Invested in 400 Steem Power! Sold Some Ethereum and Bitcoin!

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So after 3 weeks of testing out the Steemit platform I decided to invest more into Steem Power! I bought first 200 Steem Power with my 1 ETH that I had invested in earlier in January. Truly love how fast you can transfer with Ethereum compared to Bitcoin.

Since I love the idea of influence that is why I’m investing more into this platform because I believe it has a great future. My plan this year was to start to invest more into cryptocurrencies especially when I saw how great Steemit worked! Now when I see the importance of Steem Power I decided that I need more.

So yesterday I sold my 1 Ethereum. Today I decided to sell some Bitcoin to get another 200 in Steem Power! Getting closer to that magical 500+ Steem Power level! Which feels great since I only been on this platform for less than a month!

I like how you feel more responsible when you have invested more into the platform. It’s truly great for people that will spend lots of time here adding high quality content to the blockchain.

A few days ago I detected that the more Steem Power you have the more bandwidth you can use on the blockchain. So the chance of running into website issues decrease! When you do a long post with lots of photos it can take up lots of bandwidth. But powering up truly helps a lot.

My plan here is to build a tribe of people that is excited about this platform and that will produce high-quality enjoyable content. Content that is very undervalued at other platforms turns into Gold on Steemit. Because it’s more targeted audience and the power is in the peoples hands.

I didn’t sell all my Bitcoin but think I will now go with 50/50 invest strategy where I do 50% invest in Steemit and 50% invest in Bitcoin. The two big projects I believe the most in right now. Eventually if I get some more resources then I want to invest in some more coins that seems to have a great potential future.

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Following you @phoneinf, looks like you will have a bright future here on the Steem blockchain

well done! & welcome to Steemit ;)

I also intend to buy SteemPower but do not have the funds right now. Bing from India, it's more difficult as the cost of the rupee is very less compared to USD. However, I do understand that buying now when SP is cheap is the right way to go.

I understand! Over here in Europe we have so many banks that it can be worth to take a loan to get some funds to invest!

It's not about the funds, loans are available here as well but more about the risks of the government possibly bringing in negative regulations

This video was actually pretty informative. Ive been on for about a month but I did not realize I could use Bitcoin or ether to buy steem and then power it up! Could you tell me a littel more why you think it is better to have steem power as opposed to just steem or SBD? Also, i would be interested to hear you expound a bit more on why you have more faith in Steem over ETH? Just because it has better adoption and only one use case or is it some other reason? as always, thanks for the video!

Steem Power is better because you get shares in Steemit called VESTS. Right now you can see your VESTS at! You also get more bandwidth so you can do more things on the site. But it's mainly that you have more influence and can decide what should be seen more on the platform. You become more invested. Very nice if you like to be in a responsible position!

Also how your upvotes become worth more and that you get a slider to fine tune the reward you want to give out. I have more faith right now in Steem because I have more control over the return on investment. I see a return instantly. But I believe that ETH has a mega bright future as well. But that SP is worth so much you can really feel when you level up how it's impossible to ever wanna go back down again haha. Also brings me so much faith when I see how much Steemit is growing and the amazing plans the CEO over Steemit has when it comes to the next 5 years! He is so smart.

Right here with you! Just signed up about 2 weeks ago and have bought into more Steem twice now. Sitting at just under 300!! I will definitely be liquidating more of my crypto for SP, going for 1$ vote power is my goal! See you there!

Awesome man! It's nice to hear someone with high goals! I also want to get up there and I'm serious about producing quality and do my best work possible. Since I believe in this and having high moral standards. See you up there! To the moon! 😺 🚀

Congratulations! Hope you get the magical +500. Yesterday I did a transaction with ether and within a minute it was confirmed, great platform.

"The magical 500" yeah it's so magical

Aaaand we are above 700! Making progress! 😺 🚀 Yes!! Those Ether transactions are amazing how smooth they are! Haha when I sold some Bitcoin took hours to do a simple transfer it was horrible. I HODL what's left of my Bitcoin too lazy to sell! 😳 😩

I have been debating if I should put more in also...I like to hold what I believe in. Some coins I like are Neo, EOS, LTC, XLM, ADA and ETC. What coins have you been considering?

I listen to the masters of crypto that have decades of experience and what they tell is invest from top to bottom. So the largest coins first. The smaller coins attract many people that want to make a quick profit. While the bigger coins take a longer time to see a return on investment. Usually multiple years.

But I only invest what I know I can 100% afford to lose. Don't really make it for a quick profit but more for years of holding. And want to re-invest in my business work to scale. Just want it eventually to be 10% of my total cashflow. Right now I look at the biggest like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But also keep a close look at EOS because of the founder. Always a great idea to look at the team behind a coin if they seem solid.

I subscribed to your channel. I too believe that Steemit has a lot of potential and like you, I noticed that people seem to be nice on this platform unlike other places. I had opened a steemit account and forgotten about it until someone mentioned Dtube on a forum I frequent.

Thank you for the follow! Yes this will be a very interesting year when it comes to Steemit. There is too many depressing platforms out there. Steemit is both more engaging and rewarding. And that it works more like a tribe where you have reputation and trust makes it so people are nicer. DTube has worked amazing for me! Was shocked when I detected that it seems to be even more stable than YouTube in performance. And really cool uploader interface!

It is realy good summary for those who like me feel uncertain wether to invest in Steem Power !

You are welcome! 😊 😀

Thanks for all, Adrian. Col cuore!

It's a nice start. 400 Steempower is not that bad

It felt really good to level up that one! It becomes addictive! I love the increased influence and bandwidth!

50/50 invest strategy 50% invest in Steemit and 50% invest in Bitcoin great strategy. Best of luck.

Thank you! Yes I believe so too. But if I see a higher ROI on Steemit then I might even do 70 / 30. I'm so excited about the Smart media tokens coming and would really love to have some money over to look over EOS some more!

Dtube is more poputar today....
that a platform to share anything
it will more powerful in next
thanks for sharing

Yes I believe DTube has a super bright future of growth ahead! 😺 📺

Which are the top 5 cryptocurrency to invest in 2018?
Please answer!

I'm not an expert but will go for the largest in marketcap Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and a bonus with Steem!

You don't upvote yourself? I think you made the right decision to come out of bitcoin some. :)

Upvote my own content? Why would I do that just looks spammy and pointless haha.

Only 2 coins ? I got 10-20 coins . It only takes one good coin to save your portfolio . Vechain saved me , all other 19 coins are down . You need to diversify more .

I don't believe in spreading yourself too thin. Since the small coins are more risky. They haven't proven themselves. The proven is more safe.

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