Posting Multiple Videos A Day? - MY OPINION! | dreamvlog #27 [DTubeDaily]

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I decided today to post a video where I might make myself very unpopular and I've been thinking a lot about it if I should really post this one as it will also offend some members of DTubeDaily.

But I didn't want to hide and my intention was not to attack specific people but to share my thoughts about the upcoming trend of posting multiple videos a day on DTube from a perspective some of you haven't thought about yet.

There are several reasons why I'm not a big fan of this trend as this is not only a personal decision of the content producer himself but which also affects all other creators on DTube.

I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, make sure to upvote and follow. Don't mind to resteem as well and what's most important…

…live your dream!

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dude, super brave you made this video :) As someone who's started posting my facebook videos onto dtube, I feel like I should comment lol. I see your arguments and they make a ton of sense. My logic has been this.. (speaking from my persepctive)..

When I started dtube, making videos, those were always secondary to the videos I was actually proud of on Facebook. So I see nothing wrong with posting those videos that align with my real identity. You see how YouTubers who come join this platform are also posting their videos on here and they get rewarded for it because it's good content.

I think good content will always rise to the top. It doesn't matter if you're posting 1 time a day or 2 times day like I am.

Again, super cool and brave to make this video. Those are my 2 cents on this video. Would love to talk privately on discord if you like :)

Thank's for your feedback Harshil. I see you in the category of people whose videos I really like on this platform but I'm just struggling to keep up with everything.
But there seem to be some people who try that out as well maybe just to have more material on this platform to maybe increase the chances of getting a DTube upvote. Quality content or not...
And I really don't like this way of thinking. That's why I'm going the exact different direction. Quality instead of quantity, so less videos from me.

Quality over quantity will always win at the end. It is not a sprint it is a marathon but I might be wrong as well but this is what I feel about it.

I agree completely! For a few days, I was experimenting with the content I wanted to put out...still sticking with my daily news show? Doing music content? Doing a family vlog? But I decided to stick to a once a day news show for a lot of the reasons you listed off. I don't want my followers to get overwhelmed. Actually, I was just talking in my video I'm going to release today about being mindful not to spam your followers feeds with too much content as it can inevitably be a turnoff. About twice a week now I release a music related video along with my daily video, either for #openmic, or just as something special, but I have been really trying to cut back.

I have read some of the comments on here too, and while I agree that Dtube can decide for themselves, it's hard for them to know what is new vs old content. I suppose it doesn't matter in the long run, but if people know that they are just recycling old material to get the upvote from dtube then that's kind of crappy, and it's not really helping the platform grow, because as you said, there is limited space on Dtube, and Dtube has a limited SP delegation that they use daily. I am sure there are original content producers being overshadowed by people who are copying and pasting old content from their other websites. I mean, none of it is illegal, but it's not exactly fair either, and it's something I tend to look down on!

I have also noticed that some users are producing pretty low quality videos multiple times a day, because dtube will upvote them regardless. There aren't enough eyerolls for some of these videos, and it's disappointing that the curators aren't using better judgement. I am lucky enough to have a fairly consistent dtube upvote, and I see you are too, but I have a lot of friends that haven't found that consistency, and in the meantime, I am seeing 16 second videos of nonsense getting $150! I can see where my vlogging friends are frustrated!

I like your vlog and your sensible commentary, and I fully support your concerns! I have been compressing my videos as well, because why wouldn't you? It takes so much less time to upload!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Cheers!

Everybody should experiment especially when being completely new to something. And I guess a lot of us are new to this.
I also don't want to overwhelm my viewers as I guess some of them don't have the possibility to check my content every day. And I don't want them to get that feeling like "Okay, I was away for 3 days... WHAT?! 10 new videos?!". At least it's up to every creator how to handle that.

As far as I know the DTube upvotes are not being distributed randomly so it still depends to the team what is worth how much SP in their opinion. But I guess there MAY be some people who are getting some kind of regular DTube upvotes and start considering about splitting some content into two parts and then hope to get double the upvotes...

Thanks for your kind words. I do appreciate your feedback :)

" I am seeing 16 second videos of nonsense getting $150! I can see where my vlogging friends are frustrated!"
Ive seen it to and I cant see any logical with that :(

Uhh... I know what you are talking about. I have made this mistake multiple times.
I guess this is a bit about me...

Altho. I felt that it was necessary to me. As I had a problem with weed addiction. And the only way I was able to break free was to create non stop. LIKE to have my mind stop thinking about weed. And creating videos was the only way I was able to do it. Then it became a habit. To do two videos a day. But I guess one is enough.

reality just hit me hard :D

Have a nice day man!

Hey man! My intention was not to teach or hurt anybody. How many videos are okay depends only on you. I was just sharing my honest opinion from the point of a viewer who really gets overwhelmed when I wasn't for example some days on a channel and there are like 10+ videos to watch. I instantly feel like having no motivation from the beginning.
And of course talking about those limited capacities to make people just think about it. What they do with this information depends also on them.
Just keep doing what you love to do and don't let yourself dictate by other people. Even not by videos like this one ;)

I understand! OK! AND I agree about the overwhelming amount of videos and how that could affect the motivation to watch them all.

But thanks for sharing this! Great thinking material. :)

The shade of it all... Lol it is fine Mathew don't worry. It is Your opinion so it is fine you share it and get the conversation going. As someone that sometimes upload more than once a day I obviously am not against it. We all create content in different ways and I am still trying to find what is the best way for me to be be releasing and creating content in here and trying to see what my following prefer...

Also we all know that people are busy and a lot of the time they don't have 10 minutes to sit and watch a video. So shorter videos on the internet are more popular nowadays unless you have a huge long term following that will watch no matter what you post.

But we'll everyone is different and if we all were doing the same and had the same opinions and content this would be boring. ;)

No worries... I still love you my friend 😉

I wish I had time to post 10 times a day. lol. I can barely upload one.

TBH this just shows you sold out .. and your content doesn't seem genuine

I’m Todd Smith Music. This is my label account.

Thank you for sharing the opinion, I don’t think many people will get upset at you stating what you feel. That’s part of being human.

Either way, I feel it’s up to Dtube to judge. I’ve seen them curate users lately multi times a day with 100$+ payouts, so they must not be against it. When it comes down to you tube videos that falls into dtubes field too.

They can check if the video is on YT and how old the post was made to YT. They told me that’s part of process when checking YT uploads, how old the video is on You Tube will effect if they payout on dtube.

We all have our various opinions but try to let Dtube judge and follow their actions. I post twice maybe 3 times a day but they range from motivatio videos to live jams.

This is all just my opinin ans you know what they say about those

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Hi Man!

I guess that the best way is to do is 1-2 posts a day by 3-4 different platforms. I mean 1-2 photos by steepshot, 1-2 vlogs, 1-2 article by steemit, 1-2 dsounds if you got content of course. But whatever people doing is they own choice :)
I have started to render in 480p especially for dtube as well. It takes less time to upload and also helps system.

I have subscribed you.

All best!

Thanks for your comment @neopch! I can absolutely agree with you. That's what I was talking about as well. Different channels, different audiences.
I still render in 1080p but the file size is being reduced to less than a third of the original file size while having no big loss in quality.

Thanks for following :)

What Ive done in Vegas is: 480p, 60FPS and I have changed bitrate to the same as 1080p and I will check that on next uploading.

I thought this too, but the problem is that it all still ends up on your Steemit feed, and that is the major website everyone uses. A lot of people have requested that we have separate feeds for each app, but since we don't, if you post one or two things on each app every day, your main set of followers are seeing 8-10 posts by you on their feed, which potentially makes it unmanageable when you take the average of how many users most people are following! I say separate feeds for all! :)

That is why you should have that in mind as well and you will not spam for others if You plan it in a clever way like:

8:00 Steepshot
11:00 Steemit
14:00 DSound
17:00 DTube
21:00 Steepshot
etc etc etc

depends on which platforms you using :)

All Best!
Bless :)

Your post touches many aspects. There is also this visibility-aspect in it: the more someone posts, the less will posts of others be visible. What is a community-fair ammount of posts? I know many follow the "one post a day"-rule. I don't always do this. But then I have days I don't do a post and spend my time with curating... how can we find a good balance? Maybe I'm not consistent enough in my behaviour yet. This is very much related to your last post about making habits.

What's fair is relative. I just wanted to make a statement how I look at this topic not only from the perspective of a viewer but also as a creator and hobby steem cleaner.

I tend to agree with much of what you discussed and I think this is the beauty of the platform we have here on the steemit ecosystem. These details will work themselves out as people experiment and try different things to see how the "system" responds. I think as participants in that system, we have the opportunity to make decisions on up-voting the content we like, and not up-voting the content we don't like. With this, we should sleep well at night knowing our "voice" was used and hopefully....heard. Re-used content, which I did myself when I first started here, I tend to now not up-vote, but that's just me :) Great topic, Mathew, and bravo for the discussion!

I agree with the re used content part. My YT vids ( which I dont’t upload anymore ) never get paid out like DT exclusives.

I just think this platform shouldn't be abused especially by those people who are even stealing content from others and re-uploading to DTube hoping to make some money.
I see a lot of bloggers out there posting several times a day articles which they just ripped somewhere from the internet. We don't need such people on DTube either.

Oh I agree 100%. Theft should be addressed, I myself would never consider stealing other peoples material.

Hey @liveyourdream - I appreciate this post so much I made a video response to it. I hope you don't mind? I'll be posting it soon. I'm glad I discovered your channel! Keep up the great post and lovin' the boldness and honesty my brotha.

Upvoted with some truth love :D

Sure go ahead! I'm looking forward to watch it so please let me know when you uploaded it. Thanks for your love I do appreciate it :)

Definitely :) will do my brotha :D I just found it so thought-provoking and I couldn't put all my thoughts on paper lol

let me know your thoughts too, brotha!

So nice a post!

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