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RE: The First YouTube Ad for STEEMIT in 2018! [DTube]

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you doing a good job out of the first 1000 people I invited, 700 joined. One and 200 gave up soon after, not seeing instant results. The other stayed and posts. I guess that is a measure of success on some level.


It's gonna be a YouTube killer!

True talk. Most atimes, people dont see the victory in there front, they tend to give up too soon, not knowing the nxt step could be there victory many just want an instant result, but patience gives more result...greetngs boss!

Oh man this is great! An ad for Steemit how cool!

And I thought ads were just for a central organization that was looking to make a profit from what was being advertised. But here we have an ad for a decentralized platform made by this guy out of the kindness of his heart and not for a centrally motivated profit scheme at all! Way to go!

I think it's really cool how you used big font here.

success need some journey to called successed

look at all the growth in all crypro in just 1 month before the sec started tripping..
I belive that this will be the war from the banks to save the doller.

I think people will take on slowly after seeing the power it can create

I'm so glad that I know what it is to struggle because I think that those who gave up are going to join again when the price goes up. Those who stayed through the pressure will reap the benefit of the J curve of exponetial growth. Thanks for the encouragement @dreamchasser. I think that staying tuned in to Steemit over days, weeks and even months is a small price to pay in receiving passive income. Shoutout to all the perseverers out there.. ;)

There are no instant results. Every project requires hardwork. It took me 4 years to build my youtube channel. Patience is important.

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