Las Vegas Mass Murder: A Deeper Perspective and Understanding

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the latest events in that unfolded in Las Vegas yesterday, with a bigger critic of media and sensationalism during these events when it comes to the news business. Please let me know if you think I am wrong in the comment section below. Timestamp is 8:03 for the most important part of this video

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Was anyone on this thread in Vegas or lives here? Am tired of reading all the conspiracy theories. My friends daughter was shot in the back and is in the hospital and another friend lost a friend who died yesterday. Stop watching videos and speculating.

Video is also available on YouTube at

It's hard to make sense out of an act of such evil...

Such a tragedy!!!

First of all let me say this, you hear the normal police channel, but swat and tactical teams are on another channel, I did not watch the whole video only because I agree , this whole thing doesn't make sense, a guy who had no history of any political affiliation nor religious and now we are to believe he had certain political documents?
Look , this is another false flag from the beginning, and I for one am tired of hearing every person white, is a white supremacist, Trump took office to make American Great again, stop giving free money to illegal immigrants and start giving it to Americans that need it, stop sending jobs over seas and let's become an industrial nation again. ( get off your ass and get to work).
People don't realize they are using 2 tactics to devide you, one is the devide and conquer technique and the other is the Hegelian principle which has worked and continues to work.
It's either learn from history or be doomed to repeat it, civil war is coming, and that's not a good thing.

I am happy that people are waking up to false flags, they are very dangerous for us, and we need to continue to stand together, or we will fall as people....

And we must start now by creating a community, or join family members together to be on the same page and have a plan on just where to go if you have to bug out, and what I've been saying, grow your own foods, buy seeds, learn to repair and keep things going, have plenty of medicines, and guns and ammo.
Shits is hitting the fan for sure.

And fight those who want to create rules that violate our constitution and human rights. Build a way for all to communicate, bring peaceful resolutions, instead of business funded globalist politics, and protect the part of our government that is for us the people.

It is difficult to ascertain what actually happened at this point. I have seen video that purports to show gunfire coming from the 4th floor of the hotel, which would prove there was at least a shooter not on the 32nd floor.

I also saw SGTreports posted a pic of Paddock in a pussy hat, which would jibe with the Antifa link, and indicate Paddock was at least one of the shooters.

If Paddock was a shooter, he needed to smuggle those weapons into the hotel, and unless he had a several trips in which to do it, he would have been packing at least 100 pounds of steel and lead, which would have been obvious.

The only way Imma believe he did it is if they release such a video, and/or show he was radicalized, either per the pussy hat/Antifa link, or some other group.

If they try to claim he was ISIS, then it's a false flag op, cuz ISIS is mercenaries paid by the USG. Even if he didn't know that, ISIS does.

No way to know at this time what the reality is, and if the authorities treat this like the Seth Rich case, Imma believe false flag. Concealing evidence is evidence of guilt.

What/why do you think these false flags are happening?

Technology is creating means for wealth to be more equitably distributed, which will decrease the power of the ultrawealthy, and more so over time. It is also creating means for this tiny minority to permanently enslave the rest of humanity, if they do so in time.

They are preparing to spring a trap intended to permanently set them up as overlords, and are desperately trying to create conditions that improve their odds of success, which are against them. If they are able to take private arms away from Americans, their odds of success are much higher.

Their best weapon is propaganda, and false flags are the best propaganda.

Almost like another Rome, or Aztec systems?

Nero famously owned Fire Brigades, which he used to wrest vast wealth from Romans by setting fires, putting them out, and then suing to receive payment for his services, gaining properties as landowners defaulted.

It is no secret that some means of influencing peoples minds are possessed by covert organizations. As technology improves this potentiates the permanent enslavement of humanity, but, if it isn't effected in time, the diffusion of that technology to a sufficient portion of the people will prevent it's effective use.

The time is short, and the additionally diffusion of cryptocurrencies, 3D printing, and similar decentralizing technology will render the would be tyrants for life merely equal to the rest of us.

The longer they wait, the lower their chances of success.

Vegas is the most surveyed city on the planet, why no release of footage...

This is very true! Great point!

Something doesn't feel right about this luke. I ran across this report at where this lady ran to the front of the concert and told people they were all going to die.

I'm not one to try and spread rumors but this does not add up to me. If you look at the girls facial expressions you can tell she is genuinely scared about what she is saying on camera.

Could be, but I see a lot of smiling faces here:
Make sure so read the comments below this post!

Why didn't she get help, the article are saying she is saying that after the incident, she also told reporters, that she was told this almost an hour before it happened....

Where is all the security camera footage from the hotel? You would think that something would be released?

So Saaad! What is this world coming to?

Prayers for Las Vegas !
Thanks for the updates !!

If you’re tuning into the Mainstream media programs and expecting the truth of what happened in Las Vegas I don’t even know what to tell you at this point. Their history of lying, race-baiting, political rallying and war-promotion should be enough to at least give any half-way reasoning individual a very solid reason to pause and question the current narrative. C.W.

there is no single world describe this attack as a terrorist act
The only reason is the attacker is not Muslim
even trump change the term "terror" by "evil"
i wonder why ?

These are trying time indeed, glad to hear a reasoned and measured perspective. Stay up @lukewearechange

That's a very sad news.when i see the news bbc chanel,but i feel very badly.I pray the god, don't this accident agine.

God bless our world and the future of our child ...

But democracy!!!

I saw a raw video of people at the concert when the shooting occurred. Shit was intense. It was so real and scary.

Whatever it is, we just have to watch out for each other.

Iam really upset with this kind of horrible incidents where people have been dying for no reason. Humanity seems to be missing day by day in this world The way the media channels are operating is not at all acceptable as each and every channel has started implementing their own agenda by leaving the needy people in the air. Unless we fix the problems of anti national people/media/illegal residents, nothing will change even in future. That too, this has becoming the most common problem in both developing/developed countries. This is the time to act tough for better future and take measures to eliminate the root cause with out worrying about the politics.

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Very good information. Fake news and viewpoint propaganda, and false flags are happening just to get the uniformed citizens on the side of people who don't want our constitution and other items to be there. My heart still goes out to the effected...

These people just need to shut up.

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