How Do I Get On MinnowBooster's Whitelist?

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Today's Tutorial is the 3te video from my MinnowBooster series.

At first, I have to say that I really tried to slow down and I hope that it doesn't sound too weird in the beginning. I have to get used to it, in the beginning, I was very slow, and now I tend to speak a little too fast.

Anyway, let’s get right to it!

I am going to cover the following topics:

• What exactly is the community whitelist?
• How do I get on the whitelist?
• What is a "clean" accepted vote?
• How do I know if I am on the Whitelist?
• My Pros and Cons
• My Conclusion + Steemit Community

I created a little PowerPoint presentation, and I will lead you through the presentation.

You can read the main points down below In case I went too fast. The Powerpoint is down below. (If you are on DTube you might not be able to see it please consider using Esteem or

MinnowBooster Whitelist Presentation (dragged)-001.jpg




If you missed the first 2 videos off my MinnowBooster series please follow the links down below:

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If you still have no idea what MinnowBooster is about Click Here

Thank you,

xoxo, Melissa

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How crazy is this... I have been here over a year and never quite checked on minnowbooster even though i know of it
I would really like to know about the benefits
Thank you so much
Will be looking out for the next video :D


Same here, most of the time the everyday/normal none technical user can't find any information about projects services on Steemit. You can't Google it or ask your friends because they aren't on Steemit. If you are talking about Steemit, the everyday person thinks it is a Scam (which still could be the case I have to admit..) And if you see projects like this, you think even more that it is too good to be true, but if you are looking more into it you can see the potential of it...

Anyway, I will publish it next week, to be honest, it's looking like a massive mess at the moment, and I'm still trying to figure it out... (how it works, what the benefits are, how they can be useful for us etc.)


Well said on the scam bit... but I am more and more convinced it can work... provided there are enough of us going the right direction
I like you :D
Saying it as it is ❤️


Yes, it could work. It is just far too confusing, as nobody can find their way around it. I am scared to talk about it on my Youtube channel (beauty channel) because I am not sure lol.

Hm, I guess that you will always have some people who are abusing the system, but as you mentioned if enough of us are going in the right direction, it might work. Maybe it just needs time. 😇

Haha, Thank you 😄 Same 🥰

No offense but I feel that promoting a bid bot or voting service whitelist is normalizing the practice of buying votes which I find contrary to proof-of-brain.

I would personally support any author that works hard for organic support and does not leverage any such service.

To not do such, is to legitimize the "easy way" of buying votes instead of a creator fine tuning their content and finding their respective niche.

Best of luck to you @mvd.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)


Thanks for your comment.

Just wondering what do you mean by" fine-tuning the content?"

How would you attract peoples attention for your content, product, service?

How would you do it instead?

And do you know how MinnowBoosters whitelist works?


You're welcome. ☺️

The ideal is that the best content should gain visibility by users actively curating content based on perceived quality.

Unfortunately, this mechanism is destroyed by bid bots as stakeholders instead opt to delegate to these bots for passive returns rather than utilizing their stake to find great content.

It is well known that Steemit's promoted tab does not really work as intended and there had been a rampant issue of collusive voting (circlejerking) before the bid bots came about.

The problem is people did not attempt to solve the problem but rather a few chose to capitalize on human psychology and sell their voting power instead.

It was not a solution but another problem but it came with much propoganda purporting these things as "promotion" services when, in reality, they are used as a vehicle for Steem accumulation.

It's good that some of these services have implemented quality standards but the services are often abused nevertheless. When we audit a bid bots votes, it doesn't take too much time to find a user attempting to buy votes on sub par and low effort content.

My preference is community over bots and users that power up their liquid Steem vice sending it to voting services and perpetuating the cycle. Steem stakeholders need to get off their butts and curate.

By supporting any vote selling service, we are enabling them to do otherwise and even be rewarded for it. This is a problem for the long term sustainability of this platform and, the sooner users realize it, the better.

The "Pay Me I Vote You" model needs to go the way of the dinosaurs. We need more users looking for metaphorical diamonds in the rough so outside users will be drawn in by all the "shiny things" on Trending instead of seeing the same millionaire 6 times a day; however, the implication towards reward pool is another issue that I don't believe can be solved by any front end.

Sorry for the short novel. I've been a long time advocate for #nobidbots and am passionate about the issue. As for the MB whitelist, I have somewhat of an understanding but not comprehensive. I assume it's similar to Smartsteem?


are minnow whitelist really useful?


@ anshul1 I guess it would be if more "real" people would join. At the moment it is far from perfect but if a few things would change it could become really useful!

Once again thanks again for this vid. I have just done my introduction as per your instructions. Can't thank you enough, Andrew.


@andrewsmodels thank you so much for your feedback and the support! If you have any further question, please feel free to ask!😊

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@mvd I must confess, this post has been a blessing to me! I definitely am going to up my game when it comes to creating quality and clean posts in order to get into the whitelist.

Thanks a lot for sharing!

That’s interesting

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Very useful post! Congrats. Obvious upvote!

Hello . Your all post are aweaome.

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Didn't know about minnowBooster's before this you!

I like you're video, god bless pretty lady!!!

Congratulations @mvd!
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So in my opinion the hot stuff is not on the trendeng site....


Good question, I'm a rookie here....I don't know where it is but if the content that is on the trending site should be the best of then dam rather disappointed with what is going on here....


@vinzenz Well there are only a few people active on DTube. See here But I don't think that the trending section should be the best. Otherwise it would be "The Best of DTube" 🥰🤪


Where do you think it is?

Great video. Resteemed


@andrewsmodels thank you :) have you already heard of minnowbooster?


Nope. First I have heard of it. But I am very new to this 😀

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What do you mean new to DTube? Because I had a look at your content which is incredible. I love by the way, and if this is your art, I am jealous.

Do you have a link to their discord??

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Thanks 🙏

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@mvd . Its work in gulf ? Send any information regarding to this. @syedahmed1010


@syedahmed1010 sorry I am not sure.. what do you mean?


Hi @mvd sorry u are not understand that what i means. minnowbooster apps work in Gulf country or not.


yes, the service is working everywhere in the world😃 As long as you can connect to their website it should be fine.☺️

Are you from the Netherlands?


Well, my father is Dutch, but I'm not I was born in Luxembourg.👩🏼‍🎓

Calling @originalworks :)
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What do you mean minnow booster

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Do you mean that I am MinnowBooster? 🥰😘


no😇 what is minnowbooster

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