Canna-cut, Sexing & Loads of Fun

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canna-cut, sexing & loads of fun!.png

BÄMM, Y'ALL! This is the best video you'll find on Dtube today. That's a promise. It simply has it all: From educating content on how to cut your cannababies and how to differ their gender, over a Katie Perry cover & a little Sir Mix a Lot rap interlude to accidental cat content and the universe dancing for you! Also in the mix, a smoking game, and an interactive Language lesson. Tomorrow, I am going to publish a post on giving the reason for why I am obviously feeling like a sparkling little lassie: Girls Scout's Cookies. Today, I simply feel fantastic on #weedcash, #dtube and #steem. Join me!

Smoking Game

Have a drag whenever you hear me say the word "side shot". Beautiful trip, my friend!

Language Lesson

Watch me learning English, teach me speaking English!
ACTUALLY, THIS IS A TEST! Are you watching these videos? What’s the word I can’t pronounce, hm? Teach me in the comments! There’s another word I couldn’t find the translation for which is “Vorblüte” in German. 'Preflower, maybe? Do you read me? Guide me in the comments!

This video is awesome. You don’t wanna miss it!

… centralized version:


Awesome video friend! I upvoted here but watched on YouTube to give you a view there 😁 We call “side shoots” branches. Foto-sin-thi-sis 💚 It’s so green there in Germany. It seems a lot like Oregon. I grew up with stinging nettles too and ours had no stingers anywhere on the stem. Just on the underside of the leaves. Happy to see you’ve got some good herb😎

lol! branches, of course! I actually new this word. :D The girl scout cookies are speaking through me, I guess. Thanks a lot. I didn't know about stinging nettles without stingers on the stem. Every day learning something new on the blockchain! Biggest thank you for correcting me. No one ever dares. And it's actually what I love. Teach me English, everyone! <3

Your English is fantastic! Way better than my German😉. “ side shoot” is still completely correct, branch is just a more casual and common term. I’ve been here in Mexico for a while now and your English is far better than my Spanish. I need to get to work on it. 💚

By the way! Yesterday the best friend of your namesake here called from Mexico telling us something about building up some kind of community to support the local community instead of profiting from their poverty like many people do when they go over there. I bet you're familiar. I feel like, if you're close you should maybe meet …

Where’s she at?

At Mazunte.

Mazunte looks awesome! It’s a ways south of where I am. It’s in Oaxaca, near the famous surf town of Puerto Escondido, definitely on our list of next destinations. I think it’s probably a few days drive south of me. Sounds like a cool project!

Love this @mayb! Und nochmal auf schwäbisch...beschte!
Vorblüte = budding? early opposed to early birds. :)

Ja, irgendjemand hat 'preflower' bestätigt. The early bird bud is too lovely, however. So I'll stick with that!

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Nice. Ive always called the big center buds "kola buds"

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Ha ha ha! This day is packed with miracles, signs, and what stupid people call "coincidences". I was just tidying up my database and decided to keep this pic of me and my koala having a fat doobie. :D


Lol. Smoking some eucalyptus im sure.

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Not as random as i seem. Koalas are supposed to get high when they eat eucalyptus.

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:D 🐨 Then it makes so more sense than I knew that I created this picture. Thanks for a new fact!

Definitely, the best video I will watch today. It's got everything! Even cat content! Crazy, how you lured that cat to you, lol. Loved every second of this video, but I would have really loved to see WeedCash in the last second too!
say it with me, SIN-THA-SIS
yes, preflower
And, yes I think you are right, She just looks too pretty to be a male 😃

What an honor. You actually watched AND read it. Thanks a lot. I enjoyed every single answer of yours. I must admit that the last few second part developed from the laziness after two days of sweating on/over (? Another possibility to teach me English, YAY!) it. But you are right and I will definitely work on it and produce similar promo material for weedcash. Just give me a little time to adjust. Still trying to wrap my head around on how to stay originally on both platforms.

Photo-SIN-THA-SIS on, brother!

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