The Earth Nation Planetary Alliance

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The Earth Nation is a Planetary Alliance of Ecovillages, Cooperative Businesses, Humanitarian Organizations and Change Agents that are choosing to embody a culture that transcends national borders and racial/religious differences to create systems that fairly distribute wealth and decision making.

We are literally embodying planetary scale solutions for most of the problems facing humanity today. By creating ethical, sustainable, decentralized alternatives to every government and corporate product and service we are moving towards a world without Poverty, War, Disease, Ignorance, PTSD, Emotional and Cognitive Dissonance.

Our alliance consists of 100+ organizations, dozens of properties spanning over 15000 acres of land with a combined net worth of 70+ million dollars in tangible assets and proprietary software systems.

We see that the Steem Community holds many of the same values and goals that we do. We are excited to connect with you and to help Steem Community members become even more autonomously empowered, grounded, and supported.


racial differences? don't tell me you believe in race...

We believe different groups of humans have slightly different expressions of DNA. These different expressions are widely understood as Races. It is so important we learn to see past these slight differences, into the truth that we are all human.

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Good job! Thanks to @dakotakaiser you have planted 0.13 tree to save Abongphen Highland Forest in Cameroon. Help me to plant 1,000,000 trees and share my Steem Power to the others. Selfvoting is prohibited, but that should be the reason to spread the world to protect our precious environment. Check out profile of our conservation association @kedjom-keku and the founder/coordinator @martin.mikes to get more information about our conservation program. My current SP is 14385.80. Help me to plant more trees with your delegated SP.

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it's all about us...
The Earth Nation Planetary Alliance
thank's for sharing...@earthnation

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That's a really grand vision! I do think steem is the right place for an undertaking with those values.

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