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RE: Las Vegas Mass Murder: A Deeper Perspective and Understanding

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It is difficult to ascertain what actually happened at this point. I have seen video that purports to show gunfire coming from the 4th floor of the hotel, which would prove there was at least a shooter not on the 32nd floor.

I also saw SGTreports posted a pic of Paddock in a pussy hat, which would jibe with the Antifa link, and indicate Paddock was at least one of the shooters.

If Paddock was a shooter, he needed to smuggle those weapons into the hotel, and unless he had a several trips in which to do it, he would have been packing at least 100 pounds of steel and lead, which would have been obvious.

The only way Imma believe he did it is if they release such a video, and/or show he was radicalized, either per the pussy hat/Antifa link, or some other group.

If they try to claim he was ISIS, then it's a false flag op, cuz ISIS is mercenaries paid by the USG. Even if he didn't know that, ISIS does.

No way to know at this time what the reality is, and if the authorities treat this like the Seth Rich case, Imma believe false flag. Concealing evidence is evidence of guilt.


What/why do you think these false flags are happening?

Technology is creating means for wealth to be more equitably distributed, which will decrease the power of the ultrawealthy, and more so over time. It is also creating means for this tiny minority to permanently enslave the rest of humanity, if they do so in time.

They are preparing to spring a trap intended to permanently set them up as overlords, and are desperately trying to create conditions that improve their odds of success, which are against them. If they are able to take private arms away from Americans, their odds of success are much higher.

Their best weapon is propaganda, and false flags are the best propaganda.

Almost like another Rome, or Aztec systems?

Nero famously owned Fire Brigades, which he used to wrest vast wealth from Romans by setting fires, putting them out, and then suing to receive payment for his services, gaining properties as landowners defaulted.

It is no secret that some means of influencing peoples minds are possessed by covert organizations. As technology improves this potentiates the permanent enslavement of humanity, but, if it isn't effected in time, the diffusion of that technology to a sufficient portion of the people will prevent it's effective use.

The time is short, and the additionally diffusion of cryptocurrencies, 3D printing, and similar decentralizing technology will render the would be tyrants for life merely equal to the rest of us.

The longer they wait, the lower their chances of success.

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