Earth Nation Paradigm Shift Projects; For the First Time Ever, The Earth Nation Has Opened Up To Investment From Non-Voteholders.

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Here are a few projects we are working on simultaneously to our Equality Keys Coin Launch.

We are creating a Conscious City Center and Ecovillage Network around AVA Missouri. We have exclusive and indefinite access/profit rights for the purpose of implementing our projects to 2 doublestory buildings with 15,000 Square feet of usable space along with 3 acres in town and 300 acres (which will become 12,000 acres when we need it to) outside of town. We also have access to all required construction equipment and skilled personnel.

We are building out a large crew-quarters on the next ecovillage build site. We have determined we require 20K To build out the shell of the main personnel housing quarters (8-16 people). This amount does not include personnel costs, which should be quite minimal (300-400 a month each). We should be able to finish this project within 8 months. For more details on this project check out

We are going to start transforming one of our AVA plaza-front building spaces. 5,000 to get started with decorations/furniture/appliances. The beginning of our organic raw vegan cafe/juice bar (that serves high vibrational cooked organic vegan food too) with a conscious merchandise store with a yoga/dance/open mic studio with a tonics/jin/kombucha and alcohol bar with gaming/office studio rooms, with an internet lounge, with an essential oil experiential therapy room and spaces for healers and teachers to operate out with other forms of healing technology.

We would like to start preparing to permacultureafy our 3 acre demonstration site in AVA. 4,000 for soil amendment, seeds and young trees will go a long way. For this Site we are creating a conscious version of the Jackson Wellsprings in Eugene Oregon.

We are launching CarbonCycle, a new coin dedicated to funding sustainable business enterprises that are good for our planet.

We are launching Light, another coin that is similar to Steem, but built to support MMO games that run on cryptocurrency/blockchain. We’ve decided to hire Frag Games to develop the pilot MMORPG to launch the ICO concept. We will have a fully functional MMORPG game made for 40K USD. Payments are made monthly for the next year. Because this project is going to take longer than the initially predicted 6 months, We are increasing the coin discount to 95% for initial founders. For more details on this project please inquire.

Here are the projects on the stack we need to complete before we launch EQK.

Details on our coin here (This site is not complete, Equality Keys are not available for sale from the EN Reserve to Non-Voteholders (Or US/European Citizens). However keys can be obtained via private transfer and (soon) via decentralized exchanges. We have not yet begun our pre-coin launch campaign).

  1. Steem Automation Systems. We have 4K invested so far, we require another 2.5K To finish our minnow-supporting software intelligence automation systems. Click here for specifications on System A. Click here for specifications on System B. Go to to see what we've made in action.

  2. Core Team Provision. We have a team of full-time staff that are depending on us to cover their basic needs. We need another 5K to cover their modest expenses until launch.

  3. Dedicated Sales People. We want another 3-6k To hire 1-2 very skilled professionals to close high end sales for our trade directories before launch.

  4. Design Artists. We work with a Disney animation studio who cuts us a great deal, but super high quality art isn't cheap. We want to greatly enhance the EarthNation user experience to take it to the next level to create more of an AWE and WOW effect. 7,000 USD.

People who wish to invest can choose between receiving Keys, Carbon Cycle, Light, or Credit towards a home in one of our ecovillages.

We technically have enough to fund all of these developments, but that would require us to start pulling out of Steem, which we do not want to do since Steemit is our most regenerative source of basic-income for our people. For more details on our Steem Guild visit

The above mentioned projects are only a small part of what we are doing. Many of our existing projects are months away from finalizing the next significant return. We have many more projects we wish to develop and implement in the coming months. Learn more at

Join our Chat Server at to connect with us further.

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Seems like you have a beautiful vision here; checked your web site a little bit, need to do some further reading to understand the scope of what you're doing.

Bright Blessings!

Thank you for taking the time to research what we are doing! Many blessings SiStar.

Waooo interesting earthnation... Excited to hear about new coins and new projects..keepit up and best of luck for..

I'm available for calls or whatever my skills permit. The discord invite expired but I would like to know more. I am willing to volunteer until things are up and running.

really informative post

This is incredible I'm gonna look more into this thank you so much for sharing .

Congratulations on the asset! This is another exciting expansion of your vision and wish you all the best of luck. I envision us working closely together when I break ground on my project in 2020.

Great project . How work earthnation?

Care to elaborate?

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i love your page what a good message, knowledge really is power and we need to spread it with the masses!

Lots of huge projects @earthnation that you are developing. Thanks for sharing. I will take a closer look to the Guild and the Steem Automation Systems.

By the way, I wanted to let you know I mentioned you in the post with Promoting Steem - 10 Examples Showing How to Add Value on Steemit & The Steem Blockchain. Looking forward to your thoughts on it if you get the chance.

Promoting Steem - 10 Examples Showing How to Add Value on Steemit & The Steem Blockchain - Promo-Steem - All these Actions are Hugely Helping for the Growth of the Steem Blockchain

And here is the mention about you:

Example 5: Creating a Tutorial Guide to Understand different things about the Steem Blockchain

@earthnation created a great tutorial to help minnows go though a way to become Dolphins:

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this new Post!

Regards, @gold84

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