Les Paul Improvisation on Suhr Amp

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Here's an improvisation on my Epiphone Les Paul, this was the first guitar I ever bought with my own money way back when I was a kid. It's a fairly cheap guitar but the neck has great action and the pickups are pretty good for the price point. For this improvisation I wanted to test out a mini isolation box along with my Suhr amp and a tc electronic reverb pedal. The isolation box worked pretty well but there's something a bit loose inside that causes a rattle when certain notes are hit. So I'll have to open it up and make sure everything is extra secured. After recording the audio via my zoom h6 I added a synth track overlay and a bit of drums via my Roland Handsonic.

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Nice noodling around that theme. The tone is very nice on your Epiphone. Looking forward to seeing more of your musical work.

I liked the synth and drum track too. Very subtle and it enhanced the guitar track.

Thanks for listening, next noodle session i need to bring out the expensive gibson les paul with a quilt top.

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Cool we could do a head to head against my Harley Benton SC 450 as a comparison? What do you think?

Sure, i bet they would basically sound the same. The main difference is the exterior finish. Gibsons are just for people with gear aquisition syndrome like me. Did you see this video yet

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The finish on the guitar is excellent.
I did an unboxing and inspection video

I'm very impressed with thomanns quality control.

I've seen the problems that Gibson has been having for a few years now.

They have been living off their rep for far too long. Same goes for Fender.

In the end it's the sound of the thing that matters to me. Brands are over rated imo. 😋

Just watched the whole video.

Windows 98? What was all that about? Baffling!

recently I am into psychodelic rock and this tune fits perfectly in my expectations from this genre. These sounds are very cool. Also those fractals in the background of the video, really good idea. Makes watching it a lot more interesting. I like this observation of other steemian who compared your sounds with Tool. Just in point Good job man ! I will follow you for more songs like this in the future

Thanks for listening :-) i wish i was as good as tool lol. I can't wait until their new album comes out later this month, been waiting over 10 years for it.

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Really nice sounds. Love the improv.
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Nice job. It kind of reminds me of Tool (and so does the background).

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Yeah i cant't wait until their full album comes out this month

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Nice... I dig it!!! You should start using the sonicgroove tag, you would fit in good there.

Thanks I just learned about sonicgroove sounds like a fun tribe.

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Thanks :-)

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