and displayed as seems to be, without guarantee of any sort. It would be ideal if you generally check and twofold check each tip and expectations gave by our group of specialists.

• fixedbetwin group will attempt to guarantee the precision rendered administrations and assumes no liability for any sort of utilization made of any sort of data gave.

• You should be or above18 years and it is your commitment to guarantee that betting is lawful in your nation and act in agreement.

• Wagering is entirely at clients chance, kindlydon't wager or stake more than you can stand to free and guarantee to wager sensibly; any misfortunes or benefits acquired through betting is exclusively clients duty.


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welcome to the community. Make great contents to earn good rewards.. Have a nice journey here!!!

Welcome to Steemit @fixedbetwin!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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We are excited to see you join us here! Steemit is a remarkable platform that is built to reward users for creating quality content. Its a logic called proof of brain.

As for TechChat, think of us as DJs that create tech content instead of music. We create content by looking for the most shocking, interesting, and exciting breakthroughs in the tech space. Basically - we do all the research so you dont have to.

We hope to hear your opinion on TechChats content! We always love to hear from our community.

Happy Steeming 🚀

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welcome my friend! glad you came!

Welcome to Steem @fixedbetwin.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Welcome on board you are going to love it here.. Feel free to follow me so we can support each other with upvotes

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Welcome to this amazing community @fixedbetwin

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