The First YouTube Ad for STEEMIT in 2018! [DTube]

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Hi DTube!

Check out this Ad I made for Steemit to kick off 2018!

Every upvote of this video on DTube will help with additional funding on YouTube for Ads!

We are spending a total of $5,000 to advertise this video and already have thousands of views!

Thanks for your support!

Every upvote of this post will go directly back into our amazing community

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Very nice information. it will let more people know about d-tube and steemit!

I also think it was very informational. D-Tube might replace youtube p-soon.

you doing a good job out of the first 1000 people I invited, 700 joined. One and 200 gave up soon after, not seeing instant results. The other stayed and posts. I guess that is a measure of success on some level.

It's gonna be a YouTube killer!

True talk. Most atimes, people dont see the victory in there front, they tend to give up too soon, not knowing the nxt step could be there victory many just want an instant result, but patience gives more result...greetngs boss!

Oh man this is great! An ad for Steemit how cool!

And I thought ads were just for a central organization that was looking to make a profit from what was being advertised. But here we have an ad for a decentralized platform made by this guy out of the kindness of his heart and not for a centrally motivated profit scheme at all! Way to go!

I think it's really cool how you used big font here.

success need some journey to called successed

look at all the growth in all crypro in just 1 month before the sec started tripping..
I belive that this will be the war from the banks to save the doller.

I think people will take on slowly after seeing the power it can create

I'm so glad that I know what it is to struggle because I think that those who gave up are going to join again when the price goes up. Those who stayed through the pressure will reap the benefit of the J curve of exponetial growth. Thanks for the encouragement @dreamchasser. I think that staying tuned in to Steemit over days, weeks and even months is a small price to pay in receiving passive income. Shoutout to all the perseverers out there.. ;)

There are no instant results. Every project requires hardwork. It took me 4 years to build my youtube channel. Patience is important.

I still don't know what is D-tube actually....I need to learn a lot.

Its a video platform on steemit blockchain.

It's essentially uncensored decentralized youtube.
It uses IPFS(inter planetary file system) for video storage(which is simillar to other peer to peer networks like torrents).
As far as I know you could pretty much post everything here(even porn).
Upvotes give steem currency deppending on the upvoters steem power.

a never stop learning attitude keeps me going! :)

Moon in the crypto world is when the price of a token shoot up to exponentially. It acts as a verb, "to the moon" coverts as "to moon". The evolution of the word in this context is due to the amount of gains crypto enthusiasts who see "mooning" as a real possibility. This makes it more of a trading term. Example "I think this coin will moon", not a bad way to say that you think the price will increase by many hundreds of a percent.

Prob means steam it to the moon!
Could be wrong though.

That's an awesome video my friend :)
I think it still leave a lot of confusion from where the profit come from...

I'm excited for #Steemit @joeparys! Seeing #enthusiasts like you on here is giving me a reason to start getting more #active on here. I'm still trying to get better at #blogging in general. I'm more into commenting on stuff that interests me. Getting my feet wet a little bit. Thanks for this video! Loved it #btw! Keep up the good work! #Salute!

Money Money Money

I enjoy this very much.


Big thing....I had that idea before as you can see in my first videos......see...I am not a retard as my mother used to say....but I didn't get this reward...I think I need to have a better haircut

Can totally relate @duartenunes. My mother said that I would never amount to anything, but here I am in a community of stunners building an economy that Abraham Lincoln would be proud of. Hala..

Hey joeparys your so kind THUMBS UP #idolize

steemit dtube for you like follow me you thanks.

Hey joe! you are best. thanks for this useful video. glad too meet you in my blog dear joe. thanks

Great Video! Looking forward to seeing more.

hey joe, We are waiting impatiently for your unique videos

I need to learn more about Dtube, but I think thats a grar platform

Yes it is.

hi @some-dude!
please follow and vote me..

I agree it is a very concise, short video that sums up steemit well for the new user!

Thank you! I thought 3 minutes was a good length when creating this as well!

Is there a 30 second cut of the video? I watched it and it was good, but perhaps a bit worrisome from the perspective that if new users are enticed to come onto the platform without a further explanation that the coin is subject to changes in market valuation then any fresh money they put in could also be affected by those changes. Maybe a little disclaimer that it's not financial advice, past performance does not guarantee future results, etc. would be nice for protection on your end. I am personally a bit worried about crypto prices in general considering what is going on with tether (held and used by the majority of top 10 exchanges) and what it will do to perceptions of crypto in the long run, but so far I am very optimistic about this platform and how it can compete with the other major social media players so I think we might be insulated not in terms of immediate price moves but rather the longevity of the platform and the use of the coin. Not trying to FUD, just trying to give an honest assessment of the video from a total steemit noob's perspective, and I do think the video is great overall.

Great suggestions I will see how we may be able to incooperate this!

Do you know how to increase steemit revenue?

yes just be around Dolphins like me! here is a dollar, kid

Wow I appreciate that, thank you!

Yeah sometimes people lack patients and unfortunately miss out on critical info

great video man really helped me

Bro im uploaded one video Dtube there very slow work are you used there slow

How much time do you think future steemit users will spend on this site?

I feel like this is the start of something huge:

What's the best crypto you would recommend investing in for the long term @investingtips? Say like 20 years of investing?

Hold dgb & siacoin they will give good returns in just few years time

Thanks for the great information.

Hello . I think it is best for learners....

so you have to pay to be paid more :P

I think the profit will come from what advertising companies and other corporations will be willing to pay. If they want to know about 1 million customers, they will have to purchase those, and each person will receive their fair portion.

Well said david..Really even I confused..

Binance registration is open

Signup Link

life is beautiful with steemit and dtube... it could be a future currency what you say ?

Big thing....I had that idea before as you can see in my first videos......see...I am not a retard as my mother used to say....but I didn't get this reward...I think I need to have a better haircut

I agree - if you manage to explain that in the first sentences of your video, you will catch even more people as some might still think it's too good to be true.

Love steem, just got to know it recently and it solves so many problems. Hope I will be seen as an "Early Adopter" when we look back in 2020 and Steem will be huge.

very good!

Realy Nice Job Man Best Of Luck...

Thanks for great info

Your really great contact dear @davidconstantine bro support me Steemit thank you

Yes, I agree ! Great article though 👍

agree but the initial video is compelling enough to fire curiosity. it is expected that user registrations to rise more than just 1,000 a day. you think @davidconstantine and @joeparys

Are some people worried that there will be too much spam?

Personally a would much rather have the STEEM blockchain promoted and not just one of the apps built on top of it (

There are some inaccuracies with the promotion. For instance you say "that steemit pays you to blog" which is not true. Steemit is a company that hosts the steemit website and has the core developers of the blockchain. However they do not pay bloggers. A more accurate thing to say would be "you can earn money by posting on steemit or any of the other apps that connect to the steem blockchain".

Overall I think it's a good promotional video.

Thats a great start.

Nice man - would be cool to drop on reddit and/or facebook ads too!

I still don't get how until now, Steemit is not successful as Facebook. Your post just gave me the idea that maybe one of the reason is that there are no Steemit advertisements...

But the thing is, like this person is finding, it should be quite profitable for people to do advertisements to try to draw others to their steemit or channels.

Well you know,facebook was created in 2004,steemit in 2017,so...gonna take a while at the very least

Keep up the good work. I hope to see Dtube present a serious threat to Youtube in the near future.

FINALLY we have a way to raise oney to advertyise steem!
BUT WE ANNOT advrtise steem yet untill the NEXT hardfork and new account registration has been UPGRADED! It is a broken system right now which can barely handle a few thousand peopel a da, it cant even handle 1000 people a day its pathetic now, wait till after next hard fork when we have Proof of Workteamspeak style account registraion where your CPU will mine i the browser and reate a new account and help sign blocks like doing witness node work, and you will all see what I ean

It isa danger to advertise steem ina HUGE way, but this $5000 youtube ad seems fine! I dont see this bringing MILLIONS over at one time, we cnnot handle that yet, but w WILL

and when we DO have the next hard fork we will end up having $5 million dollars in steemit accounts READY to go to pay for advertising and marketing, steemit inc @ned @dan all have 5 million dollars at LEAST ready to be spent on ads marketing and it will be EPIC

Well done! With youtube demonetization... it's just a matter of time for dtube to take off!

Dtube is kinda like bitcoin,it's the idea and technology of decentralized uncensored video platform that in my opinion will thrive and displace youtube,it might be dtube(I hope),but it might be something else.

Cmon tubers😊

excellent post

Yes! Nice video. So informative and just a matter of time before the rest of the world is also on steemit!

Lets promote and PUMP that STEEM!

Great Post!. Interesting Story. I want more of this. Keep it up

Great job! I hope DTube puts Youtube out of business!

Good post my friend

Cool. Cheers to the new avenues to open for us in 2018. i'll be posting a lot of my music on DTube this year.

What a great video ! So good to promote steemit communauty ! Thank you very much from France ! You are perfect as a man of state in your video ... straight ... right... clear... perfect !
You are a teacher then 😉
See you soon for sure !

Thank you very much! It took a lot of practice and mess ups to create this video haha but im glad it turned out ok!

this is interesting, thank you!

gg for this nice video , nice montage :D

I really like what you're trying to do here, but here's my view.

The sound is terrible giving a real amateurish feel for the production.

  • You can buy a lavaliere mic from Amazon for $10, please invest in one.

  • Go somewhere where you don't sound like you're in a toilet. The mic will help a lot, but pic somewhere with better acoustics.

  • You're right off the bat with who you are and how much money you've made in something that 'nobody knows about'. This comes across as snake oil and doesn't really do a lot for the credibility of the brand.

If this is truly a promo on Steemit, I'd promote the wonderful growing community you have here, the help, support and guidance. The decentralisation, the no big brother, and also the fact you could earn some coins on top as a bonus.

Just my two cents worth. I applaud you for taking time and effort and you've made a fair bit on this post, so I'll just leave it there.

"- You're right off the bat with who you are and how much money you've made in something that 'nobody knows about'. This comes across as snake oil and doesn't really do a lot for the credibility of the brand."
True that,when ever I hear that I cant help but cringe,even if I believe the person who said it.

Haha. There's so much get-rich-quick sales around at the moment, there's an instant reaction to anyone who even remotely sounds like such, even if what they're saying is credible and justifiable.

I think it can put people off from the outset.

nice ;-)

nice ;-))

Good luck my friend, please suggest me because I am new in steemit, I have never though can withdraw from steemit friend please help his friend

Interesting. Finally . It will hopfully bring lot of new users

It's amazing..
Thanks for promote steemit.

one has to patiently wait it will definately give results

nice adverisement

loved the video. great job. whatta voice. perfect for promoting anything

Last year I wanted to make my channel on yutba. And I realized that it would be extremely difficult. There are a lot of such interested people. To make money on YouTube.

And now I understand that DTube is like a real possibility. Implement those ideas that I had with respect to Youtube.

Great work, advertising is really important for a crypto to succeed!

Cool Ad. Well done.

Everyone needs to share the hell out of this on Social Media. I used the youtube link as it can be instantly viewed.

Screenshot (56).png

Wow that cool idea. Youre doin great job for steem community development.

Thank you for your support!

My dear friend I wish your support me Steemit @joeparys thank you I'm waiting your reply

@zirar nice content follow me I will follow back you

This is great! You have ABN's support. Thank you for helping to make Steemit (and DTube) even better - it's people like @joeparys that are pushing the platforms to grow into something wonderful.

Best Regards,
The Armageddon Broadcast Network

You are doing a good job - and as it was your YouTube HowTo which brought me finally here and I also bought some Steem as you mentioned - and no this isnt just about a comment to get upvoted - its me
wanting to say THANK YOU!
... Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your gratefulness.

Follow me and upvote all my posts. Comment 'something' on any of my post and i'll do the same. Come lets earn together:)

Klasse Video. Für mich wieder neue Informationen für mein Verständnis.

Nicht nur für dich.
Sehr gelungen,schönen Abend wünsche ich noch

You want just upvoting.

this is very cool...but I also have an upcoming Steemit promo, and I think it is going to be fantastic...all the better for the platform!

good job

It is first according to you not me.

good job bro

An awesome video. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Joe! I commented the following on your last post about this - hoping that we might chat about it!

I am a sociologist, but I work as a market researcher. I study, among other things, how to best promote things to specific types of people.

I would love to do market research to study how to best promote steemit to people.

My introduction post, which I made three days ago (so very easy to find in my blog if you are truly interested) talks about my work. I am trying to fund market research for groups that advance new economic paradigms. I think that this would certainly qualify. I would love to discuss this with you further. I do not know what the protocol for being in touch with people met on steemit is though?! Very new here!

Hi! Sorry I just have missed your comment! Please email me [email protected] 😬

"I would love to do market research to study how to best promote steemit to people."

I am not market expert but I can tell you how I would explain it to a friend.
Basicly I would put emphasis on explaining the technology behind the platform ,aka blockchain and IPFS internet protocol.
The blockchain allows for a decentralized platform,giving high degrees of freedom of speech(lack of youtube censorship) and allowing content creators to be directly paid by the likes of their viewers, as oposed to having to cram advertisements down people' s throats.
The IPFS internet protocol makes it possible to create a peer to peer network for video storage and viewing(kinda like how torrents work).
The video storage is done on multiple hosts across the network and when you try to view something you usually turn to the nearest host to your location(I think it would scale wonderfully in the future with more users,but right now as the platform is still new and most of the users are from the US,in europe the website can feel quite a bit slow).

Can u edit The post of this video After You upload this video on youtube , and we can Share it too ? :D

Great ad, Joe!

Thanks you ermin! @eddie84

Wow absolutely brilliant. One of the better videos I've seen promoting anything. Sound is clear, and you very easy to understand. Not too fast, not too slow. Definitely have the teacher mentality. And the offer to do all my promo video's for my site at no cost just amazing :) LoL

this is good but the audio on your voice really needs to be worked on to much echo becuase of the room your talking in. doesnt sound super professional. wait right at 1:10 in the video your voice sounded great for a second. If you could get your voice to sound like it did then i think this would be 100% ready to advertise with

Yes I agree it was not perfect, the lighting, echo, ect... will be making some adjustments for the next video!

The video is good though, the most import thing to work on i think is the audio. Keep it up though man! Sound proofin pads work great and they are not that spendy on amazon.

Upvoted! This is a good Idea @joeparys.

Well done -- liked that you pointed out that STEEM has more transactions than Bitcoin.

Great YouTube Advertising because people need to know what is Steemit and DTube!

Any advertising for DTube should note that it's a work in progress, though. To this day I have still not been able to upload a video. I know it works flawlessly for a lot of users, but one of these bugs put off new users with a low patience.

Great video ... we should ALL be promoting STEEMIT far and wide! Steem on!

I think we should all be promoting or busy, It is very easy to get flagged on steemit and loose your reputation, I don't like voting system there. You have to be nice and polite to people who have big voting power and higher reputation than you

Hey Joe awesome video and a great idea to launch this as an add on youtube. My only criticism is that you also advertise your tutorial which gives the impression you're just trying to sell a product to the viewer :) Not trying to be negative as I think you're doing valuable work for Steemit

Thank you for your feedback @markrmorgensen my goal was to hopefully show people im not just some random person talking about steemit but rather someone who has been with the community and is actively promoting it. Thanks for your feedback tho!

You are wise in your presentation. I loved it

I didn't feel that, however, it is important that you shared with us your concerns. At the end of the day we all want Steem to succeed.

Really great video...thanks for the information.