Visiting a huge ditch to barbeque and skate + #Steemwashere entry

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Greetings to everybody guys.

Yesterday , me and my crew visited a secret spot to skate and barbeque.
This spot is located on the Pindous mountain range and it's a HUGE ditch.

But exept the barbeque and the skateboarding , I had plans to film my #Steemwashere entry , a challenge by @Kenanqhd.
So this is my entry bro.I think this vlog is filmed at around 700m altitude.
You can check more about this challenge here :

Thank you all for your time and for your support and let's literally take Steem to the moon.
Also , if you want to see more skateboarding check out @Steemskate , Steem's blockchain official skate page.


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Hell yeah man. That spot looks like a cool and secret place to hang out!

How do you know it is about 700 m high? How can i verify the altitude of this place? Lol

Cause Ioannina city is at 500 m altitude and I think this spot is around 200m higher man.
Just a guess I might be wrong.
Don't know if that helps but this is the spot via satelite from google maps.
Right in the center of your screen :,20.7554005,815m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x135be9a2defedd67:0x400bd2ce2b997c0!8m2!3d39.6650288!4d20.8537466

Thanks for your words bro , we had a blast yesterday.But this spot smells like goat shit I tell you that.Hahaha

Hey man I am trying to find an accurate measurement of the elevation at that spot. Are 39.7667688,20.7554005 the coordinates?

According to, it says the elevation is 481m but on the link you sent, it says 815m. If the coordinates aren't right, could you try finding the correct coordinates and posting them in different elevation maps? Thanks.

You are right dude, it's around 500 m.
The coordinates are right, my thoughts were wrong.
Weird that this location is not higher than Ioannina city.
Thought it would be at least 200 m higher.

to tsikisate me skete e!!! poli omorfa....
kali mera kai kalo mina....

Kalo mina Niko.
Nai itane iperoxa kai fagame polu file mou.Hahaha.
Kalh anoiksh na exoume.

That is a mad spot man!
Sounded like it was rough af!
I loved the selfie filmed drop in! It is good for showing non skaters what skating looks like from the skaters perspective.

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Yo thanks Mark.
This spot is rough for sure bro but you can ride easily.It's just that if you fall , you know you are fucked.Hahahaha.
The ditch is 3m high and the drop ins feel so good bro.So much speed.
If you ever visit me , I am gonna take you to that spot for a sick barbeque bro.

Oh man I would love to get over there to skate! BBQ sounds awesome! Veggie burgers for me please dude! =)

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Arange a summer vacation trip with @stickchumpion.
That's gonna be awesome.Skate and beatiful beaches , we got everything here.

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I would love to mate, but there is no way I can afford to go anywhere for a while unfortunately. One day though, for sure!!

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Nice spot :) btw who is that camillesteemer he give often downvotes for no reason

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Thanks brother.
I don't know who that fucker is , all I know is that this profile often downvotes my posts for no reason.
I guess he/she is a troll but who cares.
You get downvoted from that account too?

Yes many times

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Just flag him and its ok.
It's a 0.000 downvote anyways

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