Steemit Tips for Newbies & Minnows: How to curate with Steem Voter! [DTube]

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Want to learn how to up your curation game and passively earn more Steem Power? Watch this video to learn about Steem Voter to help you automate your voting to support creators on Steem that you enjoy.

I also answer @caseaw007's question in the comment section of the previous tutorial video about why Steemit and Dtube are not the same site.

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If you're viewing this post on Steemit, make sure to click on the image to view the video.

And for a quick explanation on the delay between tutorial videos, make sure to watch my most recent vlog.

Thank you for watching, following, upvoting, resteeming, commenting, and for your encouragement.


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Josh Peterson the Newbie Minnow Savior! Thanks for this one man, I used to just glance past Steem Voter and things like it. I'm gonna have to experiment for myself now :)

Haha, you're welcome, @brendube! Glad I could open up your eyes to Steem Voter. I was the same way when I first saw it a few months back.

I love learning about these Steemit tools... Thank you! My preference right now is to manually assign the votes because it gives me something to do while at work (shhh...don't tell)! Was wondering about something I heard about...leasing SP. Is it the same thing as the voting bot? Thx again!

Glad I could help, @jrb450 :) I know what you mean. Personally, I like to have a mixture of manual an automated curation. There's so much interesting content on here.

Are you interested in leasing out SP or leasing SP for yourself?

Didn't even know that was an option! See, I don't what the difference is. I need some serious schooling!

I didn't even know about this. It's another thing I know about to further my uses of this blockchain.

I think that something you can do is learn an editing software like iMovie so that you can cut out some parts that may be slower paced, and you will also have the option to re-shoot stuff. Plus, you could make tutorials on editing software.

Thanks for the suggestion, @pacific-yt. I have iMovie, but I've just been kind of a shoot and upload mind frame, mostly for myself because I just wanted to get in the habit of posting. But I have been planning to improve the quality for you guys, so I think you're right. Moving forward, I'll start editing my videos. :) And actually, that's a great idea about creating editing tutorials!

Glad you found the video helpful!

Hugely helpful! I need to actually look into this - I like the idea of keeping comments and votes manual, but at the same time it would definitely help with curation a little bit! Moderation I suppose, right? Great video as always.

Thanks, man! Yeah, I prefer to do a mixture of manual and automated voting. I view the automated voting as something akin to a Patreon pledge.

That's actually a very cool way of thinking about it. Good call!

been trying and trying but can't load this vid can u help?

Good you post.....

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Hey Josh great video, I don't know if you saw my video yesterday I was actually talking about steemvoter. I voiced some concerns now that we have things like and zappl and wondered if steemvoter will eventually make a setting for which platform your vote contributes towards. I would love your input on the matter I thought I could do a video about us chatting about it let me know if your interested.

Great video with good content for us newbies. Subscribed, tx

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