"Human Learning Process" or "My Proof of Feet" - Dtube Challenge Vol. I - Juggling a football 50x

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Hello, blogging, vlogging, reading and sports-loving friends!

Here I am, posting my first video of myself, participating in a challenge by my steemit friend and colleague photographer @worldcapture, who also runs the weekly Peoplephotography challenge.

This time he has set something else for us and those who complete it have a chance at 1 month 500 SP delegation.

We have to juggle a football with our feet 50 times in the air without the ball touching the ground!

And we have to take a video of that!

Funny, but I was eventually able to do the first... and meanwhile my camera had tilted a bit up and I even don't show my feet at all times. Only when they go up to meet the ball. You have to believe me, there was ground below my feet, really. And I was expertly stepping on it. I swear!

Really, it was tough...

As you can see, I am not in perfect shape. I thing my Hristo Stoichkov hairstyle (absolutely by accident - I just haven't found the time and/or motivation to go to the barbershop yet) helped me achieve a miracle.

Or was it the human learning capabilities that helped? Previous experience in using my feet, probably? I haven't kicked a football for months before today. Haven't played a football game for a few years at least. Is it like riding a bicycle? Yeah, if you have a look at my funny motions, going almost as if I was riding a bicycle ;)

It took me a little more than an hour.

And it was fun. And tiring. And it started with being able to juggle less than ten times. At first, I kept videos with me going a little over ten. By the end, I was deleting videos with 30 plus successful kicks.

At some point I did 48. Forty-....ing-eight! Or two short of fifty.

Do you know what passes through your mind at that point? I know you do.

Let's go home, it counts, doesn't it?

Nope. I am stubborn and I love challenges. The real challenge was to continue after failing at 48, knowing pretty well my next attempt wouldn't be able to beat that. But eventually I would. Because I was getting better.

And in the back of my mind I had my personal, suspecting nothing, steemian coach, @tarazkp. Thanks for being there without knowing it, sir!

By the way, 5 and 50 are almost the same, only psychology makes it different, right? Wrong.

My heart-rate accelerated after 20 and my muscles almost gave up on me on 44 on my successful attempt. I was trembling and my knees felt weak, my hips felt stiff. But I was able to snap out of it. Really snapping at myself. (Yeah, I also snapped at the ball at one attempt that ended at 30).

Grab the opportunity

Another true story is... I had no football. And I didn't want to kick my basketball, I am against such ugly stuff. And I have been looking for ways to find a ball just for the challenge without buying one, if possible. And it was there! Today it was there, abandoned on a children's playground. A deserted one with signs "Recently treated against rats and other vermin, keep away until the 22nd of March, 2019!".

The ball was somehow deflated but it still worked. I left it there, afterwards. Thanks for small miracles. Happy first Spring, Northern Hemisphereans!

Alright, so now I am just uploading this one video and I prey D.tube is with me and I succeed on posting it there. Someday, though, I will return to edit stuff and also show you a compilation of failed attempts. Cause it was fun!


Very tired but happy (sport does that to you),


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Thanks, I will check it out soon.

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Good job! The more you practice the better you'll get! I like to play hacky sac which is similar, but I'm guessing it's a lot easier than using a ball.


I know that one. Not that much easier, I think.

Nice work man, keep it up!


Thank you. What I have to step up is my use of videos.

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That's a great story. Glad you made it.

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Some nice fancy footwork there! Good job for getting so many in.

You remind me of when I was younger. I used to be really good with the Hacky Sack. That little beanie bag, ball thing. It was something to do during recess in high school :p


I remember that one. Played it after high school even. But it was more like a social activity.

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I was often a loner so when I played it after school it was just me. I was less shy to try new moves that way too ^_^


Well, me too, but I guess I was less shy communicating whole engaged in a game.

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