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Hello There Friend!

Thank you for stopping by and watching the Perfectly Imperfect Mandala #1. It means a lot to me that you have taken the time to watch our video. I am super excited and pumped to share my art with you. It has been a long time since I was able to tap into my artistic side. I have always loved the art of mandala. To me it's about the experience. For the most part I let the the pen guide me as I create each layer. I call it the "Perfectly Imperfect Mandala" because art is sometimes not perfect, especially when I do it, lol. I love the small details and multiple layers that collectively make a mandala. My art pieces are reflective of life. It's not the perfections in life we enjoy, but the imperfections that make life interesting and exciting. Please enjoy our Perfectly Imperfect Mandala video.

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Materials Used:
Mead Academie Sketch Diary 14 x 11 in / 35.5 x 27.9 cm
Pilot G-2 Pen - black ink

Camera: Canon EOS70D
Software: Windows Movie Maker
Music: "Summer" -

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Mandala was such a nice design and art. It somehow signifies perfection and symmetry. But it is a good thing that you associate your art with life. Life can be so beautiful and you can't expect it to be perfect most of the time. For these imperfections, makes life more colorful and exciting. Don't you agree? Anyway, I still appreciate your finished product and I just hope you can perfect it someday. I don't know but I think we don't have to be content with what we are right now but always pursue to become better selves than we are yesterday. Doing things over and over again will make it difficult for you to make mistakes because you have already mastered it.

Well done! Hope you see some of your next mandalas soon. Keep it up!


Thank you, @edencourage :) It's such a great feeling to start drawing again. I love the connection with art and life. Art, to me, is a beautiful way to reflect life and all it has to offer. So many times there are those that seek perfection in everything they do. I can be like that sometimes, but I've learned over the years that it's okay, we are perfectly imperfect human beings. We are amazing just the way we are, flaws and all. Thank you for taking the times to watch and respond with a thoughtful response :)

Hi shari-loveurlife,

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Thank you, @curie so much. I mean this most sincerely....thank you :) <3

I liked your Perfectly Imperfect Mandala #1. I wonder why I haven't tried this before but now I'm inspired after watching your video. 😊👍

I can relate about letting your pen guide you from one step to another. As I do the same whenever I post something or comment. I just start typing letters and soon it becomes words and paragraphs.

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Thank you, @bloggerkrunal :) I'm super excited that you enjoyed the video. It was tons of fun to make. I'm extremely humbled by your words. It brings me great joy to be able to inspire others to tap into their creative side. Thank you :) It's an awesome feeling to be able to create something from nothing. Starting with a blank page and then seeing the finished result before you is incredibly satisfying for the soul.

That was mesmerizing! Just quite a meditation unto itself to watch your "imperfect" shapes and process become perfect as you added to the whole design. I sorta felt the music being a bit trancy really helped the whole feeling of absorption and process and timelessness that your video gave me - a welcome break on a HOT working Saturday (41C here in Chiang Mai, Thailand). I think what I really enjoyed about THIS mandala is the monotones - that just be juxtaposition and shapes and shading you completely sidesteppd the need for colour. You're making me think about creating some mandalas now..... Hmmmm.... :)


Thank you so much, @artemislives :) You just brought a big smile to face. It means a lot to read fellow Steemian's wonderful and supportive comments. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the video. It feels amazing to be able to go back to my artistic roots. I've always been drawn to art. Not just sketches, but all types of mediums and artistic styles.

41 C! Wow, that is hot. That is 105.8 F. I thought Florida was hot, lol. Maybe in the summers it will be in the high 90's F and possibly 100's F. Thailand is a country that my husband and I would love to visit one day. From the cinematic and vibrant photos/movies I've seen it looks breathtaking. Try to stay cool my friend.

Thank you again for taking the time to watch and respond so kindly to my post. I hope to see your art work one day :)


If we all just took the time to support one great person outside of our feed and outside of our comfort reading zone, how much RICHER we all would be! I feel ENRICHED by your art - I really do. And enjoy that you were that one 'random' wild card that I chose to connect with. If you find your way to Thailand, please be in touch and we can enjoy some of the amazing art in this part of the world. And a coffee or a tropical juice. :)

hi @shari-loveurlife
I must confess that I do not mean absolutely to mandala and that your design seems beautiful to me. It was interesting to see in the video how the project grew line by line, as in a sort of meditation. Do you try the same while doing it? How was the passion of the Mandala born in you? Are there any precise techniques for drawing them? do you do it for passion? Continue like this :-))
Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us


Hello @road2horizon :),
Yes, actually when I'm creating a mandala I'm put myself in a meditative state. With each layer I find myself connecting with more and more with the mandala. I never know what it will be in the end, but the journey is a lot of fun and I'm always happily surprised and excited to see how it all turns out. In regards to the technique, I honestly do not have one. I usually start with a circle and from there I let the pen guide me to the next shape. Some common shapes you will find in mandalas are circles, arches, triangles, and petals. I do have deep passion for art and I love the complexity of mandalas. Each layer is unique to itself, but collectively they work together to form a beautiful mandala. It's a great reflection of life. Life is perfectly imperfect with all the fabulous flaws and all :)

Thank you again for taking the time to watch and respond so thoughtfully to my post. I can't wait to share the next perfectly imperfect mandala video :)

Steem Blockchain has a lot of art, but I think that your content is unique. I enjoy watching your video and I Hope to see other great posts!!! 👍

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Awww, thank you @monica90 :) That means a lot. It's very humbling to read your kind and supportive words for my artistic passions. I'm so happy you enjoyed my video. It's been a fun journey to make and I'm super pumped to share the next one with you all :)


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