#9 Japan 🇯🇵 FreeStyle DTube 🎥 My Master Warren Told me too, Be GREEDY when others fearful

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Whether I like Warren Buffet or not, I remember his investment strategies and time to time during my crypto journey, I remind myself..

Be greedy when others fearful

Invest in business you understand

Experiences is the best teacher and I’m glad to know some of the the rules of Warren Buffet.

I’m not advising anyone here, just talking myself and sharing it with my fellow Steemians.

I’m currently in the process of moving to new apartment and also in the process of delegating my SP to Steem DApps and individual Steemians. Once I have done with it a BIG surprise waiting for you :))

Happy Steeming and Happy Dtubing

Wishing a wonderful day from Japan 🇯🇵

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Well a lot of people are so fearful at the everyday downturn of STEEM really, but that's definitely the spirit you bring buddy, your utmost belief in STEEM is unbelievable. Keep up the amazing job


May be I’m mentally strong, may be I have experienced the few previous bear markets, may be I just believe in myself.

Thanks for spreading positivity:)

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Always @nathanmars, you're one of the people that will swim in success when STEEM starts upturning

Are you still bullish on steem? What are you expecting the value of steem in December?


if you are short term invester no ans for you. if you long term investor my prediction end of 2019 it should be 20-30 $. its my prediction.



I’m bullish on myself and that’s the beauty of Steem. The ROI of my STEEM investment is in my hand :)

I don’t predict prices for short term and ask me for my price prediction for September 2020 then may be I can provide some kind answer

you 're thinking right.



Thanks my friend:)

Hello I am using partiko finally I find it really nice, steepshot is like Instagram and it looks like resteeming of posts on partiko is very easy, tested resteem with your post👋

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Thank you my friend and I’m glad to hear you’re trying new things:)

Keep on Steeming!!!

I follow your example every single day.
And I am also curious about that big surprise. When it comes from you...it is always a surprise indeed. Have a great day Nathan


I know you’re a big believer in STEEM and you think long term!

I’ll keep you curious for few more days. lol

Great tip@nathanmars!Heard Warren say it and many more people that followthe same tip and imo it's one of the best financial tips one can follow to ensure the best results. Being poor, I won't buy anything cuz I can't afford to but I'll write more and produce more content on Steemit because there is less competition now.

What coins did you buy? More Steem?


You’re absolutely right, there is less competition within Steemit now and it’s your time to create your foundation here. Focus on what you have and if you don’t have money then you should me more motivated and it’s a very good thing

I only buy EOS or STEEM or ADA. I see Dan Larimer as Elon Musk and Charles Hoskinson as Steve Jobs. Also I don’t have time to research everything, used to hold 58 different crypto and now only three. I can make it with these three :)

Totally agree man, I’m learning more about crypto everyday and get a better understanding. It’s one of the reasons I like steem and all the dapps, because I’m definitely a content creator first, I remember the first time I heard there was a mash up of crypto and content creation I was pumped.

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Crypto and Blochain is always evolving and we must keep learning!!

You’re in the right place as a content creator and now everyone is trying to create content with Steemit because it’s less competition now.

When the mass content creators jump ship we’ll have to really rise our level including myself!

Happy Steeming:)


Exactly! There’s been a fair amount of fair weather friends that jumped ship when prices went down and no doubt will be back when prices go up. I personally look at it as a good opportunity while prices are low to get as much steem as I can afford to invest in, whilst having fun making content. I love the community feel of steem 😀😀

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Really good to see you being so positive about investing in STEEM. Enjoy your travels in Japan - look forward to seeing a DTUBE video from downtown Tokyo maybe!

In Japan good country

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Every country is good country!

Do you create Dtube videos ?

usefull post, thank you, @nathanmars


Why is it useful ?

Wish you too a wonderful day @nathanmars. Me too whether I like Warren Buffet or not, I am adopting this his rule "be greed when others are fearful " and am implementing that In my steem journey. The markets are red but am still powering up little by little.

Man I would love to be in Japan :D
I see the potential also and I believe in steem and its upcoming power.
Social Media and especially video content is really powerfull and will be successful continously.

Good video and message my friend !


If you ever decide to come Japan 🇯🇵 please give me a shout !

As I write this comment I’m traveling on the Public transport in Japan and literally every single one of them on their smartphone and using Instagram, Twitter and Line (Japanese Facebook)

And I can only imagine what they’ll using in 3-5 years time!!

Happy Steeming:)


Something on the steem blockchain of course :)
Have a nice time there and keep us informed !

Do you think @crowdfunder matched with the domain Crowdfunder.xyz could be used to create a good Dapp?

P.S. I'm so happy that you are using Steem Power to support Dapps. I hope other Steemians with high Steem Power will do the same.

@nathanmars, In my opinion sometimes we have to read the vibes of our gut feelings and our heart and that is because, may be it's an Signal for the path which will push us towards next stage of Expansion.

And yes, we have to listen ourselves and not others, and that is because if we stay true to ourselves then we will recover in life from any stage for sure, and same is with Crypto Sphere.

In my opinion also Crypto Sphere is here to stay and for sure it will grow step by step and, and it's the process of Evolution and the journey will not be the easy one for sure.

But, we have to remember one thing and that is, in my opinion if our heart is guiding us then there is something, and we have to always focus upon the Point Of Success because when we see bigger picture then journey will be somewhat easy, but we should not dream about the flowery path when we have to attain the Ultimate Success.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂