Ways to Heal a Broken Soul I: Yoga

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Ever felt like a piece of you has been missing? Perhaps it was rejection, a fight, or abandonment that cut you so much that it felt like a piece was taken from you? Have you noticed an extreme shift of negative thoughts and actions since that event? Or perhaps, you still have the negative thoughts but you do not remember when you "lost" a piece of yourself. whether it was due to yourself, another, or because of any situation, remember: you are amazing. I have personally experienced this several times over the course of my life from situations such as my parents divorcing or from such severe self-deprecation. I may not know your personal situation but I have felt that similar missing/fragmented feeling and, in this series, I hope to give some insight and knowledge on how to heal oneself.

Yoga has helped me tremendously, it truly is one of the most life-changing activities one can employ to build and better them self. It helps the physical body through the many asanas (poses) that you experience in the classroom. Your flexibility and strength will improve as you put yourself into challenging positions which provides a major lymph drain for your entire body. Your focus on your breath during this exercise is critical, as you expand your chest and engage your diaphragm, you pump the entire body allowing for more energy and lymph movement. Watching your body transform will reassure your emotional self and begin to help you feel good about the time your taking out to care for yourself.

The emotional body receives more benefit from the breath being utilized, many studies from HeartMath Institute have shown the body works in coherence with the breath and thoughts so using yoga as a time to meditate is an amazing double whammy to begin to align the body's processes. Just focusing on the breath by thinking "In" on the inhale, and "out" on the exhale is a beautiful way to clear the mind. Becoming involved with a yoga community as you attend regularly is a very cool way to support each other's journeys. Keeping your intentions honest and pure will help heal your soul faster; it is your intent that is the power behind every thought. As you begin to align your emotional and physical body, this will begin to rebuild your soul through the connection to your spiritual self.

This is the goal of yoga, to achieve a connection between the spiritual being that resides in us and our physical bodies. This the true power of the human soul, the link between the divine and mortal. Tapping into this power during yoga may take many lessons but by then, your soul will have been healed substantially. Shedding physical and emotional barriers to create space for your body to twist and bend allows these barriers and blockages to be torn down for a more intimate relationship with yourself. The physical body will get rid of physical blockages through the lymphatic system, the emotional body will purge emotional discord though your thought and intention, and your spiritual body/energy will heal your soul as you connect with it: closer and closer.

As a parting note: keep going even if you feel discourage at the start. I felt initially embarrassed by my lack of flexibility (I could barely touch my shins standing) but after months of working on myself twice a week, I am able to notice the amazing changes in strength and flexibility. I have noticed my improved emotional awareness towards myself and have much better control over my thoughts and intention which has been a huge bonus. But most importantly, I feel more whole than I ever have in my life, and I can truly thank yoga for that. I hope you follow suit, and if yoga is not your cup of tea, I will have another suggestion soon. Namaste.


https://happyhopeyyogi.com/2018/01/07/my-week-in-ashtanga-yoga-1-1-18-1-7-18/ (my friend and yoga teacher that convinced me to try yoga/ credit for the pics)

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Great post! Come with me!


Anytime, the many different teachings and modalities of yoga fascinate my curiosity. Trying bikram yoga would definitely be fun.

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Great post !😊

"This is the goal of yoga, to achieve a connection between the spiritual being that resides in us and our physical bodies." - it is pleasant to read these words. What I see in Russia is a yoga tool for healing the body, healing illnesses, but the instructors have almost no words about the psychic connection of the body with the soul.