Let's give a BIG STEEMIT WELCOME to 20K+ INSTA FOLLOWED weirdo skateboarder @rainbow.swaglord + @emsonic's "DTUBERS STORY" featuring ME! =)

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I am SO hyped today my DTube and Steemian family!
I woke up to find myself in episode 4 of @emsonic's crazy series "DTubers Story" Link below!


...Also my skate friend with a 20k instagram following, @rainbow.swaglord has finally got his account approved!

He is currently has no clue what this is all about! So go give him a follow and perhaps you can help me to get him up on his feet! (I remember the first few weeks were very confusing for me!)

With a solid following on instagram this guy has no problems being an interesting character to say the least, and will no doubt bring even more positive vibes to this place!

Yes pal! Glad to have you finally here!! =)

Anyway, I do hope you all had a lovely day out there too, you lovely DTubers!!

Big thanks to @emsonic, I am so proud to be a DTuber, and to be included with such legends in our community in your video is so rad! I feel so honoured!

I will be back soon with a brand new episode of my retro gaming show, "3 coins" over the weekend!
Previous episode "Tetris" below


Thanks for watching! =)

LOVE is all

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Hahahaha just watched the full episode buddy and I can say you look pretty powerful with that DEATH skateboard.Laughed my ass out.
Also, so hyped you brought one more skater dude.Just followed him and checked his insta, this dude is so creative and entertaining.
Fuckin awesome.
#Steemskate for life

Tell @rainbow.swaglord about @steemskate bro :) cool news! And of course @emsonic is hilarious :D



Thank you ! :)

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Hey man! Oh yeah, he's fully aware of the steemskate crew. I am sure it will be his first port of call after recovering from that first brain-frying day that we all had! =)

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Hell yeah man.
More @Steemskate power.
One more day for "Steemskate Round 1".Just a reminder.
I am sure you are gonna find something cool to share with us.
Resteemed by @steemskate.

@Rainbow.slaglord that is a great name LOL Followed him :) Hey just an FYI the audio in your clip is all over the place, your talking is really quiet so I turned it up and then it was BLASTING LOUD when the clips from emsonic and rainbowslaglord came on


Oh shit, I am sorry for assaulting your eardrums! I really need to sort it out I know. I have been struggling with the audio side of things a bit.
I kind of rushed the edit (usually spend ages on it) but will pay more attention to it from now on.
Oh yeah, I hope once my bro gets his head around it all he will be a great member of this community!
It’s @rainbow.swaglord btw, not slaglord 😂 Although slaglord is pretty f-ing awesome actually! Hahaha!
Cheers for the feedback @carlgnash it is always appreciated!! =)

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That will be a good series ;)

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