Blockchain Music, Space Sounds #03 : 20 Minutes of Blockchain Exclusive Music

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Welcome to the 3rd Space Sound playlist, get lost in Space Sounds from Blockchain Music. Deep synths, sci fi leads and layered drums await.

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Blockchain Music presents 100% blockchain exclusive music. My goal is to bring high quality music to the blockchain and help fellow musicians grow with this amazing technology.

Keep a ear out for the next blockchain music playlist !

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Thank you to anyone who has supported Blockchain Music in the past, present or future. it means the world to my content and music.

Till next time, stay creative

  • Todd


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killer series brother!


Thank you broskies !

Hi Todd, excellent work as usual. I especially like the middle part beginning at around Min 8:00 ! Have a nice Sunday, Ralph


Glad you enjoyed he music my good friend ! I like that part too. =)

Man, this is super dope !!
Love it.
I so can't wait to see drone footage to this :)


Thank you my friend ! Glad you enjoyed the tune, glad you had time to check them out.