Healing a Broken Soul II: Grounding/Earthing and Discharging

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In a previous post, I examined yoga as a practice that could align the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being to strengthen the soul. Broken souls can occur due to severe emotional or physical trauma that can stem from self-deprecation, rejection, abuse, lack of love, or other severe circumstances. Having a broken soul does not mean that this person turns into a lackluster loving being, in fact, some of the most giving people are those that have has broken souls because they know the trauma that can change someone's outlook/beliefs/personality. Most of these kind of people do not want to see others go through that type of pain, so they tend to be caring and giving. But there is another side to caring and giving for others; caring and giving to yourself (also known as receiving energy). Receiving as much energy as you give out is huge to replenish your three distinct energies: physical, emotional, and spiritual. There are many sources of energy to draw from, not just yourself or others. The Earth provides much energy for us to draw from and help us heal from the deepest of wounds.

The Earth is a huge source of energy, it contains free electrons that can be utilized for rebuilding our energy storage. When our body is full of inflammation or fatigue, we accumulate oxidative damage which means that positively charged oxygen-based molecules build up, causing substantial damage to cells due to the cells inability to remove oxidative damage without the help of anti-oxidants.

Most have heard of vitamin C or reduced glutathione as anti-oxidants, but one of the easiest ways to heal the body is to ground to the Earth. The Earth is negatively charged so it will send free electrons into our electric-biochemical body. These free electrons can discharge the reactive oxygen species that are causing oxidative damage into a molecule that can be carried away from our cells, being streamlined into detox organ systems to be dispelled from the body. Our body depends on critical negatively charged ions to energize our body, such as ATP (our cellular energy) and anti-oxidants (our body's immune support molecules). These free ions are abundant but knowing that we can interact with them is most exciting.

To directly interact with the Earth's "free energy", just be connected to the Earth while barefoot or even laying down on the Earth. Standing or sitting down, as long as you are in contact with the Earth, you will recharge your body's store of energy. Furthermore, since the body is electromagnetic, we can interact with other electromagnetic fields with our extremely low frequency (AKA our brain waves/thoughts). When we drop into meditative focused states, we can directly manipulate other electromagnetic fields and current flow; similar to a magnet causing the current of a wire to be affected either positively or negatively depending on which pole of the magnet is facing the current. Visualization mediation is one of the easiest ways to begin practicing dropping into these states. Similar to a daydream, you want use your imagination to "feel" the "idea/scenario" in your head. Start with yourself grounded to the Earth and visualizing a healing rope emanating from your heart, tethering itself to the core of the Earth. Feel the healing energy flow from the Earth into your heart which emanates it from your being/aura. Breathe fully and relaxed, keep focusing on that visualization. You can keep this up from 2-15 minutes, engaging in positive emotions while using this visualization technique.

If you do not have time for a daily visualization meditation, just taking time to walk barefoot outside for 30 minutes will benefit you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The physical body will heal due to the negatively charged ions, promoting a healthy foundation for a healthy emotional being. Your emotional body will heal from your environment as you ground yourself. Whether you are in nature, letting the healing effects of nature's (the sun and plant life) electromagnetic fields resonate with your emotional energy stabilizes your excess emotional energy. "Discharging" this excess emotional energy will help the body drop into a state of low stress which allows more energy to healing, called a parasympathetic state. When the body is stressed (called a sympathetic state) it spends more energy on releasing stress hormones, sending ATP to muscles, and shifting brain and heart waves to a disharmonious connection. The connection between Mother Earth combined with deep breathing and visualization meditation will offer a synergistic effect on healing the body.

The spiritual body will benefit from the healing of the physical and emotional bodies. The visualization mediation will allow you to practice feeling your spiritual energy flow through you and the Earth, giving you greater access to your Soul- the connection with the Infinite Energy that brings Order to all universes. When you begin to access the Soul (using scalar waves and torsion fields), you will tap into energy that will allow you to astral travel, see energy patterns, or use any ESP that has been gifted to you. The ultimate goal of connecting with the Soul will bring about abundant manifestation and control over your body's energy which will allow you to give back abundance from the infinite, unconditional love of the Soul. This is the key, when we accept energy, we are merely a vessel that allows the flow of all manners of energy within this universe. Any energy that gets caught in our system, becomes a blockage which only restricts and debilitates other energy systems. When we begin to connect to the Earth spiritually, physically, and emotionally, we begin to connect back to our roots and this empowers our ability as Creators of our reality to practice control of it while resonating with our planet, creating a feedback loop that allows greater spiritual energy to be used.

In the next few articles, I will go into greater detail about "Ley lines" which is similar to the Chinese meridian system of the body, but it is the Earth's natural energy lines that permeate energy fields that can affect the human body positively or negatively using scalar waves and torsion fields. Remember that you are loved and connected to everything. Namaste.

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My previous post in this series (great for understanding on a deeper level if you are new)


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Bring it down to Earth.
Re: "visualizing a healing rope"
How about visualizing a healing sinus wave?
Sacred geometry is one of my favorite tools for visualization during
healing sessions.
A good walkabout (as the native inhabitants of Australia did/ maybe some still do?)
is according to my personal experience, way better than static meditation,
as in (for examples) vipassana meditation.

I totally recommend that, that sounds amazing. Using sacred geometry will only expedite your energy exchange and connection with different elements depending on the visualization. I only mention this specific technique because it is easy to imagine then starting someone on imagining a Kundalini shooting through their body, creating a toroidal field that empowers their aura. I wanted this to be a very simple post that even someone that has no imagination could use. If I do another article specifically on visualization mediation, I want to go further on different techniques that can be applied. Thank you for the read!

Yes do another article, a follow up would be nice.
So much stuff to cover.

Bloody brilliant post!

Informative, succinct and easily accessible ~ if only more folks really understood this truth.

I certainly look forward to reading more about all of this from you.

Are you aware of the supernatural writing contest @jerrybanfield You can learn more here. I sense you may have tales to tell!


If interested my entry is here, ~ As Spirit Soars On The Wings Of Eagles.

It could certainly benefit from a little interaction!

With Love.


Thank you so much for the love and information. I have not yet tried one of the writing contests on this platform but I am highly interested in doing this one. I will check out your writing and support your story!

Awwh thanks.


Good health is all in your attitude

yess i love your page knowledge is power stay woke

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