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In today’s video, I would like to talk about MinnowBooster and to be more specific, about their post promoting service. I used it myself, and now I want to bring you closer to them as well! They provide various services, which I will cover in future videos.

If you are looking for a service that will give you more visibility and will promote your post, this might be something for you!

Minnowbooster website link

Steem MinnowBooster Latest Article Links:

Blocktrade Link:

Bittrex Link (There are lots of other Exchanges, but I think it’s the best for trading SBD):

Steem Power Calculator:

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xoxo, Melissa

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Hey great video
Was wondering if you’ve ever been flagged for bot abuse
Thanks 👍

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Hey, I love your question, and in fact, I am more than happy that you mentioned it!

No, I haven't well, I never used any "bad" bots.(Okay, you never know if they are :P ) You can't make it into trending without using any kind of promotion. I think it's similar to "real life". Assuming that you have a new restaurant. What would you do? Just wait until some people come inside, or go outside and looking for people "pay someone" to go on the street, or advertise it online, flyers, etc... If people use promotion to get more visibility it would be fair, but most of them aren't they are not really caring about their content which is very sad, and they just want an upvote(most of the good bots aren't about printing Steem just break even, and you will get visibility) I know that it is not only on Steemit, Youtube, Facebook, etc. have the same problem. I would use them even for a loss(not just break even) as long as I could get more visibility, grow my audience make customers(people who are watching it) happy and later on if they are I am more than happy to make a profit out of it. I hope that this makes sense. I could give you other examples if you like.

In my next "Tutorial" I'll tell you how most people are doing it stay tuned for that ;)

Thanks so much for your answer
I totally agree with what your saying, I have used promo services a few times.
Have you heard of SteemFlagRewards?
I understand flagging spam or plagiarism ,but someone promoting there art or music didn’t strike me as abuse.
If possible could you talk about good/bad services and what promotional services you like to use
Hopefully I don’t get flagged again

Thanks again

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Well, I watched your Dtube videos, but I couldn't see any flags? On what kind of content was it do you have the link, because I'm really interested in doing a video about that topic. Yes, I am following SteemFlagRewards, but I haven't had a chance to look into it... When I started cheetah posted "plagiarism" under my content all the time, and it took me a while to get in touch with them. The funny thing was that he mentioned my own content (haha) I have to do my research because I am not a 100% sure about the bid bots and how they are different from the promoting services(maybe the whitelist...?^^) or are they even the same? Who's right who is wrong? Maybe they are all good, but people just abuse them?

Here is the post it’s a photograph

I’m an artist I spend a lot of time to create some of my photography
By no means do I think I abused any bots in comparison to other posts I’ve seen with 6 or 7 bots
I might not have 2 pages of text along with my art but that’s not what I do . The effort is in the art itself. Art is open to interpretation but doesn’t mean it’s worthless if you don’t like it.
Thanks again

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Delegation to minniwbooster is top notch!

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Hey, good post. Thank you for that. Well helpful.

Great video my beauty friend @mvd i was asking myself wich account is better to use as promoter and bot voter and you came here with this great video, you are really clever thank you for giving your time and knowledge.

Best for you.

@ignacioarreses thank you :) well yes, minnow booster could be the one for you :) I always would recommend to inform yourself first before you're getting into it :)

Thanks my new friend of the steem blockchain, best wishes for you.

Where you from ? I am from Argentina Buenos Aires.

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@ignacioarreses Thank you :)
For you too!
I'm from Luxembourg but live in Australia :)

This sounds pretty good. I might try it.

@jungleonion have a go and if you have any questions, let me know :)

With Steem you think it is good to use bid bot. I was using their services but lately didn't see much return...forcing me to stop....any suggestion ..if delegation works ?

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@steemflow Hey, hmm, what do you mean? Post promotion?

I'll give it a try - thanks!

Nice to know the information

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can you upload a new video for how to grow steem power?

Hey, well yes I can do a video about that topic soon, I think one of the best ways is creating daily content. However, there are many more options, and I can do a video about it...

Nice to know this information

nice video, one request can you please make more videos on dtube.

@jonathanjames510 Thank you :)
yeah, all my recent videos are on Dtube :) This one as well :)

Like and fav

On behalf of BuildTeam and MinnowBooster, the Steemvoter Guild hereby upvotes your post with thanks for your contributions to the @minnowbooster community.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @mrclave71
BuildTeam wishes everyone a bullish new Year!
Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!

@mvd you paid 25 SBD for the up-vote and got 31.4 up-vote. After 25% curation you just lost money ....

31.4 x .75 = 23.55 (which is the 100% - 25% curation that others get from your vote)

How is this profitable?

I'm not sure what do you mean? And did you watch the video? And did you read the text above?

I got on their discord. They are looking into it.

Hy @mvd

Did you know that you have 41035 transactions historically on the Steem blockchain!
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Snake: Otacon, what is this mb?
Otacon: take a look at it on their site...
Snake: impressive...

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Hi, @mvd!

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