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RE: The First YouTube Ad for STEEMIT in 2018! [DTube]

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That's an awesome video my friend :)
I think it still leave a lot of confusion from where the profit come from...


I'm excited for #Steemit @joeparys! Seeing #enthusiasts like you on here is giving me a reason to start getting more #active on here. I'm still trying to get better at #blogging in general. I'm more into commenting on stuff that interests me. Getting my feet wet a little bit. Thanks for this video! Loved it #btw! Keep up the good work! #Salute!

Money Money Money

I enjoy this very much.


Big thing....I had that idea before as you can see in my first videos......see...I am not a retard as my mother used to say....but I didn't get this reward...I think I need to have a better haircut

Can totally relate @duartenunes. My mother said that I would never amount to anything, but here I am in a community of stunners building an economy that Abraham Lincoln would be proud of. Hala..

Hey joeparys your so kind THUMBS UP #idolize

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Hey joe! you are best. thanks for this useful video. glad too meet you in my blog dear joe. thanks

Great Video! Looking forward to seeing more.

hey joe, We are waiting impatiently for your unique videos

I need to learn more about Dtube, but I think thats a grar platform

Yes it is.

hi @some-dude!
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I agree it is a very concise, short video that sums up steemit well for the new user!

Thank you! I thought 3 minutes was a good length when creating this as well!

Is there a 30 second cut of the video? I watched it and it was good, but perhaps a bit worrisome from the perspective that if new users are enticed to come onto the platform without a further explanation that the coin is subject to changes in market valuation then any fresh money they put in could also be affected by those changes. Maybe a little disclaimer that it's not financial advice, past performance does not guarantee future results, etc. would be nice for protection on your end. I am personally a bit worried about crypto prices in general considering what is going on with tether (held and used by the majority of top 10 exchanges) and what it will do to perceptions of crypto in the long run, but so far I am very optimistic about this platform and how it can compete with the other major social media players so I think we might be insulated not in terms of immediate price moves but rather the longevity of the platform and the use of the coin. Not trying to FUD, just trying to give an honest assessment of the video from a total steemit noob's perspective, and I do think the video is great overall.

Great suggestions I will see how we may be able to incooperate this!

Do you know how to increase steemit revenue?

yes just be around Dolphins like me! here is a dollar, kid

Wow I appreciate that, thank you!

Yeah sometimes people lack patients and unfortunately miss out on critical info

great video man really helped me

Bro im uploaded one video Dtube there very slow work are you used there slow

How much time do you think future steemit users will spend on this site?

I feel like this is the start of something huge:

What's the best crypto you would recommend investing in for the long term @investingtips? Say like 20 years of investing?

Hold dgb & siacoin they will give good returns in just few years time

Thanks for the great information.

Hello . I think it is best for learners....

so you have to pay to be paid more :P

I think the profit will come from what advertising companies and other corporations will be willing to pay. If they want to know about 1 million customers, they will have to purchase those, and each person will receive their fair portion.

Well said david..Really even I confused..

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life is beautiful with steemit and dtube... it could be a future currency what you say ?

Big thing....I had that idea before as you can see in my first videos......see...I am not a retard as my mother used to say....but I didn't get this reward...I think I need to have a better haircut

I agree - if you manage to explain that in the first sentences of your video, you will catch even more people as some might still think it's too good to be true.

Love steem, just got to know it recently and it solves so many problems. Hope I will be seen as an "Early Adopter" when we look back in 2020 and Steem will be huge.

very good!

Realy Nice Job Man Best Of Luck...

Thanks for great info

Your really great contact dear @davidconstantine bro support me Steemit thank you

Yes, I agree ! Great article though 👍

agree but the initial video is compelling enough to fire curiosity. it is expected that user registrations to rise more than just 1,000 a day. you think @davidconstantine and @joeparys

Are some people worried that there will be too much spam?